Verlander wins AL MVP

Justin Verlander’s case for winning American League MVP is closed. His trophy case, on the other hand, had better be open, because he’s going to need room.

With a no-hitter, an AL pitching Tripe Crown and a Tigers division title on his resume, Verlander became the first starting pitcher in a quarter-century — and the first Tiger since 1984 — to win AL MVP, beating out former teammate Curtis Granderson and others for the league’s highest individual honor.

Verlander received 13 of 28 first-place votes from members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. Verlander received three votes for second place and three votes for third. His point total 0f 280 didn’t give him a runaway win, but a safe margin.

Jacoby Ellsbury, who enjoyed a breakthrough season as an all-around hitter for a Red Sox team that fell just short of the AL Wild Card, finished second with 242 points, followed by Jose Bautista and Granderson.

Verlander’s teammate, Miguel Cabrera, finished fifth with 193 points, including two first-place votes. Last year’s runner-up for MVP won the AL batting title with a scorching home stretch in August and September. Alex Avila and Victor Martinez also received votes.

Verlander’s total shows how much voters accepted the idea that a pitcher is worthy of MVP consideration. It would’ve taken just a few voters in adamant opposition to keep him from the honor, since those voters would’ve left him completely off their ballot. That didn’t happen.

Only one voter left Verlander off their ballot completely. Twenty-six of the other 27 voters selected Verlander for sixth place or better, with one vote for eighth.

In a way, it was probably fitting. Verlander became the Tigers’ fifth league MVP in the last 70 seasons. All of them have been pitchers, joining Verlander with former relief great Guillermo Hernandez, former 30-game winner Denny McLain, and back-to-back winner Hal Newhouser.


Thrilled for him!

There were a number of deserving candidates and I would have been okay with most of them winning. JV won it fair and square in keeping with the bias towards players on division winners. He certainly earned the award. I’m glad to see the voting moving away from whoever had the most RBI in a season.
Congratulations once more, Justin.

It is official : Detroit have the best pitcher in MLB.

Well, I felt it. Congrats, Justin. Most Valuable Player!

Wow, how wonderful for him, he well deserved it and am glad to see him getting some terrific personal goals fulfilled with many years of pitching to come. Now he needs a world series ring!

Wow, was out of the country for 8 days, just back and found out after reading this he also got Cy Young last week – what doubly terrific news! You miss alot when you don’t have access to American newspapers, ESPN and don’t have a laptop or internet access!

Really happy for him! I honestly didn’t think they would give it to him that whole pitcher bias thing! It’s really awesome!

Happy Thanksgiving to Jason and all the bloggers. We are thankful for so many things in this great country and I know some of you live across the borders. Let us be grateful for what we have. I have to add, thanks for a great pro baseball team. –Dave

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