ALCS Game 6: Tigers at Rangers

Pretty much the lineup you would expect to see the Tigers trot out against a Rangers left-hander Derek Holland. It’s the same lineup the Tigers put up against Holland in Game 2, but in a different order.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Ryan Raburn, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. Delmon Young, LF
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Brandon Inge, 3B
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

P: Max Scherzer


What else can you do??

yea this is the lineup i’d put out there. we just gotta hit and sherzer has to pitch well.

Secretyl I was hoping for a Santiago/AJ flip flop but we all know there are certain areas of stuboorness that JL refuses to cross

I also hope and dream that we don’t see Penny pitch today. His statement about “not being a good thing if you seee me pitching” is pretty accurate. Also does not ooze with self-confidence.

i can’t even think of a scenario where penny pitches today

touche yea he might pitch if all 6 of our workable bullpen parts are used.

Half of the infielders would be called in to pitch before Penny… He’s not even worth mentioning. Please, folks, we have a full bullpen available for the weekend.

I don’t know about the self-confidence part, but Brad certainly is aware of his role in this postseason. And there is no scenario where he’d pitch, other than the 13th inning. Don’t count out anything. One thing we can count on is the guys not letting down.
I think the only person in the world who thinks Jackson should lead off is Jim. So we go in with that hand tied behind our back.
Again I’ll say, it’s October 15 and we’re still playing and that’s great. Now I’ll hope we’ll be playing on October 16.

seriously tho – today our fielding needs to be spot on behind max. PLAY GOOD BASEBALL

It’s o or die tonight!

I don’t want the season to end tonight.

Let’s get this thing started I can’t take the waiting any longer!

Well they damn well better tell AJ to try and lay one down. He needs to help.

I’d like to express my thanks to all Beck’s Bloggers here and to Jason himself.
This had been an incrdible forum for me personally to engage other Tiger fans. I appreciate the opportunity and in may ways, feel I know you all well enough to call you my “Tiger Friend”.
I hope today (and tomorrow’s) game leaves you smiling and feeling like a million bucks.
Bueno Suerte.

Geez Jackson finally gets a hit and wham a double play!
Me to Dan!

Nice Miggy too bad nobody on base in front of him!

Good to see AJ with a decent swing.
Too bad we get impatiient and sweing at that 1st pitch though–so often it results in a hard hit DP.
Anyway, I might be mistaken but it looks to me like Max has improved (stolen base notwithstanding) his throw over to 1st base. He has a decent move but usually ruins it with a lob toss. Looks a bit better tonight.


I’m getting an ulcer from this!

TWO good innings from Max. What I liked about them was that he dealt with innings that were not easy, so to speak. There was some stress invilved and he managed it.
The 1-0 pitch ot Endy Chavez was a beautiful pitch. Pretty to watch. That is a message pitch and makes the whole lineup take notice. The changeup in a fastball count, and a perfect changeup to boot, is gonna put the mystery in the hitters.
I loved it.

Damn—-Max made a pretty good pitch to Hamilton and got unlucky.

Scherzer ought to stop throwing the slider and just go with his fastball & changeup from here on out. He can’t allow more than two runs in this game.

And the bad part part is that Young (who has always killed us) follows that up with a lethal double.
Those walks will kill you and so will the double plays.
We just don’t seem to be able to take adavntage of walks but we always seem to be taken advantage of!
And now–let me get pi$$ed off about AJ again.
Where is his head? He can’t field an easy ground ball? This is after a horrible at bat where he doesn’t do his job of laying a bunt down. Costs us an inning and boundless opportunity.
Then he follows it up with lousy defense.
This boy needs help and he needs it unequivacally. We depend waya too much on him and he does not have the goods to be basing an offense on.

He has to get Cruz out. If Cruz hurts him, the series is over.

I know you are going to hate this Dan, but an inconsistent strike zone between the 2 pitchers! Not a fan?

Danny Schlereth enters the game – bases loaded, one out, the lefty Murphy at bat.

Welke made it loud and clear when he was behind the plate in game 1 who he wanted to win the series and he just proved the point again who he wanted to win by not calling Cruz out on that check swing!

Funny thing – Welke is from Michigan.

I think this is just might be all she wrote for us in 2011. Welke doe not seem to be able to make a call FOR us- ever. I think Max struck Cruz out.
Schlereth in now and I feel horrible for Max but the truth is he messed up.
I’m not sure Schlereth won’t come in and walk Murphy but I do agree with the pitching change.
Tis inning and perhaps this at bat is do or die for us.

