Broken ankle ends postseason for Magglio, maybe more

Magglio Ordonez quietly worked like crazy to get himself to the point where the ankle was no longer. His happiness showed after his three hits in Game 2 of the AL Division Series, when he admitted he thought about quitting before deciding to slug it out through the season. He was swinging with a little more lower body strength, even if it wasn’t what it used to be.

One apparent twist of his ankle during pregame batting practice Saturday changed everything.

“My ankle is broke,” Ordonez replied in an email Sunday afternoon.

The Tigers confirmed the same later Sunday. He re-fractured the ankle in the same spot where he had it surgically repaired late last season. His season is over.

It’s not clear whether this is the same type of fracture he had last year, a vertical break that’s supposedly a lot trickier to heal. Even if it isn’t, though, he now has a history.

Just when he was feeling more like his old self, this happens.

“When I was in such good shape, this happens to me,” Ordonez told Venezuelan journalist Aflredo Villasmil on Sunday.

The quote is translated from Spanish.

“I was in BP before the game, I twisted my foot and it started to hurt. I thought it was because of the cold and the pressure I put on it, but nothing like that. It wasn’t that.”

You hope this isn’t how his career ends, that he can come back at age 38 and do it again. But if he’s going to have to go through the same rehab process to get back to this point, he has a decision to make — not just a baseball decision, a life decision. And at age 38 come next January, he’ll be making it without a contract for 2012.

Here’s hoping for the best for Magglio.


I’m trying to find a bright side to all this. The rain delay does give the Tigers more time to make a good decision on replacing Magglio. How am I doing?

so who do you guys think is going to replace Mags? I was looking at the mud hens roster and there isn’t anyone there that really sticks out. Really wish we had casper wells right about now… The only righties that i can think of are Ben Guez and Ryan strieby, but they don’t have that gret of bats it looks like. Otherwise they can bring up some lefties like clete thomas, scott thorman, or timo perez…

who do you guys want up?

I’d like to have kept Casper Wells too but Fister was definitely worth it. I say give Dirks the shot. Maybe he’ll surprise us and he can’t do much worse at the plate than most of the hitters did last night.

Sorry to hear about Magglio. I don’t care about the lefty righty thing so let’s play some defense. Dirks and Kelly. Sorry Wilson, you look worse than Brandon at the plate. 80 degrees and Sunny on October 9th in Grand Rapids and I will leave work early to watch my Tigers play on Monday, October 10th. Priceless! Go Tigers!

Yup, in the 70’s and 80’s the past 2 days without a cloud in the sky here in MI. The last blast of summer.

And this had to happen in Texas. I was so looking forward to seeing him playi in the ALCS again in Comerica. I dread the loss of Magglio because all my memories of him are so happy. He so wanted to win a World Series. He had to sit and watch the Sox win it in ’05 the year he was let go. I have no doubt he will be successful in any venture he’s involved with. It would be nice if Magglio can come back to Comerica so the fans can see him one more time. So many fans have a #30 shirt almost everywhere you go. It just won’t be the same.
Kelly is good out there, but he’s also good at 3rd base. In fact, I like him at 3rd over anyone else. They will have to make do with what they have and what they have needs to start having fun again by winning. The Brewers are a very happy and playful team.

Sometimes you win 3-2 postseason games (the Bronx), sometimes you lose them (last night). I’d only be alarmed if they had lost 10-1 or nonesuch. The hitters must attack the Rangers’ bullpen better – else it’s a 5 inning game and then Ogando, Adams, and Feliz shut us down.
The most encouraging part of Game 1 was how Porcello and Perry pitched. Both of them looked like the pitchers we drafted them to be. It also ensured that Benoit and Valverde will be fresh for Game 2.
I agree Dirks is our best option against LHP. Here’s my ideal lineup:
CF Jackson (let’s face it, Leyland will not demote him – and he has doubled & scored in each of the last two games)
2B Santiago (a bright spot, lot of line drive base hits vs. lefty pitching so far)
1B Cabrera
DH Martinez
SS Peralta (best of a bad lot – we need his bat in the middle of the order)
LF Raburn
RF Dirks
3B Inge (alternating R and L batters)
C Avila (removing the pressure to be an RBI man might help him at the plate)

Yep…ya’ll need to “attack” Feliz…Poppy Grannnnny can lick my johnny cake. He really looks like he’s in excellent physical condition…what a specimen. I’ve got to hand it to him though…he does not BLOW saves, at least he has not BLOWN one yet. I do, however expect him to BLOW before the series is complete. Schmoke and a pancake. Jim Leyland rules…he is a stud. And for real…I like Det because Jimmy is my uncle. But, Rangers first, Jimmy and the kitties second.

