Tigers shut out on Gold Glove awards

Austin Jackson’s Fielding Bible award in center field will have to do as the Tigers’ defensive honor for the season. Jackson and catcher Alex Avila were left winless when the Gold Glove awards were announced late Tuesday night.

Jackson and Avila were among three finalists listed at their respective positions by ESPN2 in a press release promoting the special on the network to announce the awards. But Avila lost out to Baltimore’s Matt Wieters, while Jackson finished behind Boston’s Jacoby Ellsbury.

Major League managers and coaches vote on Gold Glove honors.

While Avila’s day-in, day-out work earned him a good amount of respect, Wieters had the statistical advantage of fewer passed balls and wild pitches on his watch while throwing out a higher percentage of would-be basestealers. Ellsbury and Jackson were very comparable on traditional statistics, though Jackson had an impressive resume in more specialized stats.

Avila still has a chance at an end-of-season award. The Silver Slugger awards, which lean on the offensive side at each position, will be announced Wednesday night at 6pm ET on MLB Network. Avila and Mike Napoli both have solid cases at catcher, while first base should be an interesting debate between Miguel Cabrera, Adrian Gonzalez and Paul Konerko. Jhonny Peralta and his former Cleveland teammate Asdrubal Cabrera are candidates at shortstop.


Polanco won the Gold Glove for thirdbase? The same Polanco that I wanted to move to third in 2009 to replace the injured Inge while putting (you guessed it) Santiago at second? You think we might have won that division?
Sometimes this stuff is so frustrating.

the overpaid and usually hurt polanco – or the back in the day and awesome polanco?

Even neglecting the fact that Polanco would’ve had to shift on the fly without an offseason to prepare, remember that you had Santiago starting a lot over at shortstop down the stretch that year. And Guillen wasn’t an infielder again yet; he was starting in left field. So by replacing Inge with Polanco, you would’ve either had Adam Everett starting every game at short (he still played regularly as it was), Guillen shifting on the fly, or Brent Dlugach playing.

My thinking at the time was that all of these guys had played those positions before, it was a bad situation, and that shifting on the fly was a necessary move. I think Polanco and Guillen could have pulled it off (don’t remember if Carlos was injured at the time). Everett was playing quite a bit anyway, plus I never had as big a problem with Adam as many people did. The 2009 Tigers were a pitching and defense squad. I thought it important to get Inge out of there for the good of the team and himself.

Not surprised Alex didn’t win, but Austin was screwed, not surprising though these awards are typically a joke!

The rarely ever strikes out polanco.

Don’t get me wrong, polanco is a great player – but he only got in 122 games this year and still got like 6 M $ this year and will again next year. His .335 OBP doesn’t mean squat when he is hurt ya know? I’m glad to have the older and more fragile tigers – that make the BIG BUCKS – out of town next year….

and because i’m sure you’re curious:

Polanco at 3rd in 2011: Fielding % .997, Range Factor 2.9, 8 errors
BInge at 3rd in 2011: Fielding % .964, Range Factor 2.94, 9 errors

more similar than i would have thought – gosh brandon’s defense sure took a crap since 2008 when he had a .992/ 3.27/ only 1 error

Is it laughable to think Henry Blanco could back up catch for the tigers? Got some speed and a decent OBP (.330)!

Defensive new metrics does not command the same respect because of their subjective nature but still I thought Ajax Could win but we sub estimate the power of an MVP caliber season and the exposure of a full weekend of Fox-ESPN broadcasts that make Evil Empire‘ Players household names.
I was expecting the same effect to work for Avila . An All Star can make forget that he had more pass balls in the season than Wieters in his whole career. The WP are valued because the decision can go both ways. But he caught for Verlander whose breaking balls have been hardly to manage for every catcher in Detroit since 2006.
And for Mr. Reliable as Pup justly call him . Well, that is part of the problem .Golden Glove is not for reliable players but for the acrobatics as noted above. Hey, Everett´s photo appears under reliable in the dictionary and nobody complained when he did not won . And Cabrera made Cleveland a contender until September. He was the face of the surprise of the year for a while.

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