Oblique forces Young out of Tigers lineup

The original lineup the Tigers had released had Delmon Young in left field, batting third. Like Monday, however, that was tentative, depending on how Young felt. Shortly after that came word that Young won’t be able to play.

“It stiffened up,” Jim Leyland said of Young’s oblique. “It’s really sore today. I’m not going to go into further detail. That’s all I have for you. I’m not a doctor. He’s hurting. I respect that. If Delmon Young is not in the lineup, believe me, he’s hurting, because he loves to play. I’ll leave it at that.”

Young’s absence means Andy Dirks will get his first start of the postseason. He’s batting ninth in the new lineup. Don Kelly moves to fifth, Ramon Santiago shifts to second, everyone else moves up.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Ramon Santiago, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. Don Kelly, 3B
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Ryan Raburn, LF
  9. Andy Dirks, RF

P: Doug Fister


We got this anyhow

This reminds me of how over confident I was when we played the Cards in the world series, and we couldn’t hit a thing. Polanco who was on fire, couldn’t get a hit. Cards were a team we had dominated. Texas is a team we have had a ton of success against this year and the past several years. Martinez among others have gone crazy cold. I don’t know it just feels bad. The superstitious me was worried in September when we were on fire, I was worried we were peaking to early. Was I right? Maybe maybe not. I wouldn’t be shocked to find out later there were a few more injuries or something.

I can never understand letting injured guys decide if they are good to go. Management then typically praises the guy for being a trooper whilst not dealing with the resulting drop in performance.
Putting the player thru stretching exercises with a physio would quickly determine how well he would be able to swing, move or throw in the field.
After the season is finished, we know doubt will find Victor has been severely hampered as well as Avila besides being run into the ground.
Rather than going all out for the home field advantage, we may have been better off getting our mainstays in shape for the post season.
UPutting other relievers in pressure late innings roles until they broke the ice may also have helped.
The Tigs are not done yet, just hope they are up for another season turnaround.

Geez I hate bad grammar you no….

I think there are injuries to be sure. But I’m sure there as many the Rangers are dealing with too.
VMart may have a bad toe and knee but he does not depend on those body parts to have a good at bat and approach at the plate. He’s simply has not been hitting worth a lick. I am hoping the friendly confines will turn him and his countryman around for the better. Cab is not getting good at bats either. VMart can lead by example and by emotion. Cab can lead with his lumber. Both need to find a way to lead.
I have confidence in Fister but I also realize he will eventually have a game where he can’t strike guys out and the ground balls find a hole. I hope it’s next year.
He may have been the most valuable Tiger in September.
If AJ does not try to lay one down tonight in the 1st then I have no respect for the coaching staff. He needs help and that is at least one way to help him contribute.
My fingers are crossed for a good day for Alex Avila. He is due and he is starting to get better wood on the ball. He just about came through big in the 10th last night.

When Cabrera isn’t getting walked he is having so so at bats he had a double and almost hit one out in the 10 think it was. But Dan while I havent played baseball since I was a kid I always have been told that the bottom half of your body has everything to do with the quality of the swing. If V-Mart is in fact in a lot of pain I think it would affect his swings?

Lots of people need to step up, with all that said!

Teams that hit their way into the postseason often fare poorly once there. Opposing pitching is better overall, plus staffs are contracted down to their best pitchers, who are used longer and more often than in the regular season. Scouting is more detailed. The games will be close and hard fought, and it comes down to execution.
When a ball is catchable, it must be caught.
When you get a fat pitch in a clutch situation, you must connect and not foul it back.
When you need to make a pitch, you must make that pitch.
When you have a chance to score the winning run, you must take that chance.
If your lineup isn’t working, you must change it.
It takes execution from top to bottom, in all facets of the game.
Waiting for guys to hit like they did in the regular season won’t get it done.

Even MLB Network is talking about how tired Avila must be.

Still.he is there again with Santos on the bench (It wont make any difference if Santos can not bat )
In september , there was a lot of room to rest Avila and he was not.
As stated before by GK, he is making good swing.Last night he hit well the ball but was foul by 1 foot , thats happen while a batter is slumping. One broken bat will hit the ball and will go into no man´s land and the spell will be broken.Hopefully it will be tonight

GK, Yes, especially for a power hitter. But some guys have such elegant hand-eye and bat speed they can hit without relying on the lower body as much. Victor is one of those guys.
I don’t think his knee is so debilitating that it is affecting his production. I think Victor is simply struggling.

Well, if you had any doubt whether Ramon should have come home, there was your answer.

Here in Canada we have a national sports network called SportsNet. Greg Zaun (former MLB catcher) is very prominent in the pre-game, during-game and post-game comments.
He was aghast with Lamont’s decision to not send Santiago. Particularly with Feliz coming in. Saying that there was likely not going to be any runs gien up by Feliz. He also commented that one of the most difficult plays to make in the game is the relay home. That it takes 2 perfect throws.
Zahn is an excellent baseball analyst. A very keen understanding of the the game. He could not understand why “Gino wasn’t waving his arms wildly”, that “Santiago runs really good”, and you have “to be aggressive”

We all said as much here. It was another Lamont brain freeze. And Jim Leyland might love him as a brother but he really needs to relegate him to being his bench coach and not directing traffic any more.