Also – the extra day off should be a big plus for the Tigers; it gives Max a third day of rest from his relief appearance and pushes Holland (whose control can be iffy) back yet another day.

So my Tiger Magglio is gone for the season, maybe for good. I was really hoping he was going to come through with some heroics like he did in 2006. His presence will be missed now.
There are reasons to remain optimistic. For starts, whoever replaces him in RF will be a defensive improvement, plus more speed on the bases. Second, an awful lot is made of the LHB/RHB vs LHP/RHP blah blah. Sometimes the stats are not that different anyway,depending on the pitcher. Regardless of the replacement, Dirks and Kelly will have to step up and they are both capable. Good defense can ignite the offense as well as give the pitcher confidence.
Ultimately Cabrera, Martinez, Peralta, Raburn, Santiago, Inge, and Jackson all of whom are RHB or switch hitters need to step up. That leaves only 2 LHBs in the lineup. What the Tigers cannot afford are any more injuries.
They all need to relax and start having some fun out there. How many chances do you get to play in the post season? Make the best of it.
I like the idea of moving Jackson down to 9th in the lineup. Should have been done a long time ago. Take the pressure off of him. Santiago can lead off. Or lead off with Kelly or Dirks. If Jackson should get on base, Santiago would be in position to bunt him over, or create a base stealing attempt by AJ.

I’d think Magglio will suit up on Tuesday and be introduced with the rest of the team. That would be your chance to thank him, Tiger fans. How about a 2-minute standing ovation? Here is a guy who is impossible to dislike, even when going bad on the field. And the fact that he had a broken ankle explains why he wanted Jackson to catch that dropped flyball Saturday night. Sorry for blaming you, Maggs.
As Jason B. says, I think the roster replacement will just fill a roster spot. Kelly and Dirks will have to do the playing. I’d give Andy first crack against the lefty starter and see how that unfolds. Any way you cut it, we’re definitely underdogs now, so let’s just embrace that role and have fun with it.
Other Jason, good point on Scherzer getting the extra day of rest. Looks like the (probably unnecessary) rainout did provide us with an advantage.

Who’s to know how that ankle felt before the game but if he suspected he would be even more limited than he already has been he should have reported it. Makes me cringe even more thinking of Murphy’s fly ball.
Not to disrespect Magglio. He has been one of the better Tigers to ever don the uniform.

Dave G–you can forget timo—he’s under a 50 game suspension.
Realistically it is Clete Thomas or they do something really stupid like bringing Delmon or Brennan back.

Clete has a big stick and a gun for an arm. He would do fine in limited duty untill they learn how to strike him out again.

That’s right, i forgot about Timo’s suspension. I wonder if they will just activate Delmon and wait to use him until later in the series or only has a pinch hitter. However, Morosi said that Delmon has a pretty violent swing and that might not be a good idea. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Leyland has been pushing the right buttons a lot lately so we’ll see if he keep it going and get this team hitting. Mclendon sure has a lot of work to do. If he can get Betemit going, it would help this team tremendously..

I “Bet a Meat” sandwich that the Rangers win this series. A billllllllion gajillion dollars. VER…..LAANNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDEEEEEER….whoops it’s raining I can’t workout today…guess I’ll go have a schmoke and a pancake..

Oh yeah….well my dog’s better than your dog…well my Dad can kick your dad’s buttocks…well, my jersey is prettier than your jersey…well, your Mom is a MILF and mine is too…;Cest is best

Magggggggggggggggggglio….”My ankle is BROKE”…awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Put that in your book. Verlander lips. Man he looked strong the other night../.NOT.

yikes and i thought i was annoying

this is a prime example of why it’s dangerous to let kids use computers

So there are Texas fans out there? Who knew. Do the Rangers pay the Tigers royalties for copying Tiger Stadium’s right field.

Delmon was added to the roster today. Good move. I bet we won’t see him until Game 4 or 5 though.

I would take a chance with Dirks tonight.

