Dombrowski: Tigers unlikely to bid on Reyes, Rolllins, Ramirez

Credit MLB Network Radio’s Jim Bowden for his interview Friday afternoon with Dave Dombrowski, who reiterated his stance that aren’t going to be getting into a bidding frenzy on Jose Reyes, or Jimmy Rollins, or Aramis Ramirez. The Ramirez remark was new compared to last week, since Ramirez is a third baseman rather than a shortstop.

Bowden asked Dombrowski if there’s “any chance that you guys could play on a Reyes or Rollins … or any chance you would have interest in Aramis Ramirez, that kind of player?”

Dombrowski’s answer:

“Well, I kind of doubt it, would be my answer to that. I wouldn’t discount anything. I think our approach this wintertime is, we’re going to look to get better probably in smaller increments, but you never can tell what takes place in the wintertime. If something falls in your lap, and if it’s something — we have a tremendous owner in Mike Ilitch, he’s very aggressive — and if something falls in your lap … but I can’t see us being the leader in the front in those things. Because in our situation here, and we have a very hefty payroll, but we’re in a spot where you’re talking about having a Verlander and a Cabrera. You’ve got two $20 million guys, and in our market, you can only have so many of those type of guys. So I would doubt it, but again, you never know where dollars end up and what may fall through as the winter goes on.”

Read into the remarks, and the scenario kind of sounds like if one of those guys ends up in a situation like Pudge Rodriguez or Magglio Ordonez faced when they signed with Detroit years ago, where the Tigers were the last players on the market and not in a bidding competition. Reyes already sounds like he’s going to have no shortage of interest. Rollins has the option of going back to Philadelphia, where the Phillies don’t have to sign somebody else to replace him. With more demand than supply at third base, it’ll be interesting to see how the market develops on Ramirez at age 33.

Dombrowski also said emphatically that they’ll offer Delmon Young a contract. he left a slight opening, but not nearly as big as it seemed a week ago.

“I mean, we’re not going to non-tender Delmon Young. I mean, that’s just not going to happen,” he said. “But now, when I say that, you always put one-thousandth of a percent [open], if something falls on your lap, that you don’t anticipate. But we like Delmon Young. Delmon Young did a fine job for us, and he’s in a situation this year that he’s going into the last year of his contract, as we’re all aware, his free agency year.

“He did not play as well with Minnesota early. He had some injuries coming back from the offseason. He got a little bit bigger, and I think he got bigger from all conversations, in his own mind thinking he needed to add more power. Well, to me, Delmon doesn’t need to add more power. This guy’s got tremendous power all over the ballpark. He’s a guy that’s going to hit 20, 25, 30 home runs and knock in 100 for us. And so, we’re not going to non-tender Delmon. It would just be a situation where something just completely out of the blue took place. He’s our left fielder and look for his bat in the lineup on a daily basis.”

For the audio on the Dombrowski interview, MLB Network Radio has the link on its Facebook page. You can also click to it here.


Does this mean we should be expecting trades more than free agent signings? The pickings are slim but not none in the Tigers’ need positions (e.g., #5 starter, 2nd basemen, middle reliever, etc.), but it sounds like they’ll wait to see if a good trade possibility pops up after the first day or 2 of the winter meetings or if some free agent does truly fall into their lap. Then, they’ll hopefully see the prices go down on free agents/trades (e.g., a third basemen?) as the musical chairs start getting filled/upper tier free agents start signing.

I do think they’re going to check on the trade market. Winter meetings could be interesting on that.

Might have to go after a pitcher or two, for sure. Maybe Mr Ilitch saw the video of Cepedas working out in the Dominican. The video was dramatic, to say the least, but that guy has a serious work ethic. Probably too expensive.
My goodness, did you see the contract Papelbon got with Boston. 50 million. Come on now, even I think it’s getting a little ridiculous. Personal opinion, though.
El tiger, remember the discussion about Benjie Molina a few days ago. His name was brought up on MLB Network like in “the guys only been sitting out a year, he’d be a great pickup. Maybe he still wants too much money like someone referenced. I’d check into it though. He’s still got some gas in the tank. And, you weren’t kiding about the crime and safety issues over there, were you? Maybe MLB needs some accademies in the US and bring those guys over here.


Phillies for Pap, not Boston. Sorry about that.

Yesterday I posted a link to the blog of an american player. He is young and i guess have never been before out of the USA. He tells that he is fully protected all the time and he feels safe.But he is an outsider.
No , I was not joking. Of course, in the places where tha academies are located, ( the Tigers academy is in the same state where Ramos was kidnapped), are far safer than Caracas, the subsidiary of hell( it was known as the subsidiary of Paradise but they lost it). Supposedly, the kidanappers were columbian paramilitaries but they needed to travel a lot to get there with total impunity.
Caracas is like New York in the 70´s. It is like a big Fort Apache. The rest of the country is like Detroit or Baltimore.

Nice analogy; it helps us understand how it is there. Since so many Tigers have been from Venezuela, it’s good to know these things about their background. When the Venezuela WBC team played in Lakeland two years ago, my wife and I got into a standing room area where the Venezuelan supporters were. Very lively and lots of fun. Then we traveled over to Disney World and rooted for Venezuela to beat the Braves.
Glad that at least one of this week’s terrible sports stories came to a good end.

I mentioned Jose Molina. He is a backup with a good bat. His last salary was 1.8 millions.Of course, he will ask for more.

