Trammell, Parrish host Wayne State baseball camps Dec. 3

Former Tigers greats Alan Trammell and Lance Parrish will again join Wayne State University’s baseball program in hosting a pair of youth camps for kids in grades 2-12.

The second annual camps feature a morning session for kids focused on fundamentals, from pitching to catching, infield and outfield play, baserunning and hitting, even injury prevention and conditioning tips. Wayne State’s coaching staff and reigning NCAA tournament participating baseball team will be part of the session with Parrish and Trammell. The morning session runs from 9 a.m. to noon.

The afternoon session, from 2-5 p.m., is dedicated to high school prospects. The camp will allow high school freshmen to seniors to learn about the experience of the college student-athlete from the Wayne State baseball program, and get specific tips on speed, velocity and development.

Cost for each individual camp is $100 per participant. High school students are eligible to attend both camps. Registration is available online at the Wayne State baseball site, in person or by mail.


Justin Henry Detroit AA is batting 303/386/714. Last week : 386
His batting coach here: Bárbaro Garvey( that Bárbaro Garvey)

Happy Thanksgiving to all

I used to love watching Trammell and Parrish play.

Makes me wish i had a kid to send down just to watch lance back on the ballfield. Lance was my tiger back then.

Happy Thankgiving! Later my grandson will be coming over and we’ll be pouring over grandma’s Tiger memorabilia. Promised him I’d take him to a Tiger game this upcoming summer.

Golly! I guess no news is good news. Sure would love to know what’s going on behind the scenes.

Following the Boston manager story. My take is that Lamont would be a much more level headed choice on their part. Valentine could be a disaster. I recall whenever we’d have those “dump Leyland” discussions that Valentine’s name would come up. I never liked the idea. Anyway, good luck to Gene.
Wilfredo Ledezma signs minor league deal with Dodgers. Like diamonds, lefties are forever.

rich, what do you think the impacts of losing gene would be?

I think his spot would be replaced from within the organization, but I don’t know who Jim would want as bench coach. Maybe Lloyd? I’m pretty sure Jim would miss him as a friend and companion on the road. I’ve always thought that Brookens made sense as thirdbase coach. To be honest, I’ve been kind of concerned with Lamont’s ability to move quickly down there. I’m afraid he’ll get hurt. At any rate, any thirdbase coach will be second guessed a lot, it comes with the territory. I do think Gino made some bad decisions in important situations this season. The second game in Texas will haunt me forever, much as Game 163 does.
Bottom line, Lamont deserves the job over Valentine. If Boston wants it to be a circus, Bobby makes the perfect ringmaster, but I suspect winning is plenty enough entertainment for their fans.

Jim doesn’t really have a “bench coach” if I recall correctly. Just kind of hangs on Gino and talks with him. He’d probably be good for Boston, but I’ll be very surprised if he gets it. The Boston fans seem to just be assuming Valentine will get it. Gene isn’t what you’d exactly call the sophisticated type in their eyes. Whatever happens, I wish him the best and would sure love to see him someplace other than third base.
Hot stove is heating up, I see.

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