Zumaya to throw for teams mid-December

In case you missed it, I wrote an article for the site today about Joel Zumaya and the decision he faces as a first-time free agent after five injury-shortened seasons: Stick with the only team he’s known and the team that knows his medical history, or get a fresh start somewhere else where his injury history won’t be such an overriding theme. As the story shows, it’s not an easy choice for him.

At this point, Zumaya is looking around to see what’s out there. He’s going to throw a bullpen session for teams on or around Dec. 14 in Houston, where his agents are based. About 10 teams have expressed some interest in taking a look, he said, including the Red Sox, who expressed interest soon after he became a free agent a month ago.

The Tigers may or may not have somebody there, but they already know his history and his rehab from this fall. One 30-pitch session isn’t going to give them anything they don’t already know.


I guess it’s all about the $$$$. Seems like he’d want to stay with the Tigers and if he’s healthy he’d be in the bullpen. If he stays healthy all season, he’d be a set up guy or closer. I don’t get it.
On the other hand, game 163 is being shown on MLB Network. Ranking the best 20 games, this game comes in at 16th place. It kills me to watch it.

“A dagger to the heart of the Tigers,” Dan Dickerson says as Zach Miner gives up the HR.

Everytime I see that game I discover half a dozen new ways we could have/should have won it. What a nightmare. Nothing went right. I should quit looking at it when it comes on, but I’m like that guy in the Red Sox movie who keeps watching the Buckner play over and over until his friends show up for the intervention.
Had enough Bobby Valentine yet? Just wait. Boston opens in Detroit in April. And the media circus will come with them.

I think it’s more like the Tigers don’t want to count on Joel Zumaya again. Joel’s got to market himself!

I doubt any team will give him more than a 1 year deal or maybe some sort of incentive type contract. The voodo child will always be one of my favorite players and my favorite picture of him is the one holding champagne bottles in both uplifted arms leaning against the fence with the fans hanging onto him. Agh, ’06 memories again.

Kathy, thanks for the reminder about the MVP poster. I am sure my daughter will get me one as she got me a Verlander no hitter plaque. I have a poster that I got at Comerica in ’06 with Zumaya and Verlander, “The Untouchables”. I would love to Joel have some good luck.

i don’t even know what to say – good luck, joel?

Wow, stayed out too late last night. “I would love for Joel to have some good luck”
It was fun watching some Whitecaps turn into Tigers.

I know I’m a few days late here but count me in as happy they re-signed Ramon. As for Zumaya, it looks like it will be his decision after he sees what offers come his way. With all the problems he has had over the years, it would be nothing short of a miracle if he can pitch well for a full season. Didn’t someone who knows pitching well make a statement awhile back that his delivery or arm position is suspect? If that is true, I wonder if something can be done to improve it.

If you read it here, you may be thinking of statements I’ve made, although I don’t pretend to know pitching well. A few years ago I was listening to a veteran pitcher (John Smoltz maybe?) describe the flaw in a young pitcher’s delivery (not Zumaya) and it was exactly the thing that Joel does. His elbow comes up too high, among other things. Those classic fireballers like Verlander, Ryan, and Koufax get their velocity from their leg push, and can repeat it over and over again. Unfortunately, if Zumaya altered his delivery, he wouldn’t be Zumaya anymore.
It’s too bad because, like everyone else, I like Zoom. Possibly it will be Santiago all over again. No other club offers more than a minor league invite, in which case Joel may as well come down to Lakeland.

I’ve been reading about possible non-tender players. What does anyone think about Joe Saunders as a possible #5 starter for the Tigers? Left-handed veteran to hold the spot until one of those rookies is ready to join the rotation.

He is not Mark Fydrich. Year after year we waited for him to recover.He was great in his first year and them an injury .He did his best to recover until he was forced to left
But Zumaya caused his problems and made fail his recovery ( I guess everybody here remenber the infamous photo of the injured pitcher using his damaged elbow to carry weight). No , I would not sign him. Even if he ended been the new Mariano Rivera
His elbow comes up too high,.. Rich Sutcliffe, among others, did the same

Gosh thats tough. Let him go. I will cringe if he faces us and takes us to school but hes fragile and thats just a blockade to the tigers being a ws team again.

From MLBTradeRumors.com:
“One executive compared Cespedes to Cameron Maybin, albeit with more power and less speed.”
Not exactly a ringing endorsement?

