Dmitri Young released by Venezuelan club

Not really Tigers news, I know, but given that Tigers fans were among the first to hear this past summer about Dmitri Young’s comeback attempt, it’s still something that had been followed. Young’s comeback attempt appears to be done after his Venezuelan team reportedly released him earlier this week.

Ignacio Serrano of El Nacional had the news on his site, Craig Calcaterra of picked up the story.

Young was batting .167 (11-for-66) through 20 games with no homers, three doubles and three RBIs, according to the Venezuelan League’s site.

Young made the move to play in Venezuela as a way to prove he still had something left for Major League clubs to take a chance on him and get into a big league camp. He hasn’t played in the big leagues since 2008 and just turned 38 years old this fall, but Young said over the summer that he was in his best shape in years, maybe the best shape of his life, having lost 50 pounds by his estimation and gotten his diabetes under control.

Not sure what Young’s next move will be. He has had an interest towards a broadcasting career whenever he really is done playing, so that could be on the horizon. Hopefully he can stay involved in baseball in some capacity.


I saw Dimitri this summer and he looked great. Really slimmed down. It’s too bad his baseball comeback is derailed but it appears he’ll live a longer life in his current physical condition, so that’s a plus for him. Perhaps a hitting coach gig somewhere?

Dmitri was at the Whitecaps winter banquet last year with Joel Zumaya. They sat at the table in front of us. Maybe he can work with his brother Delmon on his conditioning routine. Dmitri could always hit, too bad the personal stuff got in the way. There has been some cool stuff on the MLB network. Watching Morris and Smoltz together was awesome.

SANTIAGO signed to a 2yr contract by tigers.

You beat me to it. I imagine Jason will do a nice write-up about him.

I wont write him out of baseball for that. The venezuelan league does not have the level of the past , when MLB and future HoF played, but the pressure is still high. His team, Magglio´s team , is the current champion and is in the second place. Here you produce since the beginning or you are out . The season last 63 games .Five of eight teams go to a 16 games round robin. Thay have already played 41 games .
Rob Deer went 5 for 60 . 5 hrs and 55 so before ending second in the RoY the next year. Barry Bond batted 246 in 44 games. Sure, it was another league.
BTW: Dimitri Young suffers from diabetes. Perhaps, the Tigers were wrong when they fired him for the infamous nap

As far as santiago goes, i’m hoping he starts 25 games at SS and 120 at 2B. Let raburn start the other 42 at 2B. Glad we didn’t answer the leadoff guy problem:/

too bad Dmitri, I always liked him and hoped to hear of a rebound, his smile on the field of play was infectious.

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