Game 4 of ALCS set to start at 6:30

Game 4 of the American League Championship Series between the Tigers and Rangers is scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. ET after a weather system parked over metro Detroit all afternoon finally made its way east.

It marked the third time this series that weather has played a role in this series. Two separate rain delays in the fifth inning of Game 1 Saturday night knocked starters Justin Verlander and C.J. Wilson out of the game. A day later, forecasts of a rain-soaked Sunday night in Texas pushed back Game 2 to Monday afternoon and cost the two teams a workout day in Detroit and forced Detroit fans to channel surf for a stretch between the Tigers game and the Lions’ return to Monday Night Football.

The forecasts called for a 30 percent chance of showers going into the day Wednesday, but Mother Nature had other ideas with a rain system just west enough to keep raining on Comerica Park as it moved northward. The rain began in the morning and didn’t let up until shortly after 5 p.m. ET. The tarp came off the infield around 5:50 p.m.

Because the game was delayed from the outset, Game 4 starters Rick Porcello and Matt Harrison didn’t lose any pitches and were at full strength for the start.

One likely factor of concern for Major League Baseball in its Wednesday delay was the forecast for the next couple days. The National Weather Service calls for a 60 percent of rain Wednesday night, 30 percent chance of rain on Thursday afternoon, then rising to 70 percent Thursday night. Friday is scheduled to be an off-day between Games 5 and 6, allowing the teams to travel from Detroit back to Texas.


1st of all I am ecstatic with Raburn and Cabby getting those 2 out hit—Ingie too on the 0-2 pitch.
But I am irate with Leyland. I consider him to have a good baseball mind but why on earth did he not bunt with AJ there? The grass is wet, there is a runner on 1st, AJ is fast, Beltre is almost crippled. what on earth is he thinking?
I’ve been saying this for 2 days now—why are they not bunting on Beltre?
Is this some macho thing where you agree not to pick on a guy’s weakness? I guarantee you Harrison is trying to make life dificult on VMart and Delmon.
In the 1st AJ showed no sign of bunt. Raburn showed no sign of a bunt before hitting into a rally-killling DP.
If the name of the game is to win then you have to take advantage of every possibility.
I have to give a tonne of credit to DY for giving it a go today/tonight. He is certainly physically restricted and it is hard for him to even get to those fly balls. To take that one away from Hamilton was as big a play as you could hope for. Perhaps game-changing.
It’s beautiful to see Cab confident again. Porcello has been exquisite. It’s been a tough go for Avila but he is doing something right with the pitch-calling

If your talking about the first inning with Raburn, Raburn should of been on base the dude walked him, the ump was an idiot there. Besides Raburn has excellent numbers against him. First inning why would you bunt?…… No excuse for later on but there I just don’t agree?

NO no!. Why was Porcello paying so much attention to Andruss at 1st base with 2 out and 2 strikes?
You knew it was just as likely he would throw one away than pick him off.. He was not in scoring position and it was really unecessary.
It seems as though our base-coach and their base-running may be big factors.
Gonna take some real teamwork to get back into this one
And back to my battle cry—Why is Leyland not Bunting Beltre Batty?

BTW, I though Inge was playing too far off the bag on a dead pull hitter too.. The ball was just clobbered though so not his fault. Porcello lost his composure that inning. Regained it then lost it again in the 7th.

Still really flabbergasted with JL and not bunting at times where it could really have been helpful.

Also painful to watch Alex.
Like I said, Heart-breaking.
Q now in and it looks like pretty much the end of the world and JL is just watching.

Who will not hit Ogando this inning?

The idea is to get base-runners and to put base-runnersin scoring position.
Beltre would not have been able to even make a bloody play. You are basically being gifted. and if he does make a play you have a runner in scoring position.
I’ll remind you raburn hit into a DP.
I’m not surprised you don’t agree. There are a lot of fans that wouldn’t.
Q got out of it–amazing.
If the Tigers can pull this one off given the way they are not hitting and the state of their bulppen as opposed to Texas they really realy deserve it.

