Lamont reportedly passed over for Valentine

Reports out of Boston suggest that the Red Sox have decided on Bobby Valentine as their next manager over Tigers third-base coach Gene Lamont. Reached by phone Tuesday evening, Lamont said he hasn’t heard from the Red Sox about any decision. But that delay could just be to keep their options open if negotiations are ongoing and somehow hit a snag.

For now, the Red Sox have the last managerial opening left in the Majors, though the Astros organization could be in for changes this winter with a new owner, team president and general manager.

Lamont and Valentine were reportedly the two finalists for the Red Sox job, which has been open ever since the team and Terry Francona parted ways last month. Lamont was one of a handful who interviewed earlier this month, but among just a few to get a second interview.


The wonders of coin tosses… Seriously, I am just ecstatic that A decision has been made. I’ll analyze it later.

Aybar yes. Izturis no.

Izturis? That doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. He’s like a clone of Santiago but injury-prone. That would be the ultimate irony, to replace Ramon who supposedly “wears down” with a similar player carrying a history of being on the DL. Can someone educate me on why this would be a good move? It still feels like I’m missing a piece of the story. Maybe I just dreamed that Santiago hit .294/.344/.486 as a starter down the stretch this year. We used to call that earning the job.

As mad as Gene makes me feel sometimes, I feel a little disappointed for him. Having to wait for such a long time and listening to all the speculation. I guess they want Mr. Personality. Still, he got pretty close to a big time manager position. To even be considered is something special.

Clubhouse Confidential had a great segment on today predicting the potential of players using advanced stats. What’s his name from the Cubs didn’t line up very good at all. Aramis Ramirez is the guy they were talking about. He only does well in that Cubs ballpark. Oh, they had the stats all lined up. It was pretty impressive. I don’t want him.

In fact, In don’t want the Tigers to spend money on any half-baked position player. You can never have enough good pitching.

I am not a huge fan of Gene, but I too feel bad he did not get the job.

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