Wrapping up the Tigers’ injuries

You had a feeling, didn’t you, that whenever the Tigers’ season ended, you would be hearing a more up-front report on all the Tigers’ injuries. And for the most part, we got that last night. Yet somehow, it wasn’t as bad as expected.

Alex Avila opened up a bit about the shape of his knees.

“I’ve had tendinitis building up in my [left] knee since July from a sprain that I had,” Avila said. “I felt I could continue to play with it, and I did. Without the rest, it just gets a little bit worse. And then, when I stepped on [Robinson] Cano’s foot [in the Division Series], everything kind of resurfaced after that.”

Playing through that, he said, brought on problems in the other knee, the right knee, because he was compensating. He underwent a cortisone shot during the playoffs that helped.

Surprisingly, though, he said that the team medical staff doesn’t think there’s anything that would require surgery.

“If there was anything structurally wrong,” he said, “I probably wouldn’t be able to catch. That was the reason why I kept playing, that I knew it couldn’t get any worse. I just had to deal with discomfort. Just get the MRI to make sure, and with rest, I’ll be good as new.”

As for Victor Martinez, manager Jim Leyland said he had “three or four things going on,” from the knee sprain in August to the toe injury that had to be drained to the intercostal strain. The only one that would seemingly be a major concern going into the offseason would be the knee, though we didn’t get any definitive word on that.

The injury you didn’t expect that we learned about last night was Miguel Cabrera. He injured his right shoulder when he tried to run over Mike Napoli at home plate in Game 4.

“It was all muscle,” Cabrera said, alleviating any concern he popped his shoulder out. It might have been more around the triceps.

Obviously, it didn’t affect him at the plate, where he closed out his season last night with a two-homer game, but he said he couldn’t throw. That explained why his warmups between innings were different.

He’s going to get it checked out, just to be on the safe side.

“I have to talk to a doctor,” Cabrera said. “They took good care of me with treatment. They did a good job.”


Cabrera’s play at the plate turned awkward from the way Napoli was able to just kind of fade away as he made the tag. Miggy tried to plant him but Mike wasn’t there any longer. Took perfect timing on the play for that to work. Unfortunate.
Victor has to be watched carefully. He’s taken years of abuse being a catcher. I think everyone agrees he should be full time DH, especially considering the success he has doing it, so we’ll need a backup on the roster next year. Also, Lamont has to consider who he’s sending in for collisions at the plate. Some of these guys aren’t “young as springtime anymore” to quote Rocky Balboa. Better yet, use a different coach at third.
That’s the correct approach with Avila. You don’t want a knee to be postsurgical unless absolutely necessary. I had a knee issue, refused the surgery, and was able to play another 15 years. Granted, I wasn’t a catcher.
We got most of our injuries at the end of the year.

I think the real question here is this: once VMART is healthy, what position can he play besides DH? He’s gotta play something.

Well he should not be the backup catcher. That’s for sure. He could catch in a pinch or if you are trying to get his bat in the lineup someway against an NL team. He can swap roles with MCab and play some 1B just to give Cabby a breather of sorts.
IMO VMart doesn’t have to play a position, at least on a semi-regular basis. Occasional and infrequent. He is a DH now. And we are lucky to have him in that role.

now i’m aware that he’s been hurt – and we’ve been lucky to have him in the lineup but you’re telling me he’s not particularly obligated to play at least 35 games in the field next year? 9 of those will be at NL parks which means he’s gotta play somewhere. He started like 70 games at 1B in 2009. SO THAT means Cabby needs to learn to play some 3rd, and I’m not just talking the 9 interleague games – I’m talking another 30 games starting the game at the hot corner. Cabby is young, quick, played the position and probably up for it. Now ole Inge needs to play some backup catcher next year – something like 55 games. The boy is getting paid well by Mr. I next year, and we need a backup catcher. So he can play the rest of the games at 3rd, and that would depend on if he can bat over .250, with any power, next year.

