Martinez, Young both in Tigers lineup

Victor Martinez woke up alive Wednesday morning, rolled out of the bed and rolled back into the Tigers lineup for Game 4 of the American League Championship Series. So, apparently, did Delmon Young.

As a result, the Tigers are about as close to full strength in their lineup as they can be for what shapes up as a critical swing game in this series, which took a turn with Detroit’s win in Game 3 Tuesday night.

“It looks like Victor’s a go,” Leyland said Wednesday afternoon, “and Delmon [Young] is a question mark.”

At that point, Leyland was waiting for final word from the Tigers medical staff. Once he got it, Young was ruled in. The only change in his situation is that he’s batting fifth instead of third.

Martinez strained an intercostal muscle on his right side on his home-run swing in the fourth inning Tuesday night, which left him hobbling around the basepaths. He seemed on his way out of the lineup, having slammed his helmet and limped down the stairs into the training room as soon as he reached the dugout.

“The only way I don’t play [in Game 4],” Martinez said Tuesday night, “is if I wake up and I’m dead.”

Nobody seemed to doubt him.

“Victor Martinez is one of the toughest guys I’ve ever been around,” Leyland said. “I’m talking about tough. I take my hat off, and Delmon Young the same. … Players on both teams are tough, and I think they’re showing that. And I think they’re showing why they’re who they are. Big time players, they expect to be in a lineup. They know the fans want to see them in the lineup. They know it helps their team.

Even with Young back, Miguel Cabrera is staying in the third spot, with Martinez batting cleanup. That seems to be an acknowledgement of Young’s limitations with his left abdominal strain. He had been batting third in front of Cabrera while he was healthy.

If Martinez couldn’t play, Leyland said, Young could have been an option at designated hitter. However, Leyland said he wasn’t willing to do that Tuesday night when it appeared Martinez might have to leave the game. Wilson Betemit had a bat in his hands in the Tigers dugout, and would have hit for Martinez if he couldn’t go.

“You really have to sit down and think about if the guy wants to play,” Leyland said. “I appreciate that, but if his effectiveness is not good because of this, just to put him in there, maybe you’re not always doing the right thing. So that’s a little bit of a tough situation.”


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Ryan Raburn, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. Delmon Young, LF
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Ramon Santiago, 2B
  9. Brandon Inge, 3B

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Elvis Andrus, SS
  3. Josh Hamilton, CF
  4. Michael Young, 1B
  5. Adrian Beltre, 3B
  6. Mike Napoli, C
  7. Nelson Cruz, RF
  8. David Murphy, LF
  9. Yorvit Torrealba, DH

P: Matt Harrison


Like the lineup, Raburn has hit this guy well so the 2 spot is great. And he should be able to turn on fastballs he will see hitting in front of Miggy. You also get the defensive A team in the infield with Porcello.
Porcello needs to learn from Fister and pitch under these guys hands.

I have noticed that, ironically, RP has been pitching up in the strike zone lately. I presumed it was because he couldn’t get his pitches down but now I am thinking it may be by design. He as been pretty good lately. I think the chances a shutdown performance from him are not great but I d o hope he can keep us in the game.

Today’s Yankees lineup reminds me a lot of the Rangers lineup from last night!🙂

Pitching up at the zone usualy works well at CoPa. He was fine on the road, but struggled at home where a grounder passing the infield could cause more damages. So if it was by design , it is the right adjustment while playing at home .

What iI would like to know is about the bullpen. Benoit and Hitchverde ( as a broadcaster here put it, he really likes horror movies) must be still on ice . So it means Penny, Perry , Aburquerque and to close Coke

Well, in Grand Rapids it is 73 and sunny. Go Tigers!

Looks to me like a pretty good rain coming down mid-game, then moving out around seven-ish. I’d recommend delaying the start or you run the risk of losing both starters.

My only concern is those guys can actually contribute. I know they want to compete no matter what I just hope they are smart enough to recognize if their contributions will outweigh their physical injuries. I guess in a few hours we will know!

Not complete downpour right now, but hard enough that they won’t start for sure.

Are you at any of these games, Gk?

No unable to go timing bad for us with these early afternoon games.

There is a writer on M.Live who insists on writing articles about aftermarket tickets sales. If the prices are down, it’s for the exact reason Gk states. Gametimes.
Other strange occurrences:
Fans booing Cabrera.
Ron Washington pitching to Cabrera after the injury to Martinez. For all we knew, Victor couldn’t even swing his bat. Stranger still, they pitched around Victor in that AB and he never had to swing his bat!
I strongly suggest we push back the start time to 7 PM.

I also noticed they booed AJ too. I just can’t get behind that at all. Your in the playoffs people. I remember thelast year Grilli was here great era on the road horrible era at home. He got booed constantly at home no matter what he did or didn’t do. He would get booed before even throwing a pitch. I think it affected him. Co.sequently the bad home era good road era. People pay thir money but I don’t understand what good booing your own guys does? Makes them press I think

Officially a rain delay no estmation of timeline

I hope Martinez and Young will be ok and they’ll hit well. Go Tigers!

I wonder what the network will do with a rain delay, obviously this is delayed now and if it goes a while it will run into the NL game. When it was on TBS/TNT they used each other to cover extended games but not sure with Fox.

The NL series is still on TBS, so they’ll just go ahead.

I remember some so called fans yelling at a player “Ya Bum” but never booing. I was just saying don’t most people work until at least 5 pm? Or make it a true day game like around 1 pm then we can all take long lunches and go back to work.

That would be a long lunch break!!!

Gotta bunt Beltre crazy!!!

First of all I am ecstatick with Raburn and Cabby getting those 2 out hit—Ingie too on the 0-2 pitch.
But I am irate with Leyland. I consider him to have a good baseball mind but why on earth did he not bunt with AJ there? The grass is wet, there is a runner on 1st, AJ is fast, Beltre is almost crippled. what on earth is he thinking?
I’ve been saying this for 2 days now—why are they not bunting on Beltre?
Is this some macho thing where you agree not to pick on a guy’s weakness? I guarantee you Harrison is trying to make life dificult on VMart and Delmon.
In the 1st AJ showed no sign of bunt. Raburn showed no sign of a bunt before hitting into a rally-killling DP.
If the name of the game is to win then you have to take advantage of every possibility.
I have to give a tonne of credit to DY for giving it a go today/tonight. He is certainly physically restricted and it is hard for him to even get to those fly balls. To take that one away from Hamilton was as big a play as you could hope for. Perhaps game-changing.
It’s beautiful to see Cab confident again. Porcello has been exquisite. It’s been a tough go for Avila but he is doing something right with the pitch-calling.

Sorry , but in the first inning Raburn was 3 -0 and the 4 th was called strike.With 3-1 and a pitcher looking for home,he was right not to bunt

Oh no!. Why was Porcello paying so much attention to Andruss at 1st base with 2 out and 2 strikes?
You knew it was just as likely he would throw one away than pick him off.. He was not in scoring position and it was really unecessary.
It seems as though our base-coach and their base-running may be big factors.
Gonna take some real teamwork to get back into this one..

Player of the game….

He was overcompensating for his failure keeping Kinsler in second. And trying to avoid what hapenned anyway, having a fast player in SP

Now , we need a bomb like Young blasted in his two first at bat. that will do the job

Wrong side of the field

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