Cespedes to work out for Tigers, Dombrowski

The Tigers have been among the many teams scouting Cuban five-tool outfielder and recent YouTube sensation Yoenis Cespedes, and they haven’t made a secret that they’ve watched him. Now, even team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski is apparently going to get a first-hand look at the man who appears set to surpass Aroldis Chapman as the most hotly-pursued Cuban talent.

An industry source confirmed Dombrowski will watch Cespedes work out in the Dominican Republic, which has been Cespedes’ home since defecting from Cuba earlier this year. Credit Danny Knobler of CBSSports.com with the first report on Dombrowski, who was out of pocket on Wednesday when the Tigers announced their two-year contract to bring back free agent infielder Ramon Santiago.

Tigers interest in a Cuban prospect is not unusual. They scouted Chapman a couple years ago and were interested before the bidding escalated. But Dombrowski’s trip to watch him is rare. Usually, international operations director Tom Moore handles those duties, with vice president Al Avila and special assistant Dick Egan making scouting trips to Latin America. Avila told the Detroit Free Press two weeks ago that they’ve scouted Cespedes several times. Special assistant David Chadd watched a Cespedes workout earlier this month.

That level of observation suggests the Tigers are serious in their interest. With the level of bidding expected, it makes sense for the man in charge to want a look. Cespedes has been working out for teams since the start of November, including private workouts reportedly for the Nationals and Yankees among others.


oh man – this will be a huge twist to the offseason. an answer for leadoff? probably. What to do with delmon/aj – very interesting. Trade for a bull pen piece? exciting for sure.

Whoa there, Secretariat. We’ve got to get the horse loaded in the gate before he can win the race. There’s no guarantee the kid would even play 2012 in the majors.

? kid….he’s 26? whats the hype about then?

and everyone knows 26 in cuban yrs is 28 in real years

Cuba keeps very accurate records of birth dates. Baseball is taken very seriously there. Now, some of the Latin American countries, I’m not so sure about the accuracy of birthdates.

Good for Ramon and for the Tigers. How about if we give AJ another chance at leadoff? He knows what happened. 2010 he was hitting .300. Cut down on the strike outs and bunt more. Boesch should be hitting second and Cabrera should be hitting 3rd. We need a little more pitching. The weather is cold and the hot stove is heating up. 9 inches of snow in Lansing yesterday but it missed GR. Yay!

Tigers have had early discussions on Coco Crisp…?
Lynn Henning floated his name one month ago and added that having two CFs is a good fit for COPA big LF.
Said that
Worst case: they sign him and trade AJ for Prado? Why Atlanta does not simply sign CC ?
case 2:They move AJ who is younger and with more reach to LF?
case 3: they sweet the pill ( $) and Coco Crisp plays LF
In all three cases he would lead off. In 2nd and 3rd. They not tender Young creating a new hole in the third spot? or keep him and finally get rid of Raburn
CC has his baggage( he did not received the Cabrera´s coverage) and his arm is weak. And he has been injury prone

Have you ever seen such hysteria over the hiring of a new manager. Already, I could puke just listening to his voice.

The guy on Hot Stove last night admitted that they’d devoted 50 of the 60 minutes to the Valentine hiring. Yeah, it’s excessive. Better them than us, though. The national spotlight can be an uncomfortable place.
Take a look up there on the right to Jason’s Twitter where it says only Elvis Andrus went 1st to 3rd on singles more times than Miguel Cabrera. Of course, that would be because Victor is the best at turning gappers into singles. 🙂
The offseason can be fun. My wife and I spent the last two evenings watching game 3 of the ALDS, the Verlander game. Since we were in attendance, we hadn’t been able to see the TV presentation and I saved the DVR recording for a mid-winter night. Darned entertaining game. TBS has good coverage.

The very same game I had saved on the DVR and let my grandson watch last week. Ordered him one of those new Verlander MVP posters for his wall and now he wamts batting gloves. A little tiger in the making.

on a DVR note, I taped and rewatched each JV start this year the next morning while taking care of my newborn son. only on this comment board do i feel bad saying i named him Leyland.
Anyhow, now that i think about it, signing this young likely-overhyped cuban prospect would be a bad call by the tigers. I’ve always felt the tigers play harder/better/luckier when they aren’t running a ton of big names out there but rather playing for respect/something to prove.

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