This way you can get Alex his rest from catcher, Vmart some field action, without losing Cabby and without having to sign a backup catcher. Inge might not want to do it, but he will.

with the money you save, Mr. I, buy a bullpen worth a crap

Other than interleague play, I don’t think you’ll see Cabrera at third base next season. Whether he’s up for it or not, he has outgrown the position. I think you could see days where Martinez and Cabrera switch up at first base and DH, but that’s about it. Martinez will not catch much again, barring injuries.

I’m having trouble thinking of more than three full time DHs who have hit as well as Victor has in the role. This is very rare and very fortunate for us. If it gives JL problems creating his many and varied lineups, that’s his issue.
It looks to me like the Benoit signing may be the way we’ll have to go for the bullpen. Overpay. We’re not developing our own and it’s better to have too many than not enough. I wish we could have gotten a better look at Pauley. I kind of think he’s not all that but it’s hard to say without seeing him pitch. The problem with Zumaya is that we always count on him as a bullpen piece, thus leaving us short every single year. Better to just let him walk and remove the temptation. If Zoom makes it elsewhere, so be it. Same with Perry. He’s not developing here, regardless of what stuff he has. Move him on to another club. Coke is a keeper, as is Alburquerque. We need to have relievers we can trust to back up our rotation. Good pitching makes up for many other shortcomings. That’s my take on the bullpen.

I like Pauley. Another one of those guys that has to learn to pitch better with 2 strikes though. Seems like we have our fair share of that.
I always thought that Below should have been on the post-season roster. I really thought he would be valuable against the Yankees but it turns out he may have been useful against the Rangers too. As it was we carried 2 guys that got virtually no playing time. Santos was an insurance policy but Worth’s worth may have been better used with another pitcher. Seems odd that JL picks a staff to take and then is scared witless to use them. Well that chapter is over.So be it.
I think Gene Lamont would make a real good FULL-TIME bench coach!
Not sold on Jeff Jones as pitching coach. IMO he’s learning the ropes and he’s doing it with a pennant contender. Not so sure that is a good idea. McLendon is not my favourite at all. The one job of major importance he has had in the last several years here was developing a leadoff hitter. He did not do a good job with Curtis IMO. Curtis got straightened out in NY (as to hitting southpaws). And the inability of Austin Jackson to find some kind of rhythm at the plate should be partially blamed on Lloyd too. As I have said before, if there is just one thing that Lloyd can accomplish, it would be to help fix AJ. I believe that is the definition of a hitting coach.

Overpaying on relievers is the only way as it forces you know who to not give up on them. Was it two rookies this year having thier first start in a bases loaded situation?

What I have learned from watching these series is that starting pitching doesn’t mean squat it’s all about pens! Rangers, cardinals had crappy starters!

The ABC’s of the 2011 Season
Avila’s sweet swing left us when the knees got tired.
Boesch’s bat was sorely missed during the stretch run.
Cabrera! Just how much potential does he really have?
Dirks was dandy, just not often enough.
Every Game led after inning 8 – 77-0.
Fister,Fister, I’m glad you came our way.
Guillen means professional in every sense of the word.
Hits disappeared at the most critical of times.
Inge, oh Brandon, you’re still a class act.
Jackson, hey Austin, the count is 0-2. Please don’t strike out.
Kelly, Super Sub Supreme. Thanks for every thing.
Leyland keeps on rolling. Have noticed that winning reduces criticism dramatically.
Martinez,Mr. Victor, I salute a real professional hitter.
Needed next year! Some help for Alex.
Ordonez! That ankle took away your beautiful swing.
Porcello.Hey Ricky! You’re still just 22. Keep that sinker dropping!
Quality organization, those Detroit Tigers!
Rayburn should pretend that April is July.
Scherzer’s still going to win 20, if he ever unwinds.
Thomas, Hey Brad, you’re almost a distant memory.
Unbelievable catches by Austin even if he whiffs on the other end.
*Valverde!Papa Grande! Show Biz awaits you, but wait another year.
*Verlander! Just sit back, watch, and be in awe!
X-Factor this year for Tiger fans. Rain at the wrong time!
Year ends two games short. Reloading for ’12.
Zumaya, Yes Joel. What might have been?