Most cases I really would have agreed with you just not there at that time that case

Wow, I am floored. Good for Brandon.

OMG–who would ever figure Brandon Inge would get an 0-2 fastball?
Inge is some kind hero in Detroit!

Peralta with a bare-handed running assist, and a nice pick by Cabrera!

Wasnt that first pitch to Beltre by Benoit a strike?

Benoit finishes a clean 8th! Middle of the order coming up.

Peralta certainly has been “Mr Reliqble” as named by one of our Bloggers here.
What a play.

Please Mr Lleyland do NOT bring in Valverde for the 9th if we don’t have the lead.
Keep Benoit if we are tied.

Miggs is going to be IBB’ed with NO ONE on base! And yet I’d do the same. Why didn’t Wash walk him in the 3rd inning?

A break goes our way with Victor! McCarver actually said something smart: why bother holding Cabrera on? It’s a DP if Young plays in his normal position.

Oh my God he was out by a mile! How can you not score from there? Son of a B……….

Do you send Cabrera there? Thoughts? It didn’t work but Cruz’s throw was perfectly on line. Or (gasp) would you have pinch-ran Worth on 3B?

That seemed plenty deep enough! cruz has a he’ll of an arm but still!

Oh we really needed a break there badly. That Cruz broke our back with his bat and now his arm!
Great ball game to watch. Hard on the nerves though.
At least Delmon didn’t strike out. What a play.
Even if Cabby levles him with his shoulder there is no way that Napoli would drop that ball.
Out by a mile.

Actually, I would have pinch-ran (with Kelly, who can play 1B defensively) because Texas had already showed that they won’t pitch to Miguel at all.

Maybe thats why Lamont didn’t send Santiago the other day? Yes I know different, and it appeared Santi had time , but Cruz has a he’ll of an arm!

Gosh! I M still in shock!

The crowd looks glum… almost too nervous to cheer. It’s a tie game in the ninth; we’re no longer trailing! These fans could learn from the Lions crowd Monday night – roar your (word of choice) off!

Benoit’s thrown a lot of pitches. Do you bring in Valverde?
Great discipline by Cruz not to chase the letter-high fastball.

Now you do – it’s the 10th inning. Here’s for a clean inning for the Potato.

The incredible moments continue! Cruz picked off and cut down at second base.

My heart just cant take this. I tell ya these two series not for the faint of heart!

An error and an unearned run the difference in this game?

Hit me with your best shot, someone, please!

Feldman and not Feliz – a mistake by Wash for us to jump on.

Dang, AJ thrown out!

Hopefully Valv. Can amaze and get through the heart of there order!

Lead off double to Hamilton I am going to cry!

Valverde rebounds nicely. I like the IBB – neither Beltre nor Napoli run well.

I don’t understand walking Beltre to get to Napoli? Hope I’m wrong,

Granted, Beltre makes an out (which would not be a DP), Napoli’s hit still makes it 4-3 Rangers.

Ouch. We will have to win twice in Arlington now.

That’s why it’s a dumb f’ing move walking Beltre? I don’t get mad often at Leyland but that was freaking stupid!

Yea… Very dissapointing. Why walk an injured guy to face 2 hot hitters…

To set up the DP because your closer should be able to do the job from then on. Very disappointing from Valverde – he’s blown it for the other 24 guys.

No, the whole team blew it. Had plenty of opportunities but they just didn’t cash in. One person is not to blame.

Thats the difference in the series. Their hitters execute, can get the leadoff double in. We cant get runs in with 1 out and a runner on 3rd.

It’s fitting that Don Kelly gets a chance to extend the game.

That and too many holes in our lineup and bullpen due to injuries.

I’m so mad right now! Set up a double play? Maybe, but for gods say Beltre can barely walk! Dumb move an by the way Valverde not exactly know for getting double play balls! This comes down to an error by Porcello and Cabrera getting thrown out at home when it seemed it was plenty deep enough to score the run.

