One Tigers postseason share = $126,901.50

Major League Baseball announced the players’ pool of postseason revenue and postseason shares for all eight playoff teams and four second-place clubs. While the World Series champion Cardinals and AL champion Rangers will receive $323,169.98 and $251,515.76, respectively, for each postseason share, the AL runner-up Tigers will also be bringing home some good extra money for the holidays — $126,901.50 per full postseason share, to be exact.

The Tigers awarded 44 full shares and partial shares equal to 10.12 shares, plus four cash awards. With $6,875,909.31 coming from the postseason pool, the split ends up at the figure listed above. The players’ pool comes from 60 percent of the gate receipts from the first three games of each Division Series and the first four games of both League Championship Series and the World Series.

Tigers players vote on how many receive full shares, how many receive partials, and how many non-players receive partial shares or cash awards.


Well, there is a goal to go to the post season. I hope this helps the city of Detroit also. To comment on the players we need, I would sign Santiago and bid for Buehrle. The Tigers traded Polanco because they had Sizemore. Sorry for repeating this over and over but I still don’t understand as they barely gave Sizemore a chance. He could hit and he had speed. Dan, a game changer? Maybe AJ will step up this year.

The Tigers did NOT trade Polanco, he was an unrestricted free agent.

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