Dotel reportedly confirms interest from Tigers

Enrique Rojas of ESPNDeportes talked with reliever Octavio Dotel, who confirmed interest from the Tigers, as well as the Cardinals, Brewers and Mets. Dotel apparently told Rojas he’s interested in returning to the Cards, whom he said have offered him a one-year contract. He would like a two-year offer.

Dotel is 38 years old. A two-year offer could be an interesting risk for a team. For the Tigers, it could be increasingly so, given that Jose Valverde will be a free agent next winter and Joaquin Benoit will be going into his contract year at that point. What the Tigers bullpen looks like then could be interesting.

Keep in mind, too, that Joel Zumaya is still out there. He’s going to throw for scouts Dec. 14, and his agents believe they can get as many as 20 teams watching him.


Don’t want him on a 2 year deal either!

I wanted the Tigers to go after him a few years ago. He’s kinda long in the tooth, but if his arm is still strong, I’d think about a 1 year deal.

put some clauses in that contract if its a 2 yr deal. 2.5M?

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