December 1st, 2011

Zumaya to throw for teams mid-December

In case you missed it, I wrote an article for the site today about Joel Zumaya and the decision he faces as a first-time free agent after five injury-shortened seasons: Stick with the only team he’s known and the team that knows his medical history, or get a fresh start somewhere else where his injury history won’t be such an overriding theme. As the story shows, it’s not an easy choice for him.

At this point, Zumaya is looking around to see what’s out there. He’s going to throw a bullpen session for teams on or around Dec. 14 in Houston, where his agents are based. About 10 teams have expressed some interest in taking a look, he said, including the Red Sox, who expressed interest soon after he became a free agent a month ago.

The Tigers may or may not have somebody there, but they already know his history and his rehab from this fall. One 30-pitch session isn’t going to give them anything they don’t already know.