That’s frustrating, left-hander on left-hander and Dan doesn’t do his job. Our staff, aside from Verlander and Fister, just hasn’t been aggressive enough. Murphy hit a straight fastball with nothing on it.

In a million years, I would never put Schlereth into a situation like that. Dumb, just plain dumb.

COKE instead prolly

If I could reach through the screen and strangle Tim McCarver I would. He equated a missed call by that incompetent piece of crap at first base not calling Cruz out to a ball hitting the bag at third base the other day as a lucky break! Sorry you freaking idiot McCarver not the same a blown call is not the same situation!

Bye-Bye. And it is regretful that we a home plate ump who refuses to give the 1st pitch strike to Schlereth. Changes the WHOLE ballgame. That first pich was a strike and instead puts Murphy, (who credit to him seems to come through at the best of times), into a hitters count.
Still DD must be seeing that he has a bullpen that is an Achilles Heel. No question about it..
his all happend becasue of a walk. W have had many walks and we have not been able to make them pay for it.

And yet another blown call by the umpire! Well it’s hard to beat a team and the incompetent idiots in black!

The wheels have come off

Yes, it’s been a perfect storm – bad pitching, bad fielding, and bad umpiring.

Ya bad umping this inning should of been over 6 runs ago if the umps were incompetent boobs!

How can a pitcher went into a meltdown like that?
Missplay by AJax. Wrong choice by Santiago, Porcello was on time.Missplay by Young, he at least has an excuse.Wrong played by Avila , he must throw to third to avoid the runner advance.
Raburn lack of patience. He cant bunt with Cabrera after him. He must wait an strike , he need to go on base. AJax inability with his bat matching his absent of the field. The lost swing by Avila.
It was strike three, one bad ump call made it even worse . But it was not the main reason.I thinks the second ball to Andrus was strike, but it was near anyway
Only Inge , Peralta and Cabrera are not to blame for the season ending
Penny is there , season is over

That umpire behind the plate is deplorable. He thinks he’s an actor in a movie. Overacting at its worst.

We have a lot of innings and have hit Holland… it’s not a walk-off win.
Scherzer started the whole mess (after Inge’s diving play at 3B) by walking Andrus ON FOUR PITCHES. Andrus is the one non-HR threat in their lineup. He should never walk with the bases empty. Scherzer had to know the situation and throw batting practice fastballs to get back into the count.
Then Leyland used Schlereth, Porcello, and Perry. Ugh. Your season is on the line and your back-end pitchers give up runs? I would have (Moneyball tactic alert) removed Scherzer after the walk to Napoli and brought in the best reliever available, Joaquin Benoit, to retire Cruz and Murphy. Then you can bring in Porcello with a clean slate in the Rangers’ 4th.

Shopping list.
A backup catcher. VMart must go full DH
Santiago or Worth at second. The committee is over with one spot less.
DD wanted Ramírez by the deadline. If he gets him, he will be expensive, he will need Inge ( They will pay him anyway). Ramírez is worse than Raburn or Betemit with his glove. There is no need to resign Betemit, he failed in the postseason.
Young must be resigned. he played tru injury. He is like Raburn a post ASG player but…
AJax? I have defended him once and again. As now , Tigers lost in the trade.Three out of four of the players involved failed today.When ot matters they went down .
They will need a veteran fith starter. And to rebuild the middle bullpen. Coke and Alburquerque could handle the seven if healthy and rightly managed.But Perry and Schlereth have proven not to be ready.
Pauley did not get a fair chance.
And a veteran for the bench

You are free to bean him. Lack of respect

Good point from our Venezuelan friend. Scherzer, AJax, and Schlereth have all faltered in front of the hostile crowd.
As for Coke, the fourth piece, I still think he could be a quality SP & would try him again next year. He just got awful run support in the first half of the season.

I know it’s already been stated but the umps really did screw us in spots in that 3rd and beyond. Schlereth did have strike one and Cruz definitely struck out. And that called third on Cabrera may have been a strike but the show by the ump wasn’t necessary and not very professional.

Offseason wishlist
We have a log jam at DH and a hole in backup catcher-> Figure it out Jim (teach old dogs new tricks and make some dogs do tricks they used to do).
We need a leadoff man who has an OBP > .333 and a 2hole man who can bunt every time.
We need two more bullpen arms that are good to go in the playoffs.
We need to resign Santiago and give him the starting 2B position – and prolly the 2hole spot in the lineup.

I would have no problem giving Santiago the starting 2nd base job. Have never understood why he hasn’t been given more playing time over the years. Scrappy player who can bunt and seems to get hits in big spots and a guy who will work the count, which we don’t have enough of.

Well, AJax answered me.

