ALCS Game 2: Delmon in the lineup

Jim Leyland had two lineups ready for this game.He’ll use the one that has Delmon Young in it. Head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said Young is good to go for Game 2. Swinging is not an issue for Young, Rand said. The big question was whether he could raise his arm and throw without significant pain, and he did it during batting practice earlier today.

He has released the one that has Delmon Young in it. He’s batting third if his left oblique (the injury actually is closer to his rib cage) allows him to go. The other lineup has Andy Dirks starting in left field if Delmon can’t start.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Ramon Santiago, 2B
  3. Delmon Young, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Ryan Raburn, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Brandon Inge, 3B

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Elvis Andrus, SS
  3. Josh Hamilton, CF
  4. Michael Young, DH
  5. Adrian Beltre, 3B
  6. Mike Napoli, C
  7. Nelson Cruz, RF
  8. David Murphy, LF
  9. Mitch Moreland, 1B

P: Mitch Moreland


I’ll say it again, if we can just play good ball and have Miggy, Vmart, Peralta and Avila hit like they did in the regular season -> we’re fine. Gotta grind this out – this is baseball – this happens and you play through it.

Get psyched up with this video with kid Tiger fans!

Well, according to knobler, Delmon is in and he is fine….
And this is what I said yesterday at 3:55 in the afternoon:
“Postponed the game already????? Those idiots got it wrong again. Can’t anybody read a radar map?”
It was obvious to anyone familiar with weather patterns that it wasn’t going to rain last night.

They really blew it yet again! Strike 1 starting alds game 1, strike 2 starting game 1 alcs, strike 3 not playing game 2 yesterday! I mean they really screwed this up. I’m mad because I won’t be able to see most of the game today. I would be really mad if had a ticket to yesterday’s game and now couldn’t be there especially since it never rained? Bunch of idiots!

I really find it hard to believe that two days ago he was unable to play and out for the series but today he is proclaimed healthy and ok to play??? Riddle me this!

Jim did the fast forward treatment on delmon, duh!?

Has anybody noticed that beck has 1st base and pitcher for texas listed as same guy. Wow thats going to take some talent.

I hear good things about the fast-forward treatment.

It’s coming out now that it’s not really an oblique injury and, if you think about it, that diagnosis was announced before anyone was able to ascertain a real diagnosis. Not all that strange a deal.
JL says they close school when someone buys an umbrella down there. Funny. I’ll be kind to Texas this once. I lived down there for a decade one year and they get so little rain that when they do get some precipitation, the oil buildup on the roads creates ice-like conditions. I slid through an intersection once in the middle of July, just as I could have done in Michigan in January. Strange business.
Of course, that has nothing to do with postponing a game, but just thought I’d share that.

i like JL’s comment on that!

I bought game 7 ALCS tix…..when they went on sale….and obviously game 7 is in Tex….so i have no tix. But i haven’t got my money refunded to me by the tigers/tixmaster……does anyone know when that happens??

Evan, I’m not sure what you mean exactly. I thought you buy home game 1,2 or 3, etc, like for the ALDS. Anyway, the refund for the unplayed 2009 playoff games in Detroit took several weeks to arrive, if that helps.

I bought home game #4 but yeah that helps. several weeks.

Haven’t you been sore one day and wake up the next day and feel better? Good for Delmon. I like the attitude. Also, Verlander threw some after the rain delay and tweeked his delivery. That is what the hitters should do and Lloyd should be in charge. Change it up, take some chances. We rally need this game. Go Tigers!

I don’t get this?
What I don’t get and what nobody s talking about, is Justin Verlander! Everybody around here wants to blame Avila, Martinez and whoever else, but to me what about Justin Verlander??? He was not good Saturday, hecwas not good against New York (yes I know he won) and to be honest wasn’t really dominant the last month of the season. He was good, not great and had a lot of run support that last month. He has given up a lot of runs lately. The fact s if there is something wrong with him we ate screwed!

I would guess that since the score was 3-2 and our hitting has been down throughout the postseason, people are zeroing in on that. I see the same thing with Verlander and assume he’s just getting worn down. If he doesn’t have the curveball, he will give up runs. I also think he needs to calm himself down as he’s gotten away from the mindset that made him so dominant for most of the season. I don’t see a permanent trend and he could throw a gem at any time. Plus these opponents are the best teams in the league, playing for high stakes.