Had to mention both of these guys. Just a little entertainment. My analysis of needs and the season to follow. Bleeding Tiger Blue more than ever!

That’s good, Greg.
I’m taking the Cardinals in six over Texas. They’re hot and they’re healthy. The question for us is, did we want to lose another WS to the Cardinals? They’re ready to go and we’re all banged up. Would have been difficult.

Nice Greg I really think we are/were just one pullben guy short. We had Coke, Benoit, and Valverde. Baseball next Spring will not come soon enough after the winter and the success we had this year. We will be favored in 2012 but the manager will drive me crazy. Bringing in Schlereth for his first appearance in the series with the bases loaded. Where was Benoit? See you had the Winter meetings.

I’ll give you the part about b’pens being important, gk, but you don’t get that far with crappy starters. Although I don’t like LaRussa, he and Duncan sure seem to pull the right strings. With Wainright being out all year and Carpenter out for some, they still are able to make it to the WS. Imagine us losing Verlander and Scherzer–would we have gone as far as we did?

I’m a fan of the Rangers and live in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I just wanted to say that the Detroit Tigers were awesome! Y’all had a lot against you with all the injuries and gave our Rangers a run for the money. It was an exciting series and I appreciate the heart this team has for the game. You have several exciting prospects in your bullpen coming up and I think your team will be a force to be reckoned with next year. Kudos from a true blue Rangers fan.

hey thanks – win the world series for us!

The Rangers are going to bring the World Series trophy home to Texas for the American League this year. Bank on it!

Wow. That’s a nice compliment to give.
Good Luck to the Rangers. They have a real nice team and you folks are really lucky to have kept Michael Young.

Yep, the Rangers management almost messed up with Young last year. He is the heart and soul of the team as well as a fantastic player. In the end they kept him and that has been a fantastic decision. The strength of the Rangers is that Ron Washington trusts his players and when Young was in a slump in the post season he elected to keep him in the top of the batting order even tho he was getting pressure to pull him. He’s a great manager as is your Leyland. I predict Detroit will be scary good next year. Hopefully the Rangers will win the WS this year because next year it may belong to Detroit if y’all keep playing the way it was done in the post season. Several of those games were nail biters!

Very nice Greg, and very nice neyney

Dear Tigers, thanks for giving me a post season that I did not expect the way the season started. We had our ups and downs and some of those ups were amazing, the month of September was one of dreams for a fan and it was such fun to watch you beat up on your division. Alex, rest up and Dombrowski, get someone in there to relieve him, VMart is not the answer in that category, but he is the answer for us when healthy as a dh with giving Cabby some relief at first base once he is fully healed.

Boesch, get healthy over the winter so you can take over that right field role full time and provide a consistent bat for us. Still not sure where I want Raburn next year, he has his pros and cons but I don’t think he has enough cons to warrant playing everyday.

Cabby, get some rest this offseason, have a healthy offseason and maybe drop 10 or 20 pounds, I don’t think you will lose any strength in your hitting but will just bode better for your body overall for the long run. Your defense has become stellar out there and you can be a true leader for this team. I know I could use to drop 20 in the offseason too so let’s work on it!

What a great year, but it was apparent we don’t have the pen to be the best team in baseball. We have some great starters, Verlander speaks for itself and Fister I can’t wait until a full season of him. It was unfortunate for MAx’s last game to go as it did.

I was rooting for the Brewers but will now wish a win for the Rangers, they sure have one deep offense and bullpen.

Thank goodness there is always a next season for our team.

Yeah, no disrespect intended when I picked the Cardinals in the Series. It’s just that they’re always an unheralded bunch of Redbirds that sneak up on people. It will be quite a battle. Good luck to the Rangers.