Ps Nelson Cruz was dead cold till this series!

Now we are in trouble. Time for a 3 game winning streak.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Texas had a better record against a tougher schedule, and it’s showing. Cabrera and Verlander are a nice 1-2, but the Rangers have a huge advantage down the roster. Could you imagine using Brad Penny in a high leverage spot? Yet that’s basically what Texas is doing with Ogando, their #5.
Valverde’s 11th was pathetic, but the Rangers didn’t use any short men (Adams, Oliver, Feldman, Feliz) for more than 1 inning. We’ve used Benoit and Valverde to get 4-6 outs multiple times in the playoffs.
Again, trouble getting runners on base. Cabrera in the 8th was our only RISP after Harrison was removed from the game – and he’d been intentionally walked!
I’d play Dirks in tomorrow’s game and restrict Delmon Young to late-inning pinch hitting. Otherwise, what else can you do? With all our injuries, the offense is half of what it can be.
A real shame that good outings by Scherzer and Porcello have gone to naught.

Yes I would use Penny over Perry or Schlereth, in the pen!!! No the Rangers are not Better against a tougher schedule, (lets not forget they play Oak. and Seattle) if Avila, Martinez hit like they did down the stretch and Jackson keeps his strikeouts down as he has for the last two days. With all the left handed pitching where is Carlos Guillen, an extra switch hitter gives big match up advantages, I know he didnt play much during the regular season but if he isnt hurt he should be on the roster even if for only this series. Hell if Zumya is at 75% I take him over 1/2this pen. Must admit the Brad Thomas thing couldnt have ended soon enough, which cost this team just enough games to loose home field advantage, and there is your real Goat, Lets just hope we wont be haunted by the Brad Thomas curse for a 100 years!

O M G my sincerest apologies to Brad and his family it was that guy DAVID PURCEY for which I meant to speak of……I would also like to express my apologies to any goats which I may have offended in the ordeal as well.

I can’t believe on tv they are even questioning the decision to send Miggy home??? Of course it was the right move that ball was hit rather deep. OF COURSE you send him!

Texas had a tougher schedule? They beat us by one game and had a bad Seattle team, a bad Oakland team and thevAngel who were god for 1/2 the season?

Too many twists and turns to rehash here. Basically, the Rangers are executing slightly better than the Tigers, just enough to win these three games. I don’t expect much offense, but I would have thought we’d get more than three hits off Harrison.
On the Cruz throwout of Cabrera, both teams executed, Young with the fly and Cruz and Napoli with the throw and catch. Unfortunately, Cabby just wasn’t a fast enough runner from a standing start. I knew he was dead when Cruz was able to line up the catch for the throw. Much much different from the Lamont/Santiago play.
McCarver is maddeningly idiotic and it detracts from the enjoyment of the game. By the way, Gk, Leyland did say that Santiago would be a starter if he was a “burner.” He said it earlier this summer. Now it’s been announced to the entire world that Ramon is slow, and nothing could be further from the truth.
The goal, at least the one I set after game two, still stands. Win two games in Detroit and get it back to Texas for a final two tries at it.

Verlander is going to have to pitch an old fashioned, Jack Morris style game tomorrow. Keep pitching no matter what the score is. Our bullpen, thin to start, is totally used up.

Yea we need a complete game from JV tomorrow. But JL already said he thinks JV is tired. I don’t know you can rely on from the bullpen. Bennoit and Valverde have already thrown a lot of pitches in this series.

I was hoping we could grab this game, have a dominant JV game tomorrow, and just need to get 1 win from Scherzer or Fister.

Going 3 for 3 is going to be tough with our patched together lineup. But, I don’t feel like it’s impossible.