Really, Verlander is the problem? He was getting squeezed by the ump on Saturday and did not adjust. He made a mistake to Cruz that ultimately decided the game. He beat the Yankees on what amounted to 3 days rest last Monday. Veralnder cannot get into the mindset of throwing fastball past hitters, especially teams like Texas and NY. Those are great fastball hitting teams. He will be fine.

Seriously? The Tigers scored 2 runs. JV just said he made an adjustment. He did lose a few ballgames this year. I think was of them was 2-0. We have Max and Doug. They need some run support.

He is one of them! Look at the numbers.

ps, he won 25 games, including 9 of his last 10 starts (the one he didn’t win he got a no decision)

Hey port, you think like I do. I wanted to comment on your post about Magglio. He is my daughter’s Tiger (and Guillen is/was my wife’s). My kids got me a Granderson jersey because he was my Tiger, now he is the enemy so I picked up a Verlander jersey. Magglio sure did bring a lot to the Tigers and I will give him a standing ovation where ever I am watching the game on Tuesday. Thrilling home run in the playoffs and batting champion. He almost retired earlier this year. Magglio Ordonez, a class act.

I love Justin Verlander, he is the reason (one of the main ones) as to why the Tigers are were they are! However I do think he is worn down. He has a high era in the playoffs, and has been no where near dominant, rather he has been pretty average. I do think he was squeezed Saturday, but still he gave up the runs. Yes he beat the Yankees but he gave up 4 runs. All I am saying is there is some blame to go around, which includes him. and at one time this season 2 runs would of been enough. And what nobody is ever willing to do is give creditto the other sides pitchers! You can’t get 10 runs all the time even though that is what I would prefer.
So now I ave the second player you cannot criticize on this blog, Santiago and Verlander!

To just show I am not making up numbers JV has given up in 13 inning 11 hits, 7 walks and 8 earned runs! If that’s good I would like to know what you all think bad is???!

maggs is def. a class act.

Here we go GK, our best starter in the post season (so far) starts Game 2. GO MAX GO TIGERS

Here is my take on the first inning. We for starters wasted an opportunity. But more than that, we drove up the pitch count of a pitcher we might be able to get something off of only so we can get to Ogando more quickly! Geez guys! Big guys ain’t been so big!

Cabrera and VMart better start feeling ashamed of themselves. ASgain we have a chance to get to the opposition and make them pay and again we let a starting pitcher off the hook.
And with our 4 and 5 guys.

Must be nice to have a team that doesn’t waste opportunity! Sorry folks this one is over in the first? Yes I know it’s early but we just aren’t hitting well enough these days to overcome this! This sucks! No pitching, no hitting no winning!

So glad I wasted money on world series tickets today!!

Please come off the ledge.

GK you have always been disappointed in JV.
He is not to blame.
The hitters forgetting how to hit are to blame and they have been all year. As I have mentioned too many times, the whole lineup vanishes at the same time over and over again.
They look to their leaders and their leaders are hitting blanks. Then they are unsure of themselves.
If Cab and VMart don’t smarten up this one may not come back to Texas.

He is to blame along with the hitters. Lots of blame to go around folks including Verlander and I am sure he would tell you he hasn’t been good enough!

8 runs in 13 innings. Including 7 walks that’s just incredible pitching by Verlander! You can’t expect hitters to score 6-7 runs a game just like you can’t expect pitchers to be perfect!

When you are playing poorly (and the whole team is playing relatively poorly), the breaks don’t go your way. Ramon’s grounder up the middle hits the mound on the 2nd hop and allows Kinsler to make the play. Otherwise it likely scores 2 runs.
Ramon is the only guy I have confidence in at this point. This pitcher has laid his body on the altar and strapped himself down and we have naot been able to take advantage.
Again–shame on Cabby and VMart.
They are the heart, they are the leaders, they are the guys that have hit over the years and they are the guys that are letting detroit down.

Amen, perfectly stated.

Buck is an Does he really need to bring up Miguels trouble in the spring!

I wanted to punch Buck in the mouth. Notice, Tito never said a word.

If Welke was in charge of that decision no wonder the decision went against us?

Why waste a spot on the roster with Santos if you’re not gonna use him. He’s caught Fister for one of his starts. Good grief!