In fact , it is. Remenber Maybin was supposed to be the next Willie Mays .
264/ 323 /716 Cameron Maybin 2011 ( 125 SO, it is not MacClendon ´s fault)
249/317/690 AJax 2011

255 /318/704 Cameron Maybin career
271/.331/.718 AJax career
Its took to long but finally in the wide space of San Diego´s park he is beggining to break

BTW: I not saying that the Tigers need to feel buyer remorse. You need to give value to get value.He was the cost for Cabrera. Detroit won, and San Diego won. The Marlins did not have the patient to collect

I’m going to go on record as saying the money should be channeled in the direction of Mark Buehrle. This signing makes the most sense to me. It firms up the rotation on a division winning team, provides a veteran presence that JL does so well with, and eases the burden on the bullpen, thus making the latter less important in the acquisition market. It’s not the quite the “kill several birds with one stone” deal that the Martinez signing was, but it’s along the same lines. Regarding the position players on the market, nobody is realistically jumping out at me. There are a bunch of the types of players that can be picked up almost anywhere.
This would rule out going after Cespedes but that’s going to be my stand, unless Dave has a blockbuster of a trade in the making. We’ll know soon.

Yeah, Buehrle makes a world of sense and would solidfy this team greatly. I must admit I’d loove to have Cameron back here. I think his potential is ready to burst. He is an exciting player with a bravado in the OF that is admirable.
I’m on record for being overly critical of AJ’s lack of “dirt” in his game. While it is true he outruns a lot of fly balls with good routes, great jumps and good speed. I still think that does not disqualify the occasional need for a diving catch. nothin picks up your team more than a great rally killing diving catch.
The down side of course are injuries. Look back at Kaline’s career for proof of that statement. Sigh, now there was a ballplayer.
All of the above notwithstanding I feel we have an equal need for a leadoff hitting middle infielder. This team needs speed so bad and it can reconcile and offset deficiencies better than simply slugging the ball. No to Ramirez, yes to Reyes or an Aybar type.
I like Prado but wouldn’t mind a Howie Kendricks on our team or even a nice young good looking Jemile Weeks.
If wishes were fishes.
I just don’t want to see an infield that has two positions being platooned.

I concur with the Buerhle comments here. How often do we hear over and over again that it is all about pitching, pitching, pitching. Lock down this rotation with Behrle and we could almost sit with what we have around the horn although we definately need to get a real lead-off hitter yet. I love the Santiago signing and that eases up the pressure on the infield situation up the middle. Can we get a short-stop who can hit lead-off and move Peralta over to third? Would he be willing to make the move? If there is one big free-agent signing let it be Behrle as we would do very well putting our money primarily on the pitchers mound (although it sure would be fun to watch Cespedes hitting second and rounding out the outfield with Austin and Bosch). Can’t wait to see what Dave pulls off next week at the Winter meetings.

wait, we sign buerhle with what money? are we just agreeing to raise the salary of the team or what?

2011 was easily the Tigs lowest opening day payroll since 2007 and understand they are willing to slightly stretch the $107m for 2012.
Allowing for the main additions with VV +1, Miggs +1, Justin +7 and Ramon +1 and deductions for Maggs -10, Carlos -13, Penny -3, Zoom and Thomas -2 the club can probably spend slightly over $20m on the right additions.
I like our bullpen provided JL stops throwing callups to the wolves. Around $12-14m on a proven starter makes sense still leaving you with options for trades involving LF and one more into the infield mix. I would like to see trades for position players likely on the cusp than pay top money for players likely over the peak.

I see you’ve forgotten the deferred money owed! http://www.freep.com/article/20111102/COL22/111020399/Michael-Rosenberg-Don-t-expect-Tigers-go-off-season-spending-spree

Again, when ppl talk mark b., they should then talk about who we’ll get for porcello or sherzer then. The point was recently made that scherzer’s value might be at it highest right now – so trade him.

Justin Henry.
AA and AAA in 2011
In Venezuela, .329/.398/.764
51 inni.28 BB 35 SO. WHIP 1.39 era 3.18 . As reliever

I extremely doubt DD has deferred every contract balance to fall due in 2012.
The terms must be favourable to the club for DD to delay making final payment on the old contracts.

Reyes signs with the Marlins:
DD—Strike one!

lol yea right! more like Marlins-STRIKE 2!

(with strike 1 being heath bell’s signing)

6 years, $106 million, about $17+ million a year, and take a chance on causing internal strife on the team by having Hanley Ramirez move from the only position he has ever played? And look who they hired as a manager on top of it all. It could be a very wild ride in Miami. Will they stay the course or crash in flames?

I would rather sign Buerhle. Maybe we go after Hanley?

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