Verlander named Tiger of the Year

In a vote that surprised no one, members of the Detroit chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America named Justin Verlander as the Tiger of the Year. He received 25 out of 26 votes, with the other going to Miguel Cabrera.

It’s the second Tiger of the Year award in the last three years for Verlander. He and Cabrera have essentially alternated the award the last four years.


hah, congrats Justin – I watched all of your starts twice this year they were so spectacular

Not a surprise! Who voted against him, another person who doesn’t believe pitcher can be MPV!

MVP, MVP, MVP Congratulations Justin.

well very soon we will know about Jamey Carroll who IMO is the best fit for the tigers infield and batting lineup holes

leadoff that is

We’re not going to want to play rugburn at 2B….at least not until the Allstar game

I’d rather go with the superior defender. Just because a guy stands out in a field of uninspiring free agents doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the man for the job.

wait, who is the superior defender? Santiago? Oh i agree there for sure, but at this point i feel like the brass has said he won’t be a staring 2B and santiago demands it..

no carroll, oh well. i guess he wanted a multi year deal anyhow

Yeah, Santiago. I think he wants more playing time which could be provided without annointing him the starter. He’s still Peralta’s backup also. Of course, if management has decided that Ramon is a brittle, slow ballplayer, there’s not much one can do. If they can upgrade the position, that’s entirely different. I’m just not seeing how they do that.

hmmm, that’s a good point. So if we bump up the starts at 2B up from 40 to lets say 110….and still give him the 30-35 starts at SS then he would be playing a full season basically. That is an interesting thought because he really only started 65 games or so last year. Which, to be honest, seems like a low number – he sure does get subbed in a some point during the game.

The Philies are after Cuddyer to replace Polanco. He is expensive but cheaper than Ramirez.He could play 3b , 2b and outfield. He has power , the same speed as Carroll(And is younger). He would be better than Young in the OF.Not sure about his defense in the infield.
The only way to upgrade at second is a trade.There is no one in the FA market better than Santiago-Raburn. If this were fantasy baseball and the Tigers farm was not depleted I would go after Phillips

Well, they must have something up their sleeve.

I’m not convinced they won’t re-sign Santiago, but if they upgrade 2ndbase through a trade, we’re going to have to give up some value. There would be fans screaming over that.
I’d like to have Cuddyer. It’s funny that when you read some of the Twins message boards, they dog him as if he was Raburn or somebody. Fans are hard to please.
There is a vigil being held tonight at Nationals Park for Wilson Ramos.

About Wilson Ramos , nothing new.
And ex Secretary of Justice with expertice in the area thinks it is strange for the gang not to have released him already since the mediatic and police pressure is high.
The family says there are no contact yet.
As I said yesterday, kidnapps are not unusual here, this morning the son of a merchant was kidnapped , five block from my house.The unusual fact is the prolongued nature . Most time are express kidnapps.

Looks like their vigil worked. Ramos is released. What do you think, El Tigre, did the kidnappers go too high profile on this one?

More than likely they got what they wanted. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

As I told yesterday,an expert on the subject was expecting him to be released.But he was rescued by a National Guard – Police action. There are five kidnappers detained. Supposedly Columbian paramilitaries.
What happened? Nobody really knows or will know ever. Here there is no way to get unbiased information. Private independent media ( 2 journals and one 24/7 cable news channel) are deemed as opposition media and don’t have access to any official source. So they work based on leaked information, rumors and speculation. The official and impartial private media ( all the rest) will present an spin version

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