That’s a good point on Cabby. I remember seeing footage of him when he broke in . He looked like a greyhound!
I think he would be a better player if he dropped some weight.
The main item on the shopping list for next year is a middle infielder who can lead-off, hit .280+, steal 40 bases, and get to balls that most others don’t get to. Everyone is saying Jose Reyes. That would be nice but I don’t see Illitch being that liberal with his pocket book. I’d settle for Erick Aybar. (Not sure how JV would feel about that though! (Remember the bunt in the no-hit game?))
I have always liked Aaron Hill. He’s just 30 and he is a hard nosed player who can be a stalwart at times. Granted he has also gone into pronounced slumps but he can rake and he fileds his position with abandon. Not a SB guy . I fear the Tigers will likely give Raburn the 2B job

Its ok Rich. It willbe tough for both teams because let’s face it the starting pitching isn’t either team’s strength right now. If the Rangers hitters can bring their best then we have a good chance. The Rangers are a 40 year old franchise and the last two yrs have been our only trips to the WS and the Cards have been there numerous times so I’m hopeful that like our Mavericks “the time is now”. Lord knows our Cowboys aren’t going to be bringing any glory to the metroplex this year. I’m hopeful for our Rangers but know the Cards are a very good team…but then so are my Rangers.

I thought this was an interesting comment from someone named “RI_Tiger_4ever”

“Time to show some love for Rick Porcello. At age 22, Rick has 38 more major league wins than JV, Max and Doug COMBINED when they were each 22. Looking at the post season stats Rick (4.80) & Doug (4.76) were the only starters with a sub 5.00 ERA, Rick’s WHIP of 1.13 was the lowest among starters (Doug 2nd @ 1.35). His BAA (.254) was just behind JV @ .241 and Max @ .242. Rick was the only starter not to surrender at least 1 HR in the post season.
And lest we forget, Rick was 14-9 over the season and the team was 7-1 in his starts where he received a no decision.”

for him the best is yet to come…

I’m rooting for the Rangers all the way. They are the American League Champs.

Thanks pup! I would also like to express my admiration for poor old Avila. That man took such a brutal beating and now is having an MRI done on his knee. He is an amazing catcher and so young. Many a Ranger fan commented on his toughness down here. I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

Ken Rosenthal on the CBA talks:
•The new deal is expected to include big changes for 2013: two 15-team leagues and a new one-game wild card round for the postseason. The Astros’ situation is fluid, hears Rosenthal. They’re the team most likely to move to the AL if new owner Jim Crane is approved.

Ryan Perry was rushed to the big leagues and he was the 3rd best reliever in the post season for the Tigers. He had one bad inning and had no help from his defense in game two in the 11th. He is way to young to give up on. He bailed some of the other relievers out in the NY series.

All of Victor’s injuries this year came from base running and hitting. It is a little early to say he needs to be a full time DH. I would be more inclined to do it if his injuries were due to playing defense. The main reason they signed him over other options were for the flexibility he offers by playing two defensive positions.

I like what Below showed this year starting and coming out of the pen. I would put him, Turner, Oliver in a fifth starter competition in the Spring. Leave Coke in the bullpen. Either way they will have the best rotation in the Central Division.

The only way I would sign Zumaya is to a minor league contract with no expections that he makes the club.

It will be interesting to see what moves the team will make in the coming months. I will be ready for Spring Training in a month, too bad I have to wait for four.

good points w.r.t perry, victor and zumaya.

The only reason I wouldn’t sign Zumay is if he couldn’t pitch any more. In my book, there is no one like him. One of the most exciting relievers I’ve ever watched.

baahahah – i’ve been convinced since he went down 2 times ago that he can’t pitch any more.

You might be right about Perry but I am worried he has lost some oomph from his fastball already. That’s not what I would call a “good” sign.

I think he cut back on the fastball to try for better command. He needs to improve the slider and uncork that 97 heater more often up around the letters. He certainly needs to be more consistant. He still has a big arm and has not been injury prone like some of the other relievers.