Miggy gets a nobody on hit that I predicted to my wife. maddening.
Anyway the result was good but we can’t keep holding out for a 3-run swing to win this ball game or series.
We need to play as a unit, play smar, execute fundamentals.

Good pitching by Max.
Decision time for JL
I hope he hes not got carried away with Perry’s 0.00 ERA this playaoff because he has not pitched in this kind of pressure in getting that ERA.
If JL puts Penny in he is a fool. Especially after you have had the starch taken out of you with your 3-4-5 hittrs going politely out like that.

I’ll cry like a baby if we lose this game.

It is painful to watch the middle of our lineup as it is for Delmon to swing.

F… I saw Avila put down the 1 on the 1-2 pitch and I screamed “Not a fastball, not a fastball!’
Sure enough.
Why is it we know this stuff?

Scherzer did so well to work out of the jam in the 6th, but he leaves with a tie score.

And here are crappy hitters who have scored runs on 1 swing out of 125 pitches thrown at them.
Max threw a great game and Avila made a stupid mistake with that 1-2 fastball signal to a struggling hitter coming off a hamstring injury. Dumb

That’s the point, Raburn’s one home run cannot be our sole offensive strike today. If the Tigers can’t get a fourth run, they don’t deserve to win.

Coke is not my favourite but JL is now overmanaging again. There is no threat and he is probably going to bring in Perry who is a loose cannon. A 2 out walk is as probable as anything, and I do mean anything, with Ryan Perry.

You need an RHP versus Kinsler. Coke’s made enough jams for himself this postseason.

I agree Jason. We are watching a team that is not playing good baseball. They certainly are not hitting.
We need someone to come up in our half and surprise us with a good at bat.
I’m still choked about the 1-2 fastball which made absolutely no sense to me.

If Cruz has a nagging injury, isn’t that all the more reason to throw a fastball? I’m not disagreeing, just curious. To me it looked like a good idea, but Max didn’t execute.

No–at least not IMO. He was set up for a slider down and away. I guarantee you his light opened up like saucers when he saw that pitch coming.. I’m sure Max missed location but I still think the pitch selection was a bad one.
Ogando in now and safe to say that if we win we deserve it and if we lose, we deserve that too.

Cabrera right now looks like Inge when he is slumping.
As we speak Ogando is demoralizng the Tigers and firing up the Ranger fans.
It’s gonna take a miracle.

Dan, I also called for the curve to Cruz. GK, why so negative all the time? Blame? How about accountability? Go Tigers!

Gosh, Ogando gave up his share of hits and runs this year, but we don’t have a plan against him. He is dictating terms to every batter he faces.

We’re playing to lose. How can you win if yu don’t swing the bat?
I don’t get that with major leagurers. I know yu can get outclassed, outguessed but there are situations where you at least have to swing the GD bat..

Well I know I am negative but I also am pretty certain of what I am seeing.
I am seeing a team that is playing with zero confidence. And a team that is not believeing in each other.

Inge with a fabulous plus play at third! Andrus off the bases, a dead duck after running on the pitch.

That is a HUGE break. Gaood teams take advantage of HUGE breaks.
We can’t expect much from this part of the batting order but as the saying goes, “When you least expect it!”
I would imaging we will see Wilson BlindManSwinging pinch hitting for Inge.

Last comment. Way to go Benoit and defense. Now let’s get aggressive! like I said before, walk or strike out, let’s swing and attack! Go Tigers!

Why couldn’t Ramon score on a two-out double? Anyways, Feliz pitching to – not walking – Miggs.

Kelly is amazing but why did Lamont not wave Ramon home hard? Any other time he does!.
You know runs are going to be at an extreme premium—make it happen?

Scratch that. I’m surprised – a walk’s a run and Victor is very patient.

Piffle. Almost a bloop hit.

Just continuing disgust with VMart. He’s choking. at the plate. No other pussyfooting around it..
And again, What is Lamont thinking and where are OUR breaks? They are not happening because we are not playing well enough to deserve them. That ball squirts away from us in the same situation with Texas hitting.

What do you expect if you have the stupidiity to throw Ryan Perry?
Dirks and Jacskon screwed up but everyone and his Monkey’s Uncle knew that Ryan Peryy can’t get outs in a situation like that.
It was a foregone conclusion and you can lay this loss on our hitters (again) and Leyland.

