Tigers inquire about Aramis Ramirez

The Tigers have been in contact with the agent for free-agent third baseman Aramis Ramirez, an industry source confirmed to MLB.com. At this point, though, there are no negotiations going on to bring the former Cubs slugger to Detroit.

SI.com senior writer Jon Heyman first reported the Tigers’ inquiry, which took place earlier this month. The two sides supposedly haven’t talked since, but that isn’t unusual given the Thanksgiving holiday. Whether talks pick up into serious discussions remains to be seen. Free-agent negotiations and trade talks traditionally pick up in the days leading into baseball’s Winter Meetings, and that’s expected to be the case here, too, at least to see if there’s a fit.

For the Tigers, who have been looking for at least one more piece to their offense, it’s an interesting fit. The Tigers’ biggest need has supposedly been for a hitter to place near the top of the order, in front of Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez and Delmon Young. Ramirez is a classic middle-of-the-order power hitter, with six 100-RBI seasons to his credit. After two injury-shortened seasons, he rebounded for 93 RBIs to go with a .306 average and 26 home runs in 149 games this year.

The Tigers return Brandon Inge for 2012, the back half of the two-year contract he signed last fall, and team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski has mentioned Inge in a possible platoon with superutilityman Don Kelly. All the while, though, the Tigers have remained open to an offensive upgrade.


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Not a good idea. Ramirez is an aging, expensive, defensive liability. Moreover, Nick Castellano will likely be ready in a year or two. Kelly and Inge can handle things defensively until then. Hardly an ideal situation, but it would make more sense for the Tigers to sort out the black hold that has become second base since the loss of Placido Polanco.

If the goal is to obtain big, slow, defensively challenged, aging ballplayers, he’s your guy. Perfect for Comerica Park, right? Wow. Next rumor, please.

Never going to happen. Bring on the GM meetings and real news.

DD is a wizard – but giving Aramis the bucks he wants to play 3rd sounds awful to me. He just isn’t a fit in Detroit right now. If i start listing all the ways I’d rather spend the money (bullpen righty, leadoff guy, 2B, 5th starter)…..i would get no work done today.

and for that matter, hopefully these talks about aramis are as serious as talks about buhrle and the cuban 26y.o. centerfielder. neither of them are fits either.

Not sure Buehrle is a fit contractwise if the bidding goes as expected. The only time the Tigers have tried to go big on free-agent starting pitching is Carl Pavano back in 2004, and they ended up thanking their lucky stars he didn’t sign. They signed Kenny Rogers to a shorter deal in a winter when Jarrod Washburn and a couple others were the hot names.

exactly. If the shoe doesn’t really fit and it’s an expensive shoe – don’t buy it. It’s just interesting that in the past week, 3 of those kinds of shoes have been mentioned around the rumor mill (i.e. cepedes, buehrle, aramis).

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Re Buehrle, we can hum that Beach Boys song “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” but I don’t think we’d get into a bidding war for him. Not DD’s way of doing business. I still think it will be trades, maybe next week, and I hope we can find better than Kelly Johnson, Aramis Ramirez, et al. I’d like to improve the team, not just change it…says Captain Obvious.

Slow, defensively challenged, aging ballplayers. That a good description of Dimitri Young, Gary Sheffield, The Major,Neftali Perez,Magglio last year,Damon,Matt Stair.And of course Rentería.My point is ,there is a pattern there

touche, sir. touche.

Why does second base continually be referred to as a black hole? We have a very decent second baseman in Ramon Santiago who should be given the starting job.

You know………they could spend the money by out-bidding everyone on Buehrle, bring back Santiago and most of the rest of the division winning team from this season, and win the division again. I realize management has to plan for the future, but there’s a division we can win right now. And maybe the big prize too.
Secondbase is referred to as the black hole because management has made it so. We’ve had good secondsackers ever since 2004.

I like Ramon. But he is more a dependable asset than one that is a game changer. Subtle talents and all around good ball player. But we need a game-changer, be it at 2nd short or 3rd. We need it.
That does not mean I like A Ramirez for 3rd. A game changer is a guy who can lead-off, play D, hit .300, and inspire his teammates. No easy to find.

Subtle talents and a .260 hitter who steals 2.5 bases a year. I hope they sign Dotel for 2.5M / 1 yr. The guy can flat out erase righties.

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