Leyland 2nd in AL Manager of the Year balloting

As expected, the the Rays’ run to the playoffs earned AL Manager of the Year honors for Joe Maddon, made official on Wednesday. The mild surprise, however, was Jim Leyland finishing second, and getting a first-place vote.

Maddon received all but two of the 28 first-place votes from BBWAA members in AL cities. Leyland got one, and Texas’ Ron Washington received the other. Leyland received 13 out of 28 second-place votes, compared with seven for Washington. Cleveland’s Manny Acta earned three second-place votes and seven votes for third.

For someone who entered the season on the managerial hot seat, with no contract for 2012 and a mandate to win, the vote completes an impressive year.

“I’m proud of myself because I never wavered,” Leyland told reporters Sept. 30. “I was supposed to be fired ten times this year. I only had one year left in my contract and all that. … I never get too excited about that. You go out and try to do the best you can. It wasn’t going to change anything I do. I’m proud I’m here today. It wasn’t going to change anything I do. I like to think I work hard each and every day. I was going to do the best I can and whatever the situation was it was.

“But usually you’re sitting up here having this press conference because you have really good players, and there’s no manager that ever sat up here without the good players. Nobody, I don’t care who it was. That’s why I’m here today.”


HECK YEAH! CONGRATS JIM! You earned it man! That’s right folks, he’s a dang good manager and he anyone who thinks the tigers could have done better with another coach – had better be talking about Maddon. The second guessing of this man has got to chill – and I mean that!

Yessir. Right away, sir.

Congrats for 2nd place? Jim said it best. He would have been fired if the players had not performed. I like Leyland, I just do agree with the way he changes the line up every day. Oh yeah, and doesn’t bunt, and doesn’t know when to pull the pitcher and put Rugburn in the OF for a defensive replacement

Isn’t the players performance the metric of evaluation of a coach, tho?

Gibby won in the NL. Congrats Kirk!

Good job by Gibson, I’m not surprised. Funny that he and Acta were on my list of JL replacements when the question was who other than Leyland could manage the Tigers.
I think Dombrowski’s win was more noteworthy. He found a replacement for Inge, a replacement for Magglio hitting 3rd, and a top line pitcher. Throw in Guillen’s injury and Raburn’s struggles leading to Santiago as a starter, and suddenly we had a team that everyone agreed on how to manage. It was certainly a magical 41 games to close out the season.
By the way, there’s no such thing as a manager or coach in any sport who doesn’t get second guessed, or first guessed.

Yes all coaches are second guessed. I think when things like the coach is bringing the team down, doesn’t deserve a contract extension or is off his rocker…..that cross the line. Dombrowski’s performance was more noteworthy this year, he made a lot of good pick ups. Some bad ones too tho (pauley, purcey).

the last 41 games were pure magic – that’s for sure. WHAT A SEASON!

He, at least, got us to the promised land, not quite the mountaintop but certainly expected by the fans. Sometimes he meddles too much, but the players did a pretty nice job down the stretch. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!
Nada for the past 2 days. Tigers aren’t even in it for Buehrle. Dang, I thought at least a little something would happen.

The mild surprise? before Tampa run to the playoff ( even if BoSox made it easy for him) , I tought he was in line to win followed by a massive heart attack among Tiger´s fans

I agree that players like Leyland and that sure does help them play hard. Hey Pup, you know that DD can surprise us. What are the Marlins doing? 6 years and 90 mil for Reyes? 9 years and over 200 mil for Albert? And Buehrle too?

What I liked most about DD this year was being prepared to deal with multi year players not performing.
Have to say he had to strike gold at some stage with his mid year trades – and this is not a criticism as his past moves also looked good at the time.
Not sure if they have an owners award but if they did, Mr I would easily win it.
Apart form his unwavering commitment to the team in so many ways over so many years, his decision to bite the bullet and extend JL’s contract (DD’s extension was an easy one) early August when the team had treaded water since mid June even with so many stars performing and the rest of the Division imploding.
Despite what JL says, it seemed to me at the time JL was showing the strain. Mr I showed real leadership and class.

As far as I know, there is no award for owner of the year, though the Sporting News Exec award went to owners in the past, such as Walter Briggs and Walter O’Malley.

I thought the strain showed, too. He was much calmer with the media this year. There are just a few games when it started to turn. That throw from Jackson to Avila, the walkoff by Ramon. They finally got on a roll and you could see the relief in Jim’s face.

Good comment on Mr. Ilitch, Dave. Always in the background but sharing the same goal as all of us. This would be a good time to mention that I’ve been away from Detroit for 12 years now but everytime I go back, I’m amazed at the improvement. While the downtown doesn’t bustle as it once did, it’s really cleaned up and a pleasant place to visit.
Earlier this season, I resolved to get off JL’s case forever if we won the division. I’m sticking to that. I may still question a particular move now and then but it will no longer lead to me calling for his head. And it’s a lot easier on ME to just like the guy.
Now, about Santiago……………. 😉

Santiago….is he more than a 2-3 Year contract? I mean I understand he has been consistent and always ready. But is Leylands view of his skills and strength really correct, or would he make a really nice 2nd baseman. I’m for hiring him to give it a try but I’m not the one on the hot seat, they are.

What does Pitsburgh see in him for Shortstop?

well, he has played a lot of shortstop…..
22 starts in 2011
66 in 2010
56 in 2009
23 in 2008

with a .996 fielding % this year….and other years never really lower than .975, i’d say he’s fine at shortstop – but there is a mysterious “fatigue” issue that is highly controversial…….

albeit he is a .260 hitter these days…..but hey in 2008/2007 he was a great hitter – but that was when he was playing less games

shouldda traded him after 2008 dang it!

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