Ramon should have been running with 2 outs. Oh well, good game. We need 3 games at home.

Depressed! Didn’t get to watch most of the game had work thing tonight, but was keeping up o date on my sling box on my phone. What I need to know could Santiago have scored on that double by Kelly?

Santiago, Kelly, Raburn are the only doing the work with the bat. The others must showup or this will be 1987 all over again
The game was lost in the first two inning. They had the chance to put away the game and were down by two instead.
In the first, Santago failed the bunt and went on base but it was a wrong play . Giving away an out when your next batter is injured and you are not against an ace in the first inning ..
Scherzer was one batter to long there.He showed that he is a legitimate second starter.
Why Santiago did not score?With two out he had to break on contact
Tomorrow, the exTiger homerun machine against the groundout machine

I guess my question is was Lamont wrong in holding him up or could he have scored. I seemed to me that were the ball was hit and with 2 outs he should of been able to score. I know Cruz has an awesome arm but still

I guess my question is was Lamont wrong in holding him up or could he have scored. I seemed to me that were the ball was hit and with 2 outs he should of been able to score. I know Cruz has an awesome arm but still. Sad!

With 2 out and Cab not dependable you have to send Santiago. Period.
Make them make 2 perfect throws.
Lamont has lost his usefellness as a 3rd base coach a long tome ago,
Still we scored 3 runs on 1 swing from a secondary ballplayer.
You can’t win like that.

I saw a replay and am convinced Santiago could have scored. The fact that Cabrera is up next is not a factor in a baseball game. That was the game winning hit, for heaven’s sake! Lamont kills us over there.

I agree. In a tight game where runs are hard to come by, you try to get them whenever you have a chance. I don’t care if Babe Ruth was on deck, you send Santiago!

The Tigers weren’t playing to win tonight – they were playing to not lose. Santiago should have been sent home. I’d like to know why Lamont wouldn’t send him when he regularly sends Avila, Cabby, VMart and they’re easily thrown out. Santiago can run and you should always force the defense into making a perfect play to get you out, especially when runs aren’t coming easily.

It also looked like Perry was pitching scared. The look on his face was one of fear, and the Rangers hitters must have picked up on it. Why he was even pitching in that situation is another question.

For a guy who’s been pushing all the right buttons lately, Leyland pushed all the wrong ones tonight. He left Max in one batter too long, pinch hit Dirks for Inge (how could Brandon have done any worse at the plate & Kelly makes that catch in RF), I think he went to Benoit & Valverde too soon, and he put Perry in the game.

My friends, I hope I’m wrong, but I have a feeling our season is over.

He should have waived him in and forced Texas to make the play. Way too conservative. Funny, I read all 70 comments and barely a mention of Raburn’s 3 run homer. Sorry I’m just not in a very good mood. Apparently JL does not have the confidence in Albequerque, because I didn’t like that situation for Perry at all.
Fister to right the ship tomorrow. Then maybe our Tigers begin the comeback.

I thought Ron Washington made some bad moves but he gets a pass because his team won. Texas probably has the better team so we have to play our best, not our worst. The game had some good moments overshadowed by plenty of bad ones. And the breaks aren’t going our way, either. I think Perry was pitching because JL didn’t trust Alburquerque. As I’ve mentioned before, the Ryan Perry situation needs to be addressed this offseason.
I tend to see things on the bright side, probably aggravatingly so. I’m glad we’re even here talking baseball on October 10 and I hope we can stretch the postseason out. Our 7-game series in 2006 was easy because we swept Oakland, so we haven’t been in this position since 1987. What we need to do is win a couple of games in Detroit and get it back to Texas on Saturday night. Winning all three home games would be terrific but I won’t go there. Like any other team, the Tigers can suddenly turn it around in this series, and we’ve seen it happen plenty of times. I don’t think we’ll continue to leave a ton of runners stranded, and at some point Washington will bring in a reliever who doesn’t have it that night. We’ve pitched well for the most part in the postseason. Win a couple of home games and extend it to Saturday is the immediate goal.
My favorite part of the night was seeing Victor Jose sitting with the Dombrowski family. Pretty cool when the CEO is your baby sitter, Victor. Don’t try that on your own jobs, folks.

