Game 4 of ALCS in a rain delay

It might sound like a repeat, but weather has once again put the American League Championship Series on hold, forcing Game 4 into a rain delay.

A rain system parked itself over southeast Michigan and southwestern Ontario Wednesday afternoon, just west enough to keep Comerica Park under showers for much of the afternoon. Though FOX tentatively said on Twitter that they were hoping to start the game around 5:15 p.m. ET, then 5:45, the tarp was still on the field as of 5:25.

Rain has already been a problem in this series. Game 2 of the series was pushed back a day from last Sunday due to forecasts of a rainy evening in Arlington, Texas. The postponement forced the two teams to play Game 2 on Monday, which was originally slated to be a workout day, but the extra day gave some injured Tigers an extra day to recuperate.

Tigers relievers were spotted long-tossing in the outfield Wednesday afternoon, but there was no sign of starter Rick Porcello loosening up.

One factor of concern for Major League Baseball is the forecast. The National Weather Service calls for a 60 percent of rain Wednesday night, 30 percent chance of rain on Thursday afternoon, then rising to 70 percent Thursday night. Friday is scheduled to be an off-day between Games 5 and 6, allowing the teams to travel from Detroit back to Texas.


Seriously tired of the rain this post season. Doesn’t tain here for a week and today and tomorrow its supposed to rain. (Rain worse). Maybe no ball tomorrow.

Does that Karros guy have anything ever positive to say about the Tigers? He is al over the Rangers.

The automatic strike was costly for Detroit.
It was ball four

Absolutely. Ump screwed that one up.

Did McCarver really say santiago could be a full time player if he ran better? Whatever dude. I don’t think for a second Leyland said that.

Miggy Cabrera!!!

How poised has Rick been thru 5…

Fister looks younger today…

Both Andrus and Porcello told their teanmmates the same: i found that ball in my glove.
It was a double at least

Boy, here come the Rangers.

Inge was not near enough to the line.
And it was out at third. Anyway, first mistake by Porcello , the base was stolen to him

I was feeling so good, now the game is tied. By the way I thought Elvis was struck out there.

Now they will bring Ogando in. He is fresh and we are sunk!

I’m going to cry! For sure Ogando is coming in. We are sunk! Rick was so good all night and he is losing his composure.

I had such a good feeling we’d win this game. Now, I don’t know.

Ogando crap. We cannot hit this guy! Time and time again we have proven it!

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