It was going to be a pretty huge task to beat the Ranger bullpen. It is light years ahead of ours.
The problem was RP not being able to pitch better to LH hitting. We were really lucky to have only 2 to face but he had trouble with them. . The decision to keep trying to pickoof Andruss was a poor one. Stupid even. As I said before, 2 outs 2 strikes and too distracted. Just pitch the ball and get out of the inning. I missed the extra innings. Kinda figured I wasn;t gonna miss much and felt that Valverde would not be able to keep the Rangers off the board.
Wasn’t surprised to hear of the result.
I don’t have the confidence in Valverde that everyone else seems to have. I actually prefer benoit’s approach on the mound. He’s a perfectionist and so seriously intense. Valverde has the closer loosy goosey personality he needs but that can sometimes lend itself to being erratic.Like his personality I guess.
I don’t expect 3 straight but I sure would like to see a well-played game and JV throwing a gem on the national stage tomorrow.
Sorry to hear the frustrations and pain here on th eBLOG.
I agree with sending Cabby home. The difference was that no relay was needed. On Santiago’s play TWO throws would have had to be perfect and even then Old “Leadfoot” might have beaten the throws anyway!
I’ll be blaming Lamont on that to my great grandchildren.
And as hippo-like as he ran on the sac-fly I would not have taken Cabby out for a pinch-runner then either. I wouldn’t even think of it. And I would not have held him up either. Not on that depth that DY goty on the fly ball and definitely not with Avila on deck.

There may not have been many options in JL’s mind but how many times has Valverde been effective in his 2nd full inning of pitching? Not many.
We did have a coupole of lefties available.

Absolutely Jim Leyland has NO confidence in this bull pen and justifiably so! So why is he not playing more small ball and running more with Jackson, Oh wait I have already addressed this, he isnt on base because he struck out on 3 pitches AGAIN! Has he forgotten moving Granderson down to the nine spot just 5years ago.

Well this stinks, but let’s address a few things. First every time
Aj needs to come up he k’s 3times so they get 27 outs and we get 24. This has gone on for nearly 2 seasons, time to move Kelly into center or move aj to the 9 hole is way past due for two reasons one we don’t run and secondly Kelly is a better polished player, can bunt or hit a sac fly, but not to late, note I believe 15K’s in the playoff thus far. Next this bullpen stinks so if you are going extra innings why not pitch penny until game is done or we get a lead. he was not used well this series and couldn’t do any worse than perry, he’s been treated like Boche’s problem in SF (Zito). I believe in matching pitchers to hitters perry is the one you use for one or two batters and penny could eat an inning or two.

Not that anyone will notice. Where is Avila? Where’s Martinez? Still at the All-Star game. Not meaning to be disrespectfull but shake this off Tigers…And HIT THE BALL! The steal of Third last night was a steal by the Umpire crew again…Inge had that part of the plate blocked and he was tagged out. If the umpires get that one right we have no Texas rally.

Texas will win tonight unless everyone comes to the park with it strapped on. In fact, they might not win unless EVERYONE on the team plays solid. Texas smells blood.

no doubt let Inge catch if Martinez cant or use Martinez as dh but get Avila out of this line up especially against lefties.

I listened on the radio as I’ve said earlier I cannot stand the Fox broadcasters and neitheer can anyone else, apparently. I haven’t heard or read where those guys drive every Tiger fan nuts. I know Valverde said the night before he’d be ready to pitch again the next night, but 3 nights in a row is a bit much for Big Papa.
I didn’t like Leland’s lineupeither. I would have put Peralta behind VMart or even 3rd in the lineup. Some of those fans were in that park more than 8 hours when they open the park usually 2 hours before game time. When the game went off, there was my local news station interviewing 2 guys from Battle Creek, faces painted, Tiger gear on taling about how they wanted to be one of the first let in. Well, I guess they got their money’s worth. Probably, many fans had to leave if they had very young children or seniors who just couldn’t hang on for a 9 hour game. Looks like we won’t get our shot at the Cardinals and make it right.

I was at the game last night -> fun game, well played/coached…..but again, our bullpen is tired and our bats cold. sigh.

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