Josh Hamilton (whom I love, too bad he’s playing for the bad guys) just laid out and took a double away from Raburn.
Do we have a chance at 9-4? If we keep them off the board and string together an inning, it’s not yet over.

Too bad umps are horrible this game would actually be interesting instead of ridiculous!

I agree. The blown calls were the 3 outs that would have held Texas in check. The score can be attributed to ump ability or team spirit…

It was AJax play. The CF makes the call

Bunting 9-5? That team knows no respect?

Lost my post.
Basically I said DD needs to improve HIS game next year. Yes, he improved the team but he stil has a team that is almost one dimenional. You can hit home runs but so what. You need men on.
You need to be able to go from 1st to 3rd. You need to be able to B-U-N-T.
You need to stay out of double plays.
A lot of the success of baseball has to do with speed. To play in a ballpark like Comerica defines that. You need to have guys that drive the ball into the gaps and can make it to 3rd if need be.
You need at LEAST one LHP in your rotation.
You need a manager that appreciates the fundamentals of the game so much that that philosophy in itself is a threat to the opposition.
You need a scary bullpen to back up a reliable rotation.
You need at least ONE game changer in your infield other than MCab.
We are close but we are still dealing with an austerity program. I don’t care how many millions or billions Illitch has. He, in reality, has to spend more because the team he is entrusting DD to assemble is one that is is compromised by trying to remain frugal.
Welcome to baseball in the 21st Century.
I will say before I get too negative, what a wonderful year it has been.
It could have been better.

Many players on this team need to go. Many need to acquired inorder to make this work.
If Illitch is genuinely serious about winning then he better show it with his picket book.
He’s running out of time.

The club needs another catcher that is capable of giving Avila some rest. How great would that have been coming into the post season?

Raburn gets an error on maximum effort. He was interfered by AJ. Perhaps AJ is the quarterback out there but the way he is playing you can’t blame Ryan “The Magnet” Raburn.
The Rangers were better and ARE bette than we are. Ho Question about that.
Get to work DD because Illitch is getting older (and BTW, so are we) every season.
Very ambivalent with what we have been teased with this year.
Still very appreciative of what we’ve seen but sceptical of the adminsistration of this team. We get close but we don’t seem to make the sacrifices and major moves that need to be done.
I’m talikn’ MAJOR moves.
Middle infield moves. Shut down LHP moves.
Spend the money moves.
.Decide who is irreplaceable moves. Is AJ the man you can bulid a team around?.
Get some speed.
Without that we are doomed to suffer.

well the red wings just came back from being down 2-0 to win in over time. Lets see if the tigers can do the same…

Well, I was hoping it would be a close game. No such luck. They gave us a good ride this year, but it’s gonna be a long winter.

You can’t be serious Dave?
We have a team that is PITCHING Brad Penny. The only good thing I can say about that is that DD signed him for one year.
I am actually surprised that he did that.
I am grateful for the year but I only hope that we don’t get sucked into BS next year with our GM signings. He has made some really good trades butr he has made some debiltating contract signings with players that he seems he needs to reward.

Darn shame to finish a pretty good year with Brad Penny throwing BP to Texas hitters.

Fell for brad, he hasn’t pitched in 3 weeks!

At least we knocked the Yankees out!

One month and half month ago , when they were 1 game ahead , i said that ihe division was them to lose.
It will be the same next year.
A just over aaa team, waiting for injured players to come back for more than a couple of weeks.
A rookie manager for a team loaded with bad contracts.
A promising team far from been ready.
They will be back in the postseason next year. And even in 2013.
it was worse than 1987. But unlike 1987, there is a future.

I don’t see much upside in throwing Q here after the predictable outing by the (now retired Brad Penny).
I’d really add to the mockery of the situation by simpy throwing Don Kelly.

Really dumb to not have ncluded Below in the post season UMO,

BTW, nobody is going to be throwing at somebody;s head here. I mean really, seriously. The ump warning the benches is absurd.
That is not Leyland’s game, ever. And Q is wild. Period.

This is a successful season in spite of Game 6. We have a full year of Verlander and Fister as #1 and #2. Delmon Young impressed and might yet mature into an elite hitter. Boesch will return and push Raburn back to supersub status. AJax will improve his game. Scherzer and Porcello won’t be so wide-eyed in their next postseason chance.
It’s better than ’87 and not all that worse than ’06. We have a lot of good young pieces and a full stable of starting pitchers. And Texas was just better – they didn’t come in with the worse regular season W-L & fluke win a short series. They handed it to us.

Poor Inge. He’s due up 3rd.
He’s had a bit of a history of being the “final”: out.

