Tigers make their 40-man roster moves

Lefties Casey Crosby and Matt Hoffman are now on the 40-man roster, as are right-hander Tyler Stohr, outfielder Avisail Garcia and second baseman Hernan Perez. Cale Iorg has been outrighted to Triple-A Toledo. Add in the Gerald Laird signing, and Detroit’s 40-man roster stands at 39 players, allowing space for a free agent signing or a trade if something goes down between now and the winter meetings in a little more than two weeks.

I wrote a roundup yesterday of the roster decisions the Tigers faced. I didn’t include Garcia and Perez on there because I forgot just how young they were when they signed, and that the rules on eligibility applied to them too.

So who does that leave eligible for the Rule 5 draft?

  • Brandon Douglas, 2B/SS: He was part of the picture at second base not long ago, and was a non-roster invite to spring training last year. He didn’t have a bad season at all at Double-A Erie, but at age 26, he’s six years older than Perez. It’s conceivable somebody takes a chance on carrying him as a utility infielder with speed.
  • Jay Voss, LHP: His return to starting pitching was impressive at Double-A Erie, and with his 25th birthday coming up in April, he’s nearing that make-or-break point. If he could take some of those starting qualities and put them into use in relief, he could be intriguing. And hey, he’s left-handed.
  • Gustavo Nunez, SS: You remember this guy from the rave reviews he had going into 2010, including from Dave Dombrowski. He’s had his struggles since then, but he hasn’t been terrible, either.

Also worth noting: While Cale Iorg is no longer on the roster, Will Rhymes and Clete Thomas are. Dombrowski mentioned Rhymes among their internal second-base options at season’s end, though they’d clearly like to find somebody on the market. It would be interesting to see what he could do with another shot if the offense is clicking around him. Thomas struggled through last season until a very good final stretch gave him some decent final numbers with a .251 average, 12 homers, 53 RBIs and 20 stolen bases in 23 tries. His skill set greatly overlaps with that of Andy Dirks, but hey, you never know.


While I like Will Rhymes, what am I missing here? Are they that dead set against Santiago? I have trouble understanding the moves the club makes at 2ndbase.

They’ve been dead set against Santiago as a full time starter his entire career. I think they can do better, and Ramon may get a job as a full time 2B or SS. Prado, Headley, Maicer Izturis, Kelly Johnson are all better options.

Don’t agree on Kelly Johnson. They’d have to give up too much for Prado, I don’t think Headley is even on the market, and Izturis is a toss up with Santiago. In each of the latter three cases, they’d have to give up personnel. Ramon hit .294 as a starter over the final quarter of the season, and was on pace for 18 homers and 81 RBI. .996 fld pct and good range, and all of this was done in the tougher AL. Plus he makes very few mistakes. None of it makes sense to me. Offer him $6 mil for two years. If someone else beats that offer, so be it.

They need to protect Rhymes from being taken in the draft . Today is the deadline. Santiago is a FA and can sign with another team and the Prado trade or other options could fail so they need Rhymes as the plan D(esperados)

Iorg toast now. Comment about Smyly on the other thread is a good one. I think he may be a LHP in waiting.
Douglas let go perhaps because they are going to try hard for Prado. Rhymes could be a throw in.

Of course you keep Rhymes on the 40-man roster. I was referring to the following:
“Dombrowski mentioned Rhymes among their internal second-base options at season’s end, though they’d clearly like to find somebody on the market.”
It just seems to go far beyond seeing Santiago as a part timer only. I realize I sound like Ramon’s campaign manager, but many other people are asking the same question. The old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” comes to mind. We won 95 games. Players had roles. It worked.

1 problem with status quo thing: ramon wants to start 140+ games….. NOT that i think him playing fulltime 2B wouldn’t be fine….however, it doesn’t answer the leadoff problem and it means less money for signing a bullpen righty or a potential 5th starter. And don’t forget, Santiago is a .260 hitter.

With that said, offer him 4M over 2 years with another 1M (per year) if doesn’t get hurt and bats over .260.

Miguel Cabrera receiving Luis Aparicio Award.
The translation is mostly what I wrote in the other thread yesterday.

Brandon Douglas looks very interesting.

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I still say management gave up too early on Scott Sizemore but that is history so we now all wonder what the future holds. The stove is getting hotter! The next message should be Justin won the MVP!

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