They were talking about the play on MLB today and Larry Boa and the other guys were shocked he wasn’t sent. I had no opinion on it last night because I saw it on a very small screen on my phone. Today I saw it big and I agree he should of been sent. I know Cruz has a great great arm, but when Santi reached 3rd it wasn’t even to the cut off man yet!! Mistake I think!

So many mistakes. If anyone doesn’t have their head in the game it’s Lamont. Fox showed an overhead view of the whole play. You could see everything. Ramon had the momentum going but Lamont had his hands up to stop. I’m glad it was shown on national TV.

Sing it Aretha! So sorry we are not there tonight! Crap!

Not the start we wanted two seeing eye ground balls! Son of a bi……ch

And a bloop single yeh!

We haven’t got a cheap hit this whole series!

That’s the kind of outcomes I worry about with Fister, or Porcello for that matter.
I don’t why Dougie has so many problem with making a quality 0-2 pitch. He seems to serve that pitch up a lot. Did it Against Gardner a couple of times and twice in the 1st. You gotta almost spike that ball sometimes in that count. Very bad pitches.

Not many people that bother me more than Tim McCaver! Well maybe Joe Buck. Cy Lewis is on the mound!

In answer to my own question. I think Fister is fixated on throwing strikes at all times. When he gets to 0-2 he doesn’t have the midnset of trying to make the batter make a mistake on a wicked pitch out of the strike zone. The benefit of throwing a really wicked breaking ball and missing the strike zone is not only getting the batter to swing at it but having to think about it on the next pitches.
Feels bad already. Cab is doing nothing to pick his team up. And make no mistake, there has been a lot of emphasis on making this “his” team.
Without his bat there is no hope.

Another bleeder!

They are finding some holes for sure! Everything we hit is right at someone this series!

Not a fan of this ump he has had some poor calls both ways!

Wasted opportunity #1.

Fister has given up 5 hits in 3 innings. 1 ball hit well 4 really lucky!

With the Detroit Mariners behind him , his pitching is not the issue. He is doing what gave him 8-1,making batters hit grounders.

It won’t matter what Fister does.
I swear if this were 1919 people would thinking the worst of MCab. It hardly seems plausible he can be this bad.
N.B I am NOT saying that I am just PO’d at what I am seeing and he is doing.
I will say he’s bloody awful, I have never seen him this bad, he is letting his team down, it could not happen at a worse time and it is epitomizing the word choke.
Taking pitches down the middle, swinging at stuff 2 feet away in the dirt, unable to get any kind of decent swing.

I agree, he is getting walked an awful lot, but even when he isn’t gettingvwalked he isn’t the same guy at the plate!

This is the inning of the game, the best hitter so far with the revovering Peralta after him


Ya Victor! Oh no Victor I think he’s hurt even more!

Limping, grimacing and threw his helmet down the dugout steps to disappear inside.

Another bad break. Great tos see VICTOR MARTINEZ come through with a hit like that but bad break on the injury. At least VMart has an excuse. Cabby has no excuse.
Avila is lost,
Beltre cannot move around at 3rd. Tell me why JL is not dropping a bunt or two down that line?
You should do it next inning with Raburn and with Dirks.

They get what they wanted.They pitched him in the middle, challenging him

Time to wait for a strike

Good for us that Washington forgot the Book. The visitor does not bunt to tie.

Yes, he is back

3 for 4 . AJax, the base cleaner

Still no run scored against Texas bullpen. First inherited runner to score?

I hear some bats!!!

They are using the wrong scouting report on Miguel….

And we are glad they are

Oh Miggy! Dan he heard ya! Victor looked ok on that fly with his swing I mean!

Now, but for the injured VMart and the worn out Avila , the lineup looks as it has to

I was hoping he would hear. My wife has “heard enough”.
What I really liked was seeing him pull the ball after finding the line in RF the previous At Bat. I have found that when Miggy is struggling that he often punctuates the end of the slump with HRs to left.
Key tonight was Austin doing somehting but lots of credit to Dirks.

Full bullpen tonight. Beck.
But i guess JLwill wait before taking in Benoit.
100 pitches . Time to call someone anyway

My mistake.

Nice job by Fister! Too bad Ramon had that ball knocked out of his hand. Raburn made an awesome throw!

Now, it is safe to call Valverde

Great work for Fister, Benoit and Hitchverde

Yippie! Still a whole, but better! Going to bed have to be up at 5:00

As noted, we have an SP advantage in Games 4 and 5. I’m concerned that we are running out of healthy bodies. AJax having good plate appearances will be critical.
Cabrera has to be Pujols-like for the Tigers to win this series. He sure did the job on both offense and defense tonight!