Actually did not that bad after dcoming back but don’t be disillusioned DD. he is not an ingredient for a winning formula.
Not impressed with Wahsington’s managing. He has a superior team but he is not a superior manger.

I agree about Washington.

The better team won but I look back on Lamont holding up Santiago, the checked swing “ball four” to Cruz, and the strike zone for Verlander in game one (as mentioned, both by Tim Welke) and have to wonder how differently this might have played out. All we got was that ball Cabrera hit off the bag.
Inge has played in two postseasons and made the final out in both. How lucky for him.
I thought we were a year away when this season began, so it was a good year.
I won’t watch much of the WS. It’s not sour grapes, I did the same last year, watching Texas-NY then fading out of it. Even I can get baseballed out. I’ll have comments on the team needs tomorrow and beyond, but not tonight.
Welcome to winter, folks.

Not many times can you hit 4 HRs in a game and still lose by 10! That 5 out inning killed us. Enjoyed everyone’s comments this year–Jason you have a great blog.

Lot’s of stuff to talk about for next year.
And I think it is important that we do. I’m not sure who DD listens to but it might be a good idea if he listens to us here on this BLOG.
There has always been some very incisive ideas proferred here. DD needs to have more than Jim Leyland telling him what he needs. JL can be loyal (and narrow minded) to a fault. DD needs to make clever and intelligent decisons.
We lost to better team.
We dreamed things could be different but the truth is things worked out best for baseball……………..this year.
Texas should be able to manhandle the NL.

They expired too much power to beat the Yankees. I don’t want to blame Leyland, because his team sweep 4 at a row in September. So I want to say, it was cool! Tigers delivered a good season, including Verlander’s “Cy Young”, Cabrera’s “Batting Crown”, and Valverde’s “Delivery Man Of The Year”. Detroit allowed Doug Fister to prove his talent. Detroit sent 5 players to ASG. Detroit beat the “The Evil Empire” in playoffs. Good season, the best season I ever watched. Thanks for that.

Solo HRs don’t work. You gotta get men on and you gotta move ’em around and get big hits.

Just real quickly here, as it’s late:
Try to obtain AL players if at all possible.
Sign or trade for some relievers, as we don’t seem able to develop our own. Spend the money there.
Give up on Perry.
Don’t even think of signing Zumaya. He’ll be injured again, and let’s be honest; he was a folk hero, nearly legendary, but he wasn’t as good as some like to think.
Whether a 2ndbaseman is acquired or not, re-sign Santiago.
No more DH types who can’t defend. Enough is enough.
Choose a different role for Jackson. Even if he cut his K’s in half he’s still near 100.

Leyland has problems. They stem from his emotioanl certitude and stubborness.
He announces what he will do ant critcal times then he follows through with that in the face of disaster.
The day before yesterday he got away with it. Today he didn’t. He talks about pitching certain people and then he follows through with it as though somehow the “formula” will reward him.
It is a slightly delusional thinking.
To rule Benoit AND Valeverde out the other day was stupid. To suddenly and stoically announce Porcello and Schlereth will perform specific duties was also stupid.
As a Tiger fan I see some repetive mistakes. JL’s are constant. The last few days bore that out.
JV is guilty of trying to become a dominant teenager in circumstances where he needs to consider he is a great pitcher facing great hitters.

HOF coach yer grip’n bout there -> took this mediocre team way farther in both regular and post season this year. Lack of bullpen personal and injuries to key bats ruined this team’s WS chances, not leyland.

Oh man, Rich. You made me laugh. The comment about AJ is painsfully true. It caught me be surprise though, because you are absolutely right about the number of Ks for a leadoff guy..
My first impression is w need a Shortstop. I know that may provoke some consternation but as good (and he was excellent) as JP was, we need a speed merchant, a singles stealing, guy out there. A Hanley Ramirez would be good but a guy like Erick Aybar would be really good for this team. This would allow JP to go to 3rd (whether he likes it or not). This is a aproactive move.
we need a power hitting 2Bman.
There are great ones out there who can turn a DP too. I am not opposed to Ryan Raburn being given a chance there (though I don’t think it is likely to work out).
Gone must be Ordonez and Guillen and Inge. I’m serious about all three.
Betemit is not a solution for anything.
He must be gone too.
We do need a GOOD RHB catcher who can play on both sides of the plate. Gone are the days where you can fool around with this position and get away with it. We need someone there who can play regularly if he has to.
Very clearly a revamped bullpen. I agree Zumaya is Hope & Dream material.
And let’s not forget about the essential LHP(s) for our rotation.
A monster outfielder with power numbers should not be ignored, Even if it mean parting with one of the ones we have. Delmon was great but he has limitations defensively and on the bases. I would not give up Boesch. I would be reluctant to give up AJ. But I would if a good deal absolutely depended on it.
I would not trade JV, Cab, Boesch, Benoit, Q, Max, Fister or Porcello.