In Perry, I don’t see a guy you can count on to come into the 6th or 7th innings and get the big out. He can turn in scoreless innings, but some of the biggest outs of the game come when the starter leaves with men on base. That’s when you need the big out. Your reliever can’t allow the starter’s runners to score then pitch a scoreless inning. Too late by then. Perry has good stuff but I don’t see him as the big out guy. Doesn’t matter what I think, however, since he’s not going anywhere.
It doesn’t matter when or how Victor sustained his injuries. The fact is, he’s older and having him catch 2 or 3 times a week is courting disaster. Obviously he wasn’t able to be the backup catcher for half of this season. They’ll need a backup. Victor playing a little 1stbase is fine.
My problem with Zumaya is that the club will count on him and leave the bullpen short. They do it every year and I don’t expect that to change. It’s nothing against Joel himself, I love the guy. I’ve always thought his delivery is an injury waiting to happen. If they sign him to a minor league contract, he’s likely to be make the big club out of ST, they’ll drop the other guys, then Zoom gets hurt again, and we’re short again.
At this early stage of the offseason, I’m looking at relievers, an infielder, and a backup catcher. There are only so many moves that can be made.

A backup catcher is only going to play once a week since Alex hit lefthanders better than expected.

If JL rests Avila only one day a week, it would be a mistake. Granted Alex was an unexpected big part of the offense and DH is really not available, but he’s got to have those days off. It will take some creativity. They may try for a more offensive backup catcher. Hey, Pudge is out there again. 🙂

Like Rich said it’s not Victors fault, but he cannot catch anymore. And let’s face it some of the problem this post season is Alex didn’t get any rest down the stretch and couldn’t get better, and hence he stunk in the playoffs at the plate.
I was wondering, they always talk about how Alex gets hit more than any catcher. What I want to know, was it just dumb luck or is there some flaw in his catching that is getting him more dinged than every other catcher?

wait, victor CAN catch i think – but he certainly can’t catch enough to give Alex a legitimate backup catcher to rest him. We need someone who is going to start at catcher 35-40 games. As i’ve said before I think Inge should do it – why sign ANOTHER 1 positional player? Shit, maybe Kelly can do it – gawd knows JL loves getting him in there (shit i love the speed, how many bases did we steal like 48 this year?).

with alex needing more rest from the plate and ppl declaring VMART unfit to catch, the problem with Cabby, Victor and Alex is just getting worse. ONE OF THESE GUYS NEEDS TO PLAY A POSITION BESIDES 1B AND DH. Can any of these knuckleheads play 30-40 games at 3rd or outfield?

If they were the only 3 Power Bats in the Lineup I think your point would have merit Evan. But, we’ll have Boesch, Young, and Peralta. And Cabrera rarely needs a day off. If we find a decent backup catcher with a little pop this becomes a non-issue. You can give Avila a weekly day off not give up much.

hmmm you might have a good point tigergirl although young and peralta are righties

Answering Gk regarding Avila taking so much punishment: I think it’s the type of pitchers we have and the stuff they throw. Guys take these big hacks and only get a piece and wham! That’s all anyone seems to be able to come up with. Even Tom Hallion was talking to Alex about it during game six, as you probably heard.
Perhaps it was a fluke and won’t happen as much next year. I know I’ve never seen anything like it.

Thanks Rich. All I kept hearing all season from everyone is how they have never seen anything like it, even national pundents. But no explanation!

Santiago wants more PT next year.
This situation could get ugly. He auditioned for the starting job the past two and a half months of 2011 and was wildly successful. He may well be the best free agent 2ndbaseman on the market. Only DD and JL stand in his way in Detroit. If they let him walk, I can’t express how irate I would be. Ramon is one of 3 or 4 complete ballplayers on the whole club, and I have a feeling they’ll let him walk away for free. And that would be pretty stupid.
I said we needed an infielder, not a 2ndbaseman. We’ve got a good one now.

this is a good point, rich. However, i would like (read: hope and dream) to think that JL and DD will see your point and quickly sign him and give him the starting position at 2B.

