Cabrera set to skip Taiwan series, shoulder still sore

Venezuelan journalist Ignacio Serrano got in touch with Miguel Cabrera yesterday for his reaction to winning the Luis Aparicio Award as Venezuela’s best Major League player this season. Cabrera was very humbled by the award, and the fact that he won it by a unanimous vote from Venezuelan and Spanish-speaking baseball writers, and he talked about being able to spend time at home with his family.

At the end of the post is news that Cabrera will skip the MLB all-star series in Taiwan next weekend to rest his sore right shoulder, which is still bothering him since his collision with Mike Napoli at home plate in Game 4 of the ALCS. If it stays sore, Cabrera told Serrano, he’ll have an MRI to make sure there’s nothing more serious.

Update at 5:20pm: An MLB spokesperson confirmed Cabrera has decided not to take part and will stay home to rest.

Cabrera had agreed to go on the Taiwan trip with Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano, among others, but it depended on how far the Tigers got into the postseason. The fact that the Tigers got as deep as they did, six games into the ALCS, didn’t leave much time for Cabrera to recuperate.

As for the shoulder, the fact that Cabrera didn’t have tests on the shoulder before going home suggests it isn’t a long-term concern.


It’s still sore? That doersn’t sound good. MRI ASAP, please!

I second that motion

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Cabrera also talked about his need for physical conditioning since he is not playing winter baseball anymore . So he will be in the gym in the off season.He stopped playing here after he suffered a minor injury in a quadriceps before signing the extension with the Tigers.

La Russa needs to stop talking with certain person: Laird as a pinch runner. Overmanaging the bullpen.
Half joking.I know it was not his fault .Pujols was in the wrong position and did not cut the throw. Of course, Fox focused on the OF. He did not missed the cut off man. The latter was not in place.
Andrus is not batting but he did bat once and his speed and quick thinking was enough to create havoc.

Glad to hear he’s going to work on physical conditioning. It’s not just about building muscle, but getting your body to be flexible as possible. I hope he takes it to heart. It would have been a great experience for Miguel to travel to Taiwan, but I know he needs to spend time with his family.
I could only look in amazement at that play last night that Andrus made at second base with the toss of the ball from his glove. Man oh man, that play was a thiing of beauty.

Andrus is a great player to have.
Pujols was out of postion and he does not seem to be hustling much out of the box either. He will respond positively to the criticism.
Happy for Cabby and I hope he is able to really appreciate his family in the off season. This guy is as important to Detroit Tiger fans as many of the hall of famers in our past history.

Ryan Doumit might be available as a backup catcher (with a good bat) for next year behind alex avila

And has played RF too.

Doumit is a very good player, but probably too good (and too well paid) to be a backup catcher and fourth or fifth outfielder. He should have better job opportunities with more playing time elsewhere.

Agreed – albeit he did only start at catcher like 77 games this year and is not young either.

Well, what if the Pirates were to take Inge and Raburn?

No comment.

Doumit i think would be a FA (club option being declined by pirates currently), unless it was a sign and trade

maybe if we paid half of inge’s salary for next season.

On a side note. I believe that the concept of “swallowing some of Inge’s contracted money for 2012 and then trading him” is entirely possible if we can find either a good SS or 3B.

I am glad Miggy is not going, when I first read he committed I thought how nice he is doing this but he can surely use the extra time off. Not happy he is still hurting but glad he is getting the extra days to recover and rest before starting his off season conditioning. He and Verlander are the 2 guys you don’t want overdoing it.

Cabrera was surely missed…thank you Jason for the informative piece of writing! If you would like to learn more about the recently played 2011 Taiwan All-Star Series or baseball in China, please visit and follow me on twitter @baseball_china


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