NTIM (not that it matters).
Anybody else feel that the error given to /Raburn was incorect? If anything I felt AJ interfered with him and tha Raburn mad a pretty nice effort to catch that ball and missed it only because AJshowed up “unannouced”.
AJ seriusly disaapointed this post-seaso, and in the regular season IMO.

Dan and Jim agreed it was the right call because Raburn dropped it.

Interesting note, I googled Tim Welke because I wanted to see were his bias lyed, I didn’t understand how everything he did could seem so pro-rangers? Well the dudecwas born in Pontiac, guess he was to overcompensate to show he wasn’t pro-Tigers?? He is one bad umpire. Well are there any really good ones? They all incompetent boobs in my opinion!

It began many years ago. usually, only the best went to the postseason. Then Uberroth gave them the right to go on rotation. And they were given the right no to be fired ever. The next MLBC fired them and replaced the umps in the WS with AAA umps. They have never recovered.
There were bad calls but not like today.
And for sure , there is al ittle antiTigers bias supposedly born from paying over the slot to prospects ( Or for taking the evil empire out of contention, twice?).Silly rulings against the Tigers from the office were issued in recents years: Zumaya ordered to cover his tattos even on hot days, Guillen threatened with a fine for letting his pocket out, Jones ordered not to show the unlicensed lucky t-shirt. And from umps : the infamous no hit by pitch that ended the 163 game for Detroit, must top the list.
BTW: when i refered to 1987, I was talking about the painful ending to a great season.
Zumaya? he is redux of Fidrych. He was my first Tiger´s heroe. I was too young to know about Kaline or Horton, even Lolich or Hiller were old history for me. I understand why is so hard to let him go

Great season and great comments. Thanks Jason Beck. Thanks bloggers. I have been on here since 2006 when I think it was $5.00 to join. I will not go into what the Tigers needs are, that will be in November. El Tigre, you are one of my favorites! A few comments I enjoyed. Bring in Benoit after Scherzer. Why Porcello? He is not your best. The Raburn error was a tough one but Jackson was calling for it all the way


Now that the season is over, I shall offer m humble comments later on. Not that anyone cares, but I’ll do it anyway. Stay tuned for the ABC’s of Tigers 2011.

I knew the Welke brothers were from Michigan. I don’t really think that plays into it although it certainly jumps into your mind, doesn’t it? There isn’t a lot of good umpiring today. Maybe there never has been. El Tigre has some good points about possible MLB bias, however. El Tigre, you have a better baseball memory than I do, which would certainly shock my wife. 🙂
There are no perfect teams, even the Rangers. They seem better than they are from the final game, but that’s not to say they aren’t very very good. There is a limit to what we can do in the offseason, but we have the nucleus to win the division and compete in the playoffs.
Off topic: why do smoke detectors always start crying for a new battery in the middle of the night?

Well winter, I was not ready for you to come yet, but alas baseball is done for me for the year. (side note: at least the Lions take some sting off this year).

For this series, it was a great series, games decided by inches, except of course game 6. It did show some areas the Tigers need to improve on –

1) AJax needs to add another dimension to his game, bunting. That is easy enough to work on.
2) A backup Catcher is needed NOW. Cannot kill Avilia in the summer. Probably the biggest mistake of the year. This is not an expensive fix, and Santos might be the answer. The good news is that we have some good catching prospects to help in a couple years.
3) More bullpen depth. Every team needs it, so it is not a surprise. But I like Coke in 7th, Benoit and Valverde. Again long relief can come within. Do not give up on Perry, he has the arm. Just needs to put it together.
4) Speed. From someone. Anyone.
5) With Penny, Betemit, Mags and Guillen gone there is some money, but I am not blown away by many free agents. Maybe someone will be interested in Raburn?

In sum, we have a very solid starting rotation (and young). Porcello need to work on a 2 seam fastball to throw to left handers. Scherzer needs to refine his slider. But those 4 plus a 5th starter (Oliver? , Turner? , dark horse Smyly?) is top shelf.

We have a young nucleuse (Avilia, Caberera, AJax, Boesch, Delmon). We are in good shape. Just need a couple more pieces.

Spring training in 4 months. See you then.

The Dodgers were interested in Raburn. He had killed them at Dodgers Stadium ( He also bats well at Texas, something about hot weather). Detroit said no.

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