Lamont to interview for Red Sox managerial opening

Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said a week ago that while he hadn’t received any requests from teams to interview any of their coaches for managerial openings, he wouldn’t stand in anyone’s way. With three managerial spots still open, the landscape has changed, and it’s now going to include Tigers third-base coach Gene Lamont.

According to the Boston Herald and Providence Journal, the Red Sox announced a new round of managerial candidates interviewing at the end of this week. One is former Tigers player Torey Lovullo. The other is Lamont, who will reportedly interview Saturday. The Tigers confirmed that Boston asked for and received permission to talk with him.

Lamont, who turns 65 on Christmas Day, managed the White Sox and Pirates for four years each from 1992 to 2000. He led Chicago to the 1993 AL West title and had them atop the AL Central in 1994 before the strike hit. An 11-20 start in ’95 cost him his job. He succeeded Jim Leyland in Pittsburgh and mounted a surprising charge to contention in the NL Central ion 1997 before finishing 79-83, five games behind the Astros.  He had a 78-win season in 1999, but 69-win seasons in between.

He hasn’t talked openly about managing again, preferring to stay in the background as Leyland’s confidante and assistant strategist, but his experience and demeanor make him a veteran candidate. He was a bench coach in Boston in 2001 under Jimy Williams, so he knows the following there.


I think it would be great for Lamont, but honestly, I figured it was past his time. By that I mean, I figured most teams would want to go with a younger guy as manager. Either way, good luck to him.

Hey, that’s great to even be considered for the Boston job. I don’t like Lamont as a 3rdbase coach but there’s no doubting his knowledge of the game. Gino could get pretty fiery as a younger manager. I’d think Lloyd McLendon has the resume’ too. Many don’t like him as hitting coach (I think he does fine) but he’s got the stuff too.
Torey Lovullo now, it’s too bad Sparky isn’t around to talk him up. 🙂

Had a chance to talk with Lovullo at the Futures Game a few years ago. Really bright baseball mind. Also put in a lot of time managing in the minors, which is becoming kind of rare these days.

Sparky used to get these kids in camp and praise ’em to the point of being future HoFers. Lovullo was one. Chris Pittaro was another. But Kirk Gibson was one too and he did okay.

I hope he gets the job, for the Tigers’ sake.

As much as we critized Lamont, coaching 3rd base is not easy. At least I have the MLB network to watch, and Sean Casey. Watching the 50 longest home runs of 2011.

I think gene does a fairly good job at third – obviously 95% of his job is as a counselor with JL. Anyone else seeing that Jamey Carroll’s agent is hinting his client wants to be in the D next year. IMO Jamey Carroll is more important to this club than resigning Young (put Ryan in LF instead). We REALLY need a leadoff man, speed and someone who can play 2B worth a darn.

The Jamey Carroll idea is interesting to me. I always considered him a part time player but the last couple of years he has proved otherwise. He plays a slick 2nd base and will not strike out at the top of the lineup. Then AJax can move down to 9th and focus on re-discovering his hitting stroke and playing defense.
Rich, my favourite Sparkyism was: “Mike Laga will make you forget about all other power hitters”
Go Tigers.
– Bob

Always considered a part time player but the last couple of years proved otherwise. There’s some irony there.

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