OH man i was so on board until santiago said this:
“I’ve got two kids to feed”

shut the heck up santiago – you get paid more than your entire village back home

He deserves to be paid. And someone will, I hope it’s us. He’s proven over and over again that he can play. He’s been our best 2nd basemen since Polanco left. It’s no surprise we went on a tear when he started getting regular PT at 2nd base.

Evan, that is a bit harsh, unless you know the intimate details of Ramon and his life, his upbringing, and his “village’, that is an idiotic thing to say.

And his best income years will be over in a year or two. Then how does he feed his kids?
That comment was also made on the MLive board and it was misguided also.
The problem as I see it is that I don’t think DD and/or JL will just hand him the starting job. I hope I’m wrong about that.

Village? I don’t think Ramon’s birthplace and hometown is somewhere along the Sepik River.
Baseball salaries and their comparability to ours is and has been irrelevant for years. And as Rich says, what about after baseball? These guys are usually done before their mid 30’s in many cases.
It’s something you have to either accept or ignore. If you think about it too much will just stop paying attention to baseball. That happened to me. I couldn’t even tell you who was on the Tiger teams in the 90’s. I just got PO’d with greed and the disparity that seemed almost immoral.
I got over it.

Feed means a lot more than just food, like a college education, and maybe he can adopt his village.

yea cuz after 30 i’m sure he will be unable to continue making a living…c’mon now

Ramon has been unfairly tagged with “not being able to run”, or “can’t play regular; breaking down”. He can thank his big mouthed manager for that. Those comments will affect his salary negotiations and trade value.
As to Ramon breaking down—anybody ever seen this guy injured?
As to being too slow—-does anybody cut the the corners rounding the bases any better than Ramon on this ball club? Or have better instincts on the base paths?
I’d be very curious to see what Ramon’s scouting ratings are and what is 60 yard dash is.
Looks like Will Rhymes figured him to be pretty fast enough. Lools like Will Rhymes is gonna have a tough time making the team next year too given his Twitter activity!

wait, what about will rhymes twitter activity? i’m not up to date on twitter. And also, i think that any rumors about santiago not being durable are not easily validated or discredited – he hasn’t started a whole season since 2003. And furthermore he’s never stolen more than 10 bases. and as far is memorable santiago injuries….this might spark a few memories: …..July 24: Ramon Santiago, who has emerged as the Detroit Tigers starting shortstop, suffered a fractured bone in his hand in the third inning. Examinations revealed a fractured hamate bone. He immediately underwent surgery and was placed on the 15-day disabled list. To fill Santiago’s roster spot, the Tigers recalled outfielder Craig Monroe from Class AAA Toledo of the International League….

Ramon is 32 now and plays winter ball every year. He’s always in shape when he comes to camp. If they offer him a contract, I hope it’s no more than 2 or 3 years max. I’d take him for a regular position player. He’s earned it, imo. He’s into his prime years but I think he’ll be good for a few more years because he has always kept in shape and hones his skills every year. He’s been a Tiger for a long time.

Also, he’s never been paid the big bucks and this will be his last chance, probably to make a few million. Most of the Latin players come from very, very humble beginnings. These guys are probably supporting many family members.

So that injury was in 2003. I got curious about the 10 steals and discovered that a total of six players have stolen over 10 bases during Leyland’s tenure, the list including Guillen, Sheffield, and Damon. Six guys in six years.
I’d prefer not to discuss Will Rhymes Twitter subject here, Evan, but the story was on the MLive site a couple of weeks ago. Or you can do a quick search. Sorry.

ok fair enough, i looked and just think it was a dumb thing to say by rhymes. agreed that must have pissed the skipper off. Rhymes is kindof a bust anyhow – forget him.

So the question is what do you do with raburn then? Because i think it can be argued that he should get a chance at playing 2B more than 50 times (in a year) before declaring he can’t do it. Even if i hate him at 2B because of his defense.

