Verlander makes his MVP argument

Just because Justin Verlander doesn’t want to diminish his AL Cy Young award by focusing on MVP, doesn’t mean he doesn’t want it.

MVP voting wrapped up a month and a half ago, but if Verlander is asked whether he believes pitchers should be eligible for MVP, he isn’t going to hold back his opinion. It came up Tuesday in his Cy Young conference call with reporters, and his answer was similar to what he gave MLB Network a couple weeks ago.

“Pitchers are on the ballot. We are players,” Verlander said. I’ve talked about it. Two arguments: One is the rmendous effect that we have on the day of our game. If we have a bad day, 95 percent of the time we’re gonna lose. If we have a good day, 85-90 percent of the time we’re gonna win. You save the bullpen the day after, the day of.”

The flip side of that, Verlander argues, is that a player can have a three-homer game in defeat, easily.

The other argument he made is that the criteria for Cy Young consideration has changed as well, from the most valuable pitcher to the best pitcher.

“For me, the trend recently for the Cy Young has gone to the best statistical pitcher,” Verlander said. “And for me, I think that bolsters the case for the MVP. Now, it’s not the most valuable pitcher. It’s the best statistical pitcher, which is a totally different thing. And like I said, that bolsters the case [for pitchers as MVP].”

Manager Jim Leyland took up his case again as well, though he didn’t have a conference call as a forum.

“He definitely deserves it,” Leyland said. “I hope he gets it. I hope people adhere to the policy which they [are supposed to] go by. And if they do, I think he’s going to get it.”
In other words, Leyland continued: “If he’s allowed to get it, then he should get it.

If a pitcher’s allowed to win MVP, he should definitely win it.”


I’ll agree with Jim on that point. JV meets and exceeds all the listed criteria for MVP. We’ve got a superstar here who fits right in with the rest of the team, and that can be a rare thing in sports. I don’t think he’ll win MVP but he deserves it. Being at Comerica when he pitched the ALDS game against the Yankees, I haven’t seen anything like that since The Bird.

JV ……MVP! But I think that most voters won’t want to vote for a pitcher. Which is a pity, but apparently the think that pitchers aren’t players and on the team.

As far as I am concerned I think it is, and should be, harder for a pitcher, and specifically a starter to win the MVP.
That being said if JV were to win it it would be spectacular. Not because I am a home boy pulling for my team and its players but becaue I KNOW it would make Justin an even BETTER pitcher. He is driven to succeed and to excellence. If he wins he will feel he needs to prove he deserves it and to continue his education as a pitcher. This guy respects baseball through and through. I bet he will learn how to improve his mentality on the mound. To find a way around throwing 4 straight 99 MPH fastballs in the 7th and slip one by a confident hitter who has him figured out and and timed to rip. Verlander is smart and he learns all the time. There is still that bit of impetiousness, at times, that makes him want to blow a hitter away rather than confound him. It is actually part of him that makes him so good. The fire inside.
I can’t begin to imagine he could possibly have a better year than he did this year but it wouldn’t surprise me a bit.
Congratulations to a really excellent baseball player.

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