Tigers re-sign Ramon Santiago to two-year deal

Ramon Santiago tested the market for a long-term deal and a potential starting role, but in the end, he always had an interest in returning to Detroit. So did the Tigers, though not quite in the everyday role he might have wanted. There was enough in common for a deal, and that got done on Wednesday with a new two-year contract.

This doesn’t end the Tigers’ search for infield help. Both manager Jim Leyland and team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski conditioned their statements with the possbility of more moves to come. Right now, though, it looks like Santiago would get at least a timeshare at second base, as well as starts backing up Jhonny Peralta at shortstop.

“Santiago and Ryan Raburn will be playing second base as the club stands today,” Leyland said. “He will probably [also] get time at short.”

Dombrowski’s answer was much the same.

“We are set to open with Santiago and Raburn,” Dombrowski said. “However, we will see what happens.”

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Good, now I can stop acting as his campaign manager. 🙂 Ramon got a fairly hefty raise and, as usual, will probably end up playing more than anticipated. In the end, I think we got the best middle infielder on the FA market for much less than other clubs paid. You have to wonder if that “bad baserunner” and “not a starter” tag scared other teams away. Bottom line, Dave pulled it off again.
From having almost no rumor action, all of sudden we seem to be everywhere. Coco Crisp now? Interesting. He’s a very efficient base stealer which is what JL likes. Switch hitter, but has played CF exclusively.
I’m of the school of thought that Boston will rue hiring Valentine before all is said and done.

I’m not for a CoCo crisp signing…..but….with that said a CoCo, AJ and Boesch outfield will b the best defensive OF i’ve seen in a Tigs uni for a while

I’m fine with Santiago being on the roster, but he is not the answer to the needs of the Tigers. The team needs a couple of hitters to bat ahead of Cabrera that get on base at a steady rate, and that’s not Ramon. Moreover, Raburn is the worst fielding second baseman in the league and should not be considered an option at that position. If they need to get his bat into the lineup, get him in the outfield.

As of today, the Tigers have Inge, Kelly, Santiago, and Raburn in their infield. Blah! Keep after Maicer Izturis, Kelly Johnson, Martin Prado, Aramis Ramirez, and others for second and third base.

Well, since Ramon has never batted at the top of the lineup, how do we know if he can get on base more than Austin?

career stats?

u sure that ramon is the worst fielding second baseman? I agree with you about him not being the offensive answer 100% tho.

TD said that Raburn was the worst 2ndbaseman, not Santiago. I’m not sure that’s true, but I would indeed rather have Raburn in the outfield.
I’m not really interested in any of the FA infielders. I’m all for upgrades, but that will have to come through trade, IMO. In the end, however, there’s no such thing as a perfect team and we are starting out with a club that won 95 games. That’s nothing to sneeze at. Let’s see where things are after next week.
Kathy, that’s actually a good point. I’ve seen Santiago work a walk many times when one is called for. Since he’s spent his entire career in a backup role, it’s difficult to compare his skills to starting players. I’m not saying he’s a leadoff hitter but again, he’s never been called upon to fill that role. Stats only reveal so much. Nothing beats watching a guy play the game.

AHH, yes, raburn is the worst. He’s lucky they have 25 cent coney’s at A&W when he hits a homerun.

looks like 2012 will be Ramon’s year to show his status as a daily player, he’ll have much more time in the game and then we can put the endless debate to rest on if he can handle more play! Then we can discuss in what spot on the field Raburn is the least liability.

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