No bright side for me tonight. Not when I see a game that could be won—–lost.
Marty, I mentioned Raburn’s 3 run HR a few times. It was fabulous that he came through. But to leave your offense attended to by scattered 3 run homers is a mistake. You have to be able to move runners up and score runs whenever the opportunity presents itself. The Tigers simply can’t do this.
Probably close to 200 pitches thrown to us tonight and we are able to score on one of them?
That is the defintion of pathetic and non-hitting.
Cruz came through like your big-time players are supposed to.
N.B Miguel Cabrera—who is not coming through.
Many fans are satisfied that the Tigers limped through the 1st round with the Yankees.
It seems as though the manager and some of the players have the same mentality.
Ryan Perry in the 11th inning?
And if the argument is who else would you have put in then the answer is that the bullpen situation was not addressed properly, Obviously.
I would have brought Q in myself. Never Perry. Never Penny. And if that is all you got then get busy DD because you ain’t got near enough.

Dan, the first time you mentioned a 3 run homer there was no name assigned. The second time it was a “secondary player”. Not trying to be picky just defending my remark. Actually Jason did mention his name in his comment. I knew it wasn’t enough and I knew they had already squandered opportunities early that would kill them later, but that was still a huge hit worthy of at least one positive remark.
I see we are in agreement regarding Q. It is obvious the Rangers have considerably more depth in their bull pen than the Tigers, which can only be overcome by deep pitching starts by our starters and some timely hitting….or lets just say hitting by our batters period. Got to get to the Texas starters early and definitely need to get to Ogando just one time and put his confidence to bed.
Yes we are definite underdogs but I choose to be optimistic. I’m not satisfied with just beating the Yankees.

While normally I would agree with you, Q hasn’t been all that either, but I would of been willing to give him a try for sure!

Don’t know why the omission of Raburn’s name is signifacant. I like Ryan and actually predicted he had as much capability to produce a big hit in this series as anyone. My point is the lack of hitting from the premier players. The choking, of the big guys, the everyday gusys. The guys that brought us here. My reference to secondary had more to do with the inability of the main guys to produce and that you shold not be counting oun the Raburns, the Kellys, the Santiagos, to be carrying the load.
There was never any offense intended to RR only frustration that our front-line stars are sh—intg the bed.
I am very frustrated with Cab and VMart. Avila can be excused due to inexperience, youth and physical exhaustion. I am frustrated with watching the top of the lineup listless. I am thrilled with and for RYAN RABURN.
I am apalled with the way Gene Lamont vies the ball game that is less than 90 feet away from his eyes. Gino got caught up in the fact that Cab was due up. He forgot how many times Cab has failed in the post-season and he forgot how many out there were. Gene Lamont probably lost that game for us.

How is it we “limped through” the first round with the Yankees? I can’t agree with that statement. We won the series, it doesn’t have to be pretty. I’m not going to get into that Yankee thinking that anything short of a WS win is a failure. We have a good team that should continue to be a good team. Only one team can win the thing, and if we’re not that team, it was still a good year in Detroit.
I just finished watching the Lions win on MNF. Great to see Detroit on the map again.

I agree about Lamont, and he has had way too much influence on the outcome of games.

I can’t even begin to comment on Ryan Perry. I am shocked that JL would entrust the fate of his team in extra innings in the post-season to a “hope & dream” reliever who has a concrete histroy of failing in critical situations.
I look at St. Louis and I see Pujols. At Texas I see Cruz. I look at Detroit and I see Cab walking back to the dugout. These are the visions of the day.

In case you didn’t notice Sir Richard, we didn’t HIT in the Yankee series. We pitched our way through that mess.

Wow, lots of good comments. Doesn’t good pitching beat good hitting? Ok, Perry blew it. He was good the other night. Yes. there were other options but how do you know waht they would have done? Maybe we need an extra inning guy. That could be a new role, set up man, closer, extra inning guy. One game at a time. It is NOT over. I was disappointed that the SOC defended Lamont. The ball bounced hard off the wall and came right back to Cruz. Texas still has to make 2 perfect throws. Oh Yeah, Congrats Raburn, you might not be the best fielder but you have some exciting moments! Go Tigers!