1. Jackson CF
2. Santiago 2B
3. Cabrera 1B
4. VMart DH
5. Peralta SS
6. Raburn 2B
7. Avilia C
8. Dirks RF
9. Inge 3B


I hope you and the powers that be are right about Delmon. I think it just as likely he’ll take one swing and cause a more severe tear.
I would have thought a little harder about Clete Thomas.
Back to Saturday. After Ramon comes thru with a bunt single to lead off the 9th I was cchagrined to see Betemit brought in. I figured we had a better chance of bunting Santiago into scoring position. He gets to 2nd you never know what happens. In fact you never know what happens when you lay a bunt down. Sometimes a wild throw to 1st or even 2nd ensues. He gets to 2nd maybe Ogando pays too much attention to him and uncorks a wild pitch and he goes to 3rd.
My point is you never know.
To me Betemit should have been used as a last resort with 2 out, not with no outs on the board.
Instead of PRing for Ramon Worth could have been used to bunt for Inge if JL felt he has a better chance to get one down.
I just don’t understand Betemit being brought in at that time where a run had the possibility of being manufactured.
JL doesn’t show any confidence in his team being ABLE to “manufacture” runs. He is somewhat justified I admit.

For the fun of it!
Santiago 2B
Raburn LF
Cabby 1B
VMart DH
Peralta SS
Avila C
Jackson CF
Dirks RF
Inge 3B

I like that lineup, alot.

I regretably think this will be the end of Magglio’s career. It is impossible to overstate the importance of Magglio coming to Detroit. While Pudge was here a year earlier, Maggs cemented the Tigers as a legitimate ballclub again. And you are not a Tigers fan if you don’t still get chills seeing that HR off Huston Street in 2006.
Magglio is an amazing hitter and I have enjoyed watching him play. Best of luck Magglio, I will always be your fan.

I think the same can be said about carlos

I know it is fashionable to start questioning Lloyd McLendon every time the offense vanishes like this (which is too frequent), but he perhaps needs to be held accountable for some of this. As it is a recurring theme. And our hitters do get into these funks simultaneously. And they do get into a high strikeout mode when they do it. I think they struck out a dozen times on Friday and they have been around double digits all too often. We are not talking about a team where everyone is built like Adam Dunn. We are talking about a team where the nucleus of hitters are, or are former, close to .300 hitters.
We are scoring less than any other team in the playoffs and striking out more—way more.
Something needs to be done in a hurry and if the hitters can’t hit with men on then JL has to improvise. Simple as that. Going for the fence often results in not getting the ball out of the infield, or in our case, the catcher’s glove.

I mean Saturday.

sorry dan, but it looks like the powers that be are willing to gamble… here is the lineup for tonight:
@OFFICIAL_TIGERS: Today’s lineup: Jackson 8, Santiago 4, Young 7, Cabrera 3, Martinez dh, Raburn 9, Peralta 6, Avila 2, Inge 5,Scherzer 1

ugh – i’d still bat Raburn 7th

I am surprised Delmon is back in the lineup so soon. Pleasantly surprised. Go get em TIGERS

Wow. I wish Delmon the best of luck. I know how painful this type of injury is first hand. I hope his was “very” mild because even mild is a serious understatement of that injury.

I hope the extra day is good for Scherzer but I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw the quote from Nolan Ryan: I took the liberty to what he was thinking and not saying!!!!!):

“”With the forecast that we had that we didn’t want to experience what we did last night; and with the forecast for this evening, it appears that it’s going to be duplication of what we saw last night,” Rangers president Nolan Ryan said. “I think the one thing we’re concerned about is the integrity of the game and not put either team in a situation where possibly the elements could affect the outcome of the game.”

Another typo I took the liberty TO ADD

Jason just mentioned that leyland has 2 lineups 1 with delmon and 1 without delmon… apparently it is going to be a game time decision..

The only current Tigers to have a hit of Holland are Betemit and Delmon. Delmon went 4 for 5 off him with the Twins and Betemit 1 for 6 with KC.
In 2010 the only Tigers to get a hit off Holland were Sizemore and Wells!
Cabby and AJ were both 0 x 3 with 2 Ks.
I have a feeling this one ain’t gonna be easy either.

These guys………they either hit or they don’t. I wonder sometimes if the opposing pitcher has anything at all to do with it.

Per Jason: if Delmon can’t go, Dirks will likely start in his place.
I hope that doesn’t mean Andy hits third. You know JL.

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