Wilson Ramos has just said that he would like to continue playing .But aparently , the team asked him to go back to the USA.
He was in a bed all the time while they told him the knew everything about him.
He was mentally mistreated but not phisically( At least he did not developed Stockholm syndrome).
Anibal Sanchez has announced that he wont come to Venezuela because he want to protect his new wife from the risk of a kidnapp

Are the Tigers looking into trading for Martin Prado? He would be a great for us, he could play secound and bat secound. The Braves are looking at trading him, so maybe we can work something out.

slow couple of days for tigers transactions, boi i’ll tell ya

I knew that would spark something~ Tigers interested in M. Prado. I guess i’m down 0.987 fielding % and 4.95 range factor……with usually a .340 + OBP….. I just don’t know how down i am to giving the braves anything except Delmon. And i’m sure they don’t want inge or raburn lol.

They wanted a AAA CF to replace Bourn at the end of the season. The fit for them would be Dirks . I think they would ask for AJax . Dirks wont be enough . AJax, no way. It would be like open a big hole to fill a littler one

boesch is a lefty – i heard they want a righty, so that logic seems to compliment yours. Best option, upsell ryan raburn and use him to sweeten deal.

Don’t be shocked if the Tigers go after Chone Figgins. Leyland likes him and they could probably get a good deal from the Mariners to offset the bad contract.

That’s the type of deal they’re liable to make, and there’s a history with Seattle. Figgins will be 34 next season and I don’t see Leyland turning him loose enough to get caught stealing 17 times to go with his 42 stolen. Not sure how much help he’d be on our ballclub. I sure would like to keep the number of errors at 2ndbase to a minimum. I see that as of vital importance.

oof he played SO BAD this past year

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What I would like to see is Santiago at 2nd base. We need a back up catcher, middle reliever, and a 5th starter. Things to change are the leadoff hitter,slim down Delmon Young and Miguel Cabrera, smarter decisions at coaching 3rd base, knowing when to bunt and when to pull the starter. Is that too much too ask? We have the players to win. Go Tigers!

ideas to change the leadoff hitter? exactly.

TUESDAY, 10:55am: “There is a trade brewing between the Braves and Tigers centering around Prado for Young,” reports ESPN’s Jim Bowden.

That’s a pretty strong rumor. I’m wary of Prado’s offensive ability in the AL but it appears he can field his position, and that’s what I want. Also carries the flexibility that JL likes and has some of the pop that JL also likes. I’d accept this, depending on the details of any deal. Hate to see Santiago go, but you can’t have everything. It would be nice to keep him since Prado also plays 3rdbase and OF.

now sources are saying the deal has gone cold. I don’t think this would have worked out for us anyhow….they’d want more than young

Young for prado, good deal, then lets check out G.Sizemore or the cuban defecter.
still need a 5th starter , Maybe Jurgens .

Remember, it’s all just rumors for the time being. Lots of things could happen and then maybe nothing will happen. Sure hope something good is happening for the Tigers!!!!!

Good point about slimming those guys down a tad. I think Miguel could be better than awesome if he were about 15 pounds lighter. Especially on foul pops and ground balls.
The power loss would be minimal. The doubles would increase and he would be able to take advantage of his base running instincts (which are quite good) with the added speed.
I like Doumit as a back-up and as a functional bench guy in other positions as well.
Prado would make the team better. Figgins is stop gap (with salary relief). But he gives us the added dimension of some base running threat and a leadoff guy to take the pressure off AJ. AJ will flounder until he finds his way elsewhere in the lineup first.
I will take all kinds of grief for this but if Raburn is not flogged off he should play 3rd. He can do it. Strong arm, good reflexes and there is not to much over-thinking involved at the hot corner.

As to Delmon, this guy is gonna hit a tonne some day. Slim him down and let him play left. Hopefully he figures out the strike zone a bit better but he showed signs of more patience in the playoffs. Ahhhhhh—-the playoffs! The fact we got there was sweet and not to be forgotten.

Of course the Braves would want more than Young. This is going to be the sticking point in any trade. Teams will want the guys we’re not willing to give up.
Myself, I’d be happy with bringing back the club that played .756 ball over the final quarter of the season. Just get the catcher, a starter, and a reliever later in the offseason. And yes, that means bringing back both Santiago and Betemit. Forget the postseason, Texas only won because Washington overworked his pen and we missed some scoring opportunites with bad decision making. We’ve got the players.

how much you think the tigers should spend on that starter? we talking a 1M guy…or a 5M guy?

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It would be nice to agree with you Rich but I don’t think we have the players quite yet.
We need 2 positional upgrades. They could happen at short, 3rd, 2nd or left.
We need added team speed.
We could use a solid reliever. Everyone knows RPs are a crapshoot from year to year in many cases. I’d love to see Nathan here BTW.
That 5th starter will haunt us all year. IMO, the idea is to find a solid middle of the rotation guy to absoluetly reinforce the whole rotation to the point the opposition never feels it is at the back of the rotation.
The backup catcher should be easy enough. The names I have seen bandied about (other than Doumit) don’t excite me any more than what we already have in Santos. I do think some versatiltiy there would be very handy to have. That’s why I like Doumit.

That’s okay, Dan, I expect very few to agree with me on this. My biggest fear is that, in attempting to upgrade, we wreck what was a pretty good team. This happened to a degree after 2007. I don’t know what the FA situation will be after the 2012 season, but it’s possible that waiting a year to upgrade may be the way to go. And waiting a year is a big concession at my age. 😉
As it stands now, we could have enough to win the division again and after that, our rotation can carry us through the postseason, barring rainouts. I expect Porcello to improve, Fister to be nearly as good as he was for us, and Verlander to have a good year, even if not quite so dominant.
I also think having JL as manager limits the directions that we can go with personnel.

wait, how so on that later point about JL limiting the directions?

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