Well, since we are talking about Ramon, this is a guy who has earned his paycheck. Dan, I am with you in the 90’s. Buddy Bell as the manager and I think the Tigers went 10 seasons below .500 so why would you want to remember. As for 2nd basemen, I remember a guy named Polanco, who replaced a guy we got from Seattle. What was his name, Vina, Vino? Anyway, Santiago has earned the starting job IMHO so it is his to lose. So, are there any 3rd sackers out there?

fernado vina. And when you say “any 3rd sackers out there” what do you intend to do with inge. He is owed 6M$ in 2012 you do know.

Ramon, you do deserve something here and I agree with above, that unless you are one of the mega stars, the money these guys make right now will likely fund them for the rest of their lives, they won’t be making a lot once they hit 40 unless they have a backup plan/education for something outside of baseball. Now if someone like Derek Jeter said that, I would be ticked, he is set for life, but someone like Ramon (and I do not know his current salary so I could be wrong) cannot assume he is set for life. I still would rather see a better bat at 2nd base but wouldn’t be upset if Ramon got the job.

well most people continue to work after 40……so i’d say get a job post baseball.

I think Santiago gets $1.25 mil per year at this point. The current payscale of ballplayers is not the point here. People expect to be paid in line with their peers, and any agent worth his salt is going to try to get Ramon a good deal. Let’s not get sidetracked here.

fair enough – i think he should be making more like 3

Illitch says he may be after a couple of players after payroll is assessed. Talked about another “big bat in the lineup”.
The 3rd basemen out there available (let’s face it Inge nor Betemit nor Kelly should have that job full time), leave a lot to be desired. We probably already have the best 3rd base option around. By that I mean Jhonny Peralta. Yes I am very aware of how well he performed defensively and how completely reliable and at times, remarkable he was at short. But, all things must pass. His range will not increase. The beauty of moving Jhonny to 3rd would be that you provide a reliable glove out there next year at a critical position. His arm should be fine and as accurate from there as it was at short. I would predicate that move ONLY upon a signing of Jose Reyes (who would be the most important free agent signing since………well, Victor Martinez, I guess)
A trade for Erick Aybar would be OK with me too. We have a tremendous need for speed and leadoff and middle infielder range.
IMO Reyes would be a signing that would fill multiple holes for this team. Stolen base threat, energy in the lineup, leadoff hitter, highlight reel defense, plus provide us with a good hitting, good glove 3rd sacker in Peralta. Reyes and Peralta would really give us a nice left side of the infield and would allow us the luxury of not having to go after a 2nd baseman at all. Santiago would work quite nicely in that infield arrangement.
There has been some talk of Fielder and moving Cab back to 3rd. Please don’t even think about this albatross. How slow can a team and defensively challenged do you want your team to be? Nuh uh.
I think they can trade Inge. He got some exposure during the playoffs and played relatively well. Some team might want his defense for the 1 year left on his contract. Can’t see him being at all useful as a backup catcher as some would like to believe.
If nothing else they can sign him a their new batting coach. His lifetime BA is only slightly south of Legendary Lloyd’s!!!
Betemit has to go. As I once suggested, he is less than one dimensional.since they refuse to let him hit from the right side anyway.
I keep hearing about how underrated the Brad Penny signing was. 11 wins 180 IP, ho you have to be happy with that for a 5th starter, blah, blah, blah.
My advice to DD is you don’t go AFTER a 5th starter. You make a 5th starter from one of your 2nd or 3rd line starters. That is how you make a solid rotation. Keeping this in mind and the fact they are pumping Jacob Turner’s virtues, we really, realy do need a LHP starter..
That may be the toughest job of all for DD.
I would not be at all surprised to see another (Tiger Fan) -contentious trade being made. After all we did see Grandy and Edwin Jackson go.
Obviously this team is close and to not fill the needs now would be almost criminal.

a) I like your ideas about moving johnny to 3rd
b) hilarious comments about inge as batting coach
c) could kelly be a backup catcher then?

I think Inge is one of those 10 yr, 5 yr with same team who can’t be traded without his consent and he has always said he wouln’t consent to any other team.
Mlive has an interesting article regardiing the Twins possible interest in Ramon as their SS. Some great links in that article. The fans comments regarding Gardy, Delmon and the rest of the team are kind of funny.