I think once this series is over wevare going to find out there are more injuries than we realize. Victor has never not hit like this.
Regarding Perry the other two options weren’t exactly great options either. Q has been horrible, even worse and again probably being bothered by something. I don’t know I am just not going to kill him over that.
It’s just not written in the stars!

Santiago should have been sent to force the issue. That was a big play. You cannot base it on MCab coming up because 1st base was going to be open and he has going to be walked. Mr Magoo strikes again!!!
We are definitely struggling to get the key hit but up until the 11th inning so was Texas. This is playoff baseball. Every thing is magnified. I love the tension. Good pitchers making good hitters look hapless and right now the Texas bullpen is making good pitches.
It does not matter what the sport; in a 7 game series you are not in trouble until you lose a game at home. We are not in trouble yet. We need a win to turn the tide and Fister is the guy who can do it.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Right on, Bob. And Pup, sorry you had to use your last box of Kleenex. Hopefully you will not need anymore. You know, Cabby did hit one caught at the wall in right center. Let’s tap our bats together and say “there’s no place like home”.

Wow, what a tight spot we are in. I was off the computer since last Friday so it is hard for me to cover everything. I am so very sad about Maggs, I hate for his career with us to be over with an injury and not a chance for his standing O and a chance for the fans to appreciate him. Not sure if tha twill happen pregame tonight or not but I hope he feels the love. too bad for the team too since he seemed to have at least a base hit stroke going these days which we sorely are lacking.

Perry never should have had to lose that game, our hitters lost that game last night, the homerun by Raburn was incredible but that cannot be our only scoring of the night, not against the Rangers. I thought for sure we would score after our bases loaded squeeker – way to bear down Jose and get the job done. great double play by Alex and Miggy, that throw from Miggy was near the dirt but Alex made it look easy.

Lamont sends our slowest players home all the time but holds up Santiago. Was it the right call? Can’t tell but at this point I prefer us trying to force the perfect throw to get us out since not many of the guys are consistently coming through- except good old Don Kelly – he has been huge for us this post season.

Not sure what happened between Dirks and Jackson on that fly ball.

Well I am not ready to wave the white flag yet. We just need to score more than 3 runs to win this series and we need our September bats to come alive and find life again.

Q hasn’t pitched very mjuch since his concussion and wasn’t very good when he did pitch. Time will tell if he gets his mojo back.

Two things: As far as AA pitching horribly he’s had 2 outings both coming in with the bases loaded against the Yankees. Coming in to start an inning is a lot different and would have been the perfect time to build confidence.
As for Lamont sending Santiago, the Rangers lead the league in errors so you have to force them to make plays. They will make mistakes.

I’d give just about anything to be at that game tonight. Darell Evans is going to throw out the first pitch which will be delivered to him by Zoom-Zoom. Aretha Franklin will sing God Bless America. What a sight it will be. What a relief to have the team back home.

The other thing about Q is that he has PROVEN that he CAN be dominating.
Perry has only proven that no one is sure if he is minor or major league material. He rarely dominates an inning.
Q gave up a hit ever TWO innings during the season and averages a “K and a half per inning”. A WHIP of 1.15 and an ERA under2.
Perry gives up a hit every inning, averages under a K per “inning and a half”, has a whip of 1.65 and an ERA of over 5
He also has a much longer history of bad performances in clutch situations.
Q can have the opposition walking away shaking their heads, while Perry has the on deck hitters licking their chops.

I wish they would let Darell stay at 3rd and coach tonight.
Santiago very likely would have scored had he been told to go hard. Leyland won’t Lamont under the bus and probably actually believes Lamont had the best idea.
The way we have not been scoring runs, the way we have not had clutch hits from the big guys, having two out and in the GD 9th inning there was actually no upside in not sending him home. I believe Lamont cost us the go-ahead run.
I better add that Don Kelly has been the best Tiger in the playoffs. The one that is playing with confidence and an air of determination.
I am pretty certain we’ll see him at 3rd tonight unless JL “goes for it” and gives Betemit a hack at it with Don in RF. Better off with Dirks out there and DK at 3rd.
Alex Avila is getting some better swings (when he actually swings).
We need some long-ball surprises tonight.
I am in terror waiting for Austin Jackson to lead off the 1st inning again.