Maybe the Sleeping Tiger has awoken.
Raburn’t throw was incredible. Right on the bag on the fly. Tough break on the tag but good to know that the Rangers will have to respect that arm.
Let’s hope VMart is OK—you are right he did have a pretty god swing afterwards.
Really glad to see Valverde throwing that splitter again.

One overlooked virtue of Detroit´s outfielders:they were second in AL in asistances.Delmon Young is the MLB leader since 2007. They all have cannons for arms. Even AJax, he could be lacking in streng but he showed accuracy when needed.

Okay, we got some things straightened out with Cabrera, Martinez, and Jackson. I think Cabby and Victor will keep it up. Jackson, as always, who knows. My main concern is how Victor is feeling tomorrow. One advantage is he doesn’t need to do anything but hit, no throwing or anything, so maybe he can tough this one out. At 60%, he’s better than a lot of hitters.
While Verlander remains the ace, Fister is our best pitcher right now. Good to know that if it goes to a game 7, he’s the man even if it is in Texas. The constant questions about Verlander starting game 4 were tiresome. It wasn’t going to happen, nor should it have. After all, that doesn’t guarantee a win, as we’ve seen. I also think Porcello is going to do just fine pitching to this lineup. Then we’ve got Verlander, Scherzer, and Fister. I’ll take it.
The business with Lamont is cut and dried. He messed it up and probably cost us the game. That’s just what happened no matter how anyone spins it.
Anyone know if Ordonez was greeted any differently than the other guys?

Loved every minute of that game til Victor hurt himself. “Put on a pitching clinic,” says Leland. The defense wasn’t too shabby either. Loved it.

Unfortunately guys rain is going to be an issue this afternoon folks. Watching the weather this early morning and weather guy is concerned!

We are up off the mat.
Doug Fister can pitch any game, any time for me. He was great!
Go Tigers.
— Bob

GK, think they should call the game now and save time? I am amazed they called that Sunday game and it NEVER rained. Not sure whose idea that was…

what a tremendous game last night, could not ask for anything better except of course for VMart getting hurt. His flyout to left appeared to be a good swing, but he will need to hit doubles to make it to first base, so if he just sticks to homeruns where he can walk around the bags that should work out just fine. Lots of good hitting last night, notably AJax came through and showed what he is capable of. He has to remember we don’t need doubles and triples out of him, singles are just fine when the guys behind him are hitting. Cabby had a terrific game at the plate and in the field, his 9th inning stop was great. Everyone is mentioning the wear and tear on Avila, Cabby must have some too. He is getting pitched around a lot and maybe not seeing as many good pitches as we think. They finally pitch to challenge him last night and he made them pay.

Dirks stealing 2nd was huge last night, wish we had a few more of those to move guys around. I could almost see Raburn thinking “at least it wasn’t me getting the ball knocked out of my glove at 2nd, the whole place would have booed me”. Nice play on his part, bad luck by Ramon I guess on where he went to tag, regarless in my mind he should have had an error on that play, he had the ball and needs to hold onto it.

Mister Fister is simply amazing, even in the first inning I had no doubt he would be fine last night and boy was he ever!

Let’s get them today!!!

oh, and for those who thought it was a good idea to boo Cabrera early in the game – get some class. One of my biggest pet peeves is booing a player, especially a player that does what he does. Pathetic to hear and an embarrassment as a Tiger fan to hear that on national tv. As a tremendous asset to our team he doesn’t deserve anything close to that.

My guess, the HR by VMart solved Cabrera´s problem. Last year, after the string of injuries, he tried to take the team on his shoulders.He was pitched around and went down. With Magglio´s and Young¨s injuries, plus the slumping 5th to 7th. He tried again to carry the team by himself.Now, with other players doing their job , he can relax and hit again.
BTW: Young and Hamilton have not been taking out the cover of the ball either

FYI the rain today (57% chance, now) is going to be light so yeah bring your rain coat and you ok. 62F today

Tiger Girl, good point about Raburn would have been booed on that play. Santiago for some reason lunged at the runner instead of letting him slide into the tag. A mistake on Ramon’s part. So see, Ramon does receive blame at times. He just doesn’t make many mistakes.

I hope we see Leyland being smart enough to bunt on Beltre today. He didn’t yesterday but I suspect he felt the situation wasn’t necessary.
I’d be grinning if AJ starts this game off with a well-placed and disciplined bunt down the 3rd base line today. I think Raburn, Santiago and Kelly are all capable of the same.

I’m looking forward to hearing Alto Reed (Tommy Cartmell), saxophonist for the Silver Bullet Band, play the anthem tonight. Back in the 70s, Alto would hook himself up to a suspended cable and leap from the top speaker in the arena, then do airborne flips out over the audience while playing his sax. This before he was talked out of it doing it further. 🙂
Good to see a slimmed down Aretha last night. Her version was good but somewhat long. I’m one of those veterans you see that salute during the anthem and I would have been hard pressed, at my age, holding one for 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Still doesn’t beat the girl in Dudenin this past spring who sang both Canadien and US anthems at a snail’s pace. I swear she was singing for ten minutes.
My preference is having it sung straight note for note, but in a soft voice. It’s actually a pretty song.

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