Guillen: Magglio plans on playing

Talked with weekend with Carlos Guillen about his Tigers career and what’s next for him (he plans on playing). Will have his thoughts on the site Monday, but one thing I wanted to mention here is that he has been talking with Magglio Ordonez since the season ended, and that Ordonez plans on playing again next year.

That slots in with other reports from the past few weeks citing sources suggesting Ordonez would go through the rehab process and try to play. Ordonez himself hasn’t made any statements about it, as far as I know, either to American or Venezuelan media.

We learned last week from Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski underwent surgery on his fractured right ankle. Guillen said Ordonez is going to start the rehab process again shortly, again working out in South Florida.

“He’s doing better,” Guillen said.

So, too, is Guillen, who says this will be his first offseason with his full health in a few years. Like Ordonez, Guillen is a free agent, and he plans on playing.

“Why not? If you feel you can play, why not,” he asked.


Will be weird not having these two guys on our side! They are character guys and have provided a lot of big moments over the years!

Magglio had surgery again? Guessed I missed that news report. I wish Carlos all the best. He had a great career with the Tigers and helped take us to the World Series in ’06. I can’t bear to think of Magglio wearing another team’s uni. Always a Tiger to me.
Those two, who wore their pockets out, and Carlos with his chains and rosary beads around his neck. The wonderful memories they gave us. Who willl ever forget Carlos hitting that walk-off HR at 3:30am in the morning? And, Magglio will never be forgotten! Both of them were very stylish guys! I’ll miss them very much.

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If you feel you can play….but you just get hurt every time you try…..then you retire. Hey I have tons of Maggs and Guillen gear, memories and love – they were SO KEY in turning this organization around, years ago. Albeit, they were here because we were overpaying them. Anyone remember all the fans wanting JL to not allow maggs to get the ABs he needed for the extra money? Anyone remember carlos declaring he couldn’t hit because he wasn’t regularly playing in the field? There was good, and there was bad. And now we’ve got their contracts off of our backs – and it feels good. Good luck fellas. But don’t act like you’re healthy enough to play 140+ games next year.

2 of the best in my opinion and I’ll be sad to see them playing in anything other than our uniforms, but best of luck to them if they can pull it off, I’ll cheer for them no matter what team they end up with but do hope they know themselves well enough to know when to cut their losses. Coaching???

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I will miss them but wish them the best of luck and hope they end up making a contribution to whatever team they end up with. They were both my favorite tiger at different times.

Before the last injury, Magglio was supposed to play with Caribes de Oriente,the current champion in Venezuela.He has not played and there has not been any news but the press conference by DD.
Dimitry Young is playing for the same team.
Baseball players like boxers and Favre never know when is time to go.
Their official webpage. Check the homagge to Tigers with their uniform. They even have a gothic C as symbol

hey thats pretty sweet!

I think maybe playing too long is better than retiring too early. If you retire early, you may end up regretting the decision, and I always think that would be a sad thing. With Maggs and Carlos, I’m not sure who would want to pick them up. I’d assume an NL team?
No matter what, I think they both had a very nice swan song with that performance against Weaver this past July. I downloaded that picture of Carlos pimping his homer. Keeping that one.

Still have copies of the the Detroit papers with the headlines: Senor Cycle and Mr. Maggnificent. That was a great game when Carlos hit for the cycle. Carlos was always suave and had the swag going for him.
I’m praying the organization will do something special for Magglio. His homerun was historic and deserves to be recognized and remembered at Comerica Park in some way

It occurs to me that if we had Buehrle, Fister and Verlander, we’d have three of the quickest working starters in the game. I’m a big fan of sub-3 hour games. Not that we’d actually get Buehrle, but it’s a fun thought.

Also a rested bullpen. They can have 600 innings between them

I’d love to have Buehrle, but it seems so does Ozzie.

Magglio almost retired last year when he stuggled getting healthy. He is a professional hitter so I would think the AL. But Maggs, go out on top! Why come back and have it be disappointing. Carlos, not sure about your thinking. You have had some nagging injuries. They don’t need the money but they need the need to play🙂 I, too, will be adding to my collection with some new pictures of these guys. They helped make Detroit respectable for years to come, Oh, and I really like Buehrle. Go Tigers, 2012.

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