A healthy Reyes would make this a dangerous bunch, but I can’t help but be somewhat leery of it. There are, however, very few big time free agents to spend money on. I also think there will be trades, maybe some unpopular ones.
Talking of Prince Fielder and defense, I believe the Brewers in the playoffs had the worst defensive showing in years. Do any of those guys know about hitting the cutoff man? The Cardinals killed them on that. I kept hearing in my head “I can’t believe what I just saw” watching them play D.

Ever since free agency I’ve felt that players are over paid. But I’ve come to a place of acceptance where I can, for the most part, not think about it. The idea in the beginning was that more money paid to the players would help level the disparity between players and owners. Obviously wouldn’t be a game without the players. Unfortunately in the process there is a great disparity between the players’ salaries themselves. Relatively speaking Ramon is pulling down chump change when you compare his 1.25 mil to Cabrera’s salary or even Inge’s 6 mil per year. There’s a real disparity there.
Evan, I enjoy your comments and candor but aren’t you being a little bit unfair with your remark on Santiago’s concern for his family? Heck, YOU probably make more than his entire village back home. That’s not the point. Again, relatively speaking he’s been underpaid. How about 3-4 mil next year? I don’t follow salaries much, but I doubt he’s gotten much more than the mandatory (or obligatory) mlb incremental raises over his career. His lifetime average is .249 (thought it was a bit higher) but the guy plays several positions well and possesses skills and knowledge of the game a lot of players will never have.
I’d love to see Ramon remain a Tiger, but wherever he ends up, I hope he gets plenty of playing time and is paid well. It would be a mistake to let him go imo. He’s labored in the wings long enough. Finally given the chance to play regularly down the stretch and in the playoffs this season, he showed his value. He’s a young 32 and has remained healthy with limited playing time over his career. He would be an asset to any team. If not a Tiger, please not the Twins, or the White Sox, or the Indians or the Royals.

I know this is 3 days old, but it’s entirely contrary to what most people have been saying about victor around this neighborhood: http://mlbbuzz.yardbarker.com/blog/mlbbuzz/tigers_martinez_definitely_wants_to_catch_in_2012/7467625

And Marty, I’m aware that santiago is getting ripped off if Inge got 5.5M this year and compared to other players rah rah. However, 1.25M is ~41x how much I am making this year (i’m a graduate student research assist. at UM)….and I feed my wife and kid and we’re OK with the lifestyle. So i just don’t want to hear about how his kids might go hungry if he doesn’t get 3M+ next year. He could have left that comment out, that’s all i’m saying.

As a fan of MLB, I don’t compare my wages with professional sports. The President only makes a few hundred thousand a year. If I was offered a position making 3 times what I’m making now, I’d probably jump at it.

I think Ramon was speaking figuratively, not literally. It’s not that big of a deal.
I had the feeling even before Martinez was injured that JL had become greedy with Avila’s newfound batting prowess and was playing him too much. He kept talking of resting him but never really did. I don’t have numbers, but it seemed that way throughout the first four months of the season.
I watched the beginning and end of last night’s game. I’d say the same to the Rangers as I would to the Tigers if they were there: you’d better start doing some real hitting or the Cardinals will eat you up. St. Louis is having their equivalent to the Tigers’ hot September streak right now.
Also, it’s the World Series and all they can come up with for an Anthem singer is an American Idol winner?

And a poor one at that.

Wasn’t it Reyes who bunted for a hit and then took himself out to win the batting title? A real team player. LaRussa is a genius with his pitching staff. Trace Adkins to sing tonight. Also, the American League better win the All Star game next year so the Tigers get home field advantage. Nice rule Mr. Selig. Ok, who do you think the Tigers will sign that will send them to the WS?

Presumably Reyes pulling himself for that was similar to JL saying he would be watching MCab that final day.. Also Reyes would likely not be pulling himself if his team was playing a meaningful game. I’ve seen this guy play, he is pretty amazing.

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