On that decision to use Perry, the only possible reason would be that the bullpen coach called in and said Q didn’t have anything out there. Perry didn’t even get an out. By that time, I already thought the game had been lost when Lamont held up Santiago so it was just a matter of time, the way I was seeing it.
When I keep saying to address the Perry situation in the offseason, I mean to trade him while you still can. The kid doesn’t have what it takes. Maybe another team will overvalue him.
So…….if it came down to Perry or Penny, who would you use? Polls are open.

last night I was pulling for Perry as I have zero confidence in Penny. After last night I guess I realize I likely was wrong. Funny to hear the commentators saying Penny said if he was pitching it meant the game wasn’t going well – not good to have a member of our team talking like that. His thoughts should be he is ready to go in at any point and do his job. It is disappointing to know we burned Benoit and Valverde for 2 innings each last night. I know we have to do whatever is necessary for a win at this juncture, it just hurts us for tonight. Doug needs to go deep in the game tonight.

Does Jackson know he is stuggling? Do you see any emotion? AJ, lay down a bunt to start the game.

Tonight is do or die. If they can’t win this one, they have no chance. In order to win, I think some things might need to be shaken up a little bit. Here’s my lineup:
RF – Kelly
2B – Santiago
LF – Young (if he can play)
1B – Cabrera
DH – VMart
C – Avila
SS – Peralta
3B – Inge
CF – Dirks
Jackson is completely lost right now, and it seems to be carrying over to his defense too. I say sit him and give him a chance to catch his breath. How much worse can Dirks be at the plate?

That blank stare of Jackson’s, I haven’t seen anything like it since the Stepford Wives. Amazing how JL can so totally mismanage a particular player while being pretty good with the others. It’s happened before.

Perry or Penny ??? Hmmm …. I will go with Richard Pryor’s mayoral campaign slogan in Brewsters Millions.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Mech Man, Yes we need to win tonight.. Nice line up. But as JIm Carrey said in Dumb and Dumber to the “1 in a million”…….there is still a chance.

We need to sign a backup catcher in the offseason, who can play other positions too.

Perry over Penny – however, Al^2 over Perry in last nights situation. But don’t forget….we were tied and needed to use our pitchers (instead of burning through them) to get work done.

a Penny for thoughts.

Jackson CF, Kelly 3B, Young LF, Cabrera 1B, Martinez DH, Avila C, Peralta SS, Raburn RF, Santiago 2B, (Fister P)

Don’t be shocked if Porcello were called upon tonight for 2 or 3 innings. I think it could happen with the logic that they could start JV (80 some pitches on Saturday) tomorrow.
It goes against all JLogic.
There is very little chance of JL sitting AJ and only slighty better chance of dropping him in the order.
I agree he should not be leasing off.
I also agree that we are looking at a ballplayer that is not cut from the same mold as Pete Rose, or Curtis Granderson, Jose Reyes, Dustin Pedroia, Brett Lawrie or even Clete Thomas and Cameron Maybin.
But AJ is giving up on balls as soon as they are hit. He is tentative on everything out there now. He refuses to steal bases when he gets on. Has no clue that 3rd base can be stolen. And the blank stare referred to above is very disturbing. It is a stare of resignation, of failure and acceptance. It appears to lack even the look of embarassment.
Austin Jackson could be a great ballplayer but i am not sure he’s got it “inside” and I’m not sure that if you don’t have that somewhere already you can ever “create” it.
All that being said, he is only a pice of this team.
The real problem right now is that our .300 regular season hitters (Avila, Cabby, Vmart and Peralta) are hitting .171 with 8 RBIs. More importantly the 4&5 guys are not coming through in the clutch.
Their 1st inning at bats yesterday were downright pathetic.

“doesn’t have it inside”? Get a grip. I can’t believe you wrote that.

Loading the lineup with RHB!
Truthfully though, Dirks nor Betemit have shown any signs that they would be able to hit much.

I would be shocked if tomorrow’s starter comes in tonight. I hope to see Fister, Benoit and Valverde only.

Verlander starts Game 5. They can’t say that enough. Fister, Procello and Sherzer are fine, and not the problem. The problem has been hitting with RISP. Cabby has been walked 7 times in the post-season, which was when VMart thrived in the regualr season. We just need VMart to find a couple holes.

I think you are over the top on AJax. Are you saying that Clete Thomas is a better option? I hope not.

Believe it. You can read into something any way you want to. By “it” I mean the intesity that elevates a ballplayer beyound his peers. Some players have the talent but they don’t have the “it” Some are the reciprocal.
My point about AJ is that he has not developed that part of his game. There is a lot more basketball player in him than football. You won’t see him diving to get his pitcher an out very often. You may not even see him dive to save the game.
You may not like what I am saying.
I don’t like what I am seeing.
BTW, I have a grip, I hope our hitters get one too.

I know what you’re saying, Dan, and it’s a legitimate concern. It’s also one that’s nearly impossible to prove one way or the other, but I tend to put Perry and Oliver in the same category. Only time will tell in cases like these. If this issue was real enough for Sparky Anderson, it’s real enough for me.

As far as the series goes, I have to believe that our talented hitters will bust out of it. Baseball is a game of trends, up and down.
And I have total confidence in Fister tonight.

a) AJ nearly never dives, but ppl will just counter with “he doesn’t need to he is so fast” but that really isn’t the truth.
b) Nobody commented on how Alex is batting higher in the lineup! C’mon now!
c) Fister – guys GREAT and I have 100% confidence in him tonight.
d) Regardless of whether we make it to the WS: I love this team for next year. Fister and Delmon shore up SO MUCH with the tigers. I think Alex, AJ, Boesch and Al^2 are getting a TON of experience this year and will be better next year.
e) We are losing this series right now because of what Dan said….our .300 hitters have disappeared. Other than that, yes, Texas’ bullpen is better and we saw that last night.

AJ is ranked, according to official stats, # 1 as CF in MLB or atleast the AL. He is gold glove material. He doesn’t throw his body on the ground or dive because he doesn’t need to. Some OF’s look great because they aren’t as fast and make some of spectgacular catches ie Grandy. He often beats the ball and doesn’t have to dive. I won’t defend him at the plate, however. Just godawful, but that is Leland’s fault and it doesn’t do AJ any good for his confidence, let alone the team, when he’s been struggling for a whole season and the DA won’t put him at the bottom of the order.

Some people would say it’s because of who his daddy is.

It has been a great season. And as good as it has been there is cause for excitement and concern for next year.
In the immediate sense though, C’mon Boys. Hit the Baseball like it’s a fun thing to do.

1. Austin Jackson, CF
2. Ramon Santiago, 2B
3.Don Kelly, RF
4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
5. Victor Martinez, DH
6. Alex Avila, C
7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
8. Ryan Raburn, LF
9. Inge, 3B

It is that the Youngless lineup?

where did you get that?

SHIT that is the new lineup – delmon is a no go!

Or Raburn 2 and Santiago 8. It is a guess not my preferred option but since this is not fantasy baseball , they have to go with the players they have.

When one of the media asked Leland directly about Jackson moving down in the order, I almost dropped off my chair. You know, FSN wouldn’t dare ask him, especially being that specific. Leland seemed to take it in stride and said something to the effect that it was definitely somethig they’d discuss. Guess they didn’t talk very long.

Let’s have some joy and a laugher, like the Cardinals did to the Brewers. Was that Kaline in the dugout? Maybe he can talk to AJ.

oops, sorry, as a rookie poster I put this in the wrong place! Meant to add to the “joy and laughter” comment…

thanks for sharing! so cute!

They were playing in St. Louis and kicking the drap out of the Brew Crew. Of course, they were happy, just like we’ll be if we do the same.

I m a big fan of Darrel Evans , but the last image of him that i have is him caught out in second in the 1987 playoff.That was the end.When a sesoned player was unable to keep the spirit and good playing that took them from 7 and a half back to win despite been limited to one hit in the last game of the season( They won it), you know it is over.
He was the first ever free agent of Detroit. Thanks to the new owner , Detroit kept Trammell, Lou , Parrish, Morris just before the time they were scheduled to leave the team. And signed him after hitting 40 hts at 39 yo. He batted 40 when 41 yo. he helped Detroit to his most recent WS and the last before the current division championship

He dreamed of traveling to remote South Sea Islands.I suppose you dance much.It’s no use complaining.If Tom cannot keep his promise, he’ll lose face.I’ll fix you Up.Jack shall have Jill.Jack shall have Jill.What about having a pizza first? Your hand feels cold.The machines will not operate properly.

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