Worth replaces Young on ALCS roster

When the Tigers were taking batting practice Friday afternoon, there were some hints of optimism that Delmon Young’s strained left oblique would allow him to play in the ALCS. Jim Leyland described him in NFL terms as “probable” and said it would be a game-time decision. The optimism apparently dissipated today, when the Tigers replaced Young on their roster for the ALCS.

Infielder Danny Worth has been added in Young’s place.

What happens to the Tigers lineup without Young around is the next issue. MLB.com’s Barry Bloom wrote a good piece yesterday detailing what Leyland could do with the lineup now that Young is out. Here’s the link:



Quite simply, you replace him with Ryan Raburn. Against those Texas lefties. I don’t think it will be an issue. And it keeps Raburn off 2ndbase and Santiago in. I wouldn’t want to lose anyone else, however.

No Carlos Guillen?

yes most intriguing is that there has been no mention of carlos. sad, his bat would be huge at this point – huge.

That’s one way to look at it!

did think the article by Bloom was really any good hah

I’ll have the horse pushing the cart here, but between the Brewers and the Cardinals, my choice for a WS opponent is neither of them. I don’t like the Brewers or their ballpark, and the Cardinals……….AGAIN?????? I don’t think I can take another week of stories about the Leyland/LaRussa friendship. Not to mention Buck and McCarver doing another Cardinals WS. Pine tar, anyone?
Call me crazy, but I’d rather have played the Phillies.

If AJ, Raburn and Cabby hit: we beat Texas.
Santiago at 2B is not as comforting to me as being able to have DY but the fact we are keeping Raburn out of the infield is priceless. Ramon did sting the ball RH against Sabbathia.

1907,08,35,45 Cubs. In 1984, Cubs were 3 inn far from WS when Billy Goat made the ball between Durham legs( He was an above average defender)
1934,1968, 2006 St Louis.
It seems there is a rule banning Detroit from WS unless to face SL or Cubs.
40 Reds. 09 Pirates.

This injury is all the more reason to elevate Cabby and VMart in the batting order.
Magglio 2nd and Raburn 5th.

I’d be shocked if JL moved his 4 and 5 up. Stunned. I might pull a JL here myself and just stick Raburn in at #3. He’ll get better pitches and I don’t think Magglio requires that kind of help. Raburn does cover more OF ground than Delmon and just needs to somehow stay away from those strange plays that seem to always find him.
I’m going to predict that Jackson has a big series. And that’s my only prediction. Trying to predict a short series of baseball games is akin to playing the lottery.

Not much chance of that though with JL, I remember the days when he had Cabby batting 3rd and Magglio 4th and he was very reluctant to change that up.
I think it is a pretty good idea to stress the pitcher out in the 2st inning with the fact he knows he will have to face MCab and not have the luxury of perhaps facing him in the 2nd with nobody on.
Moat major league teams bat their top hitter 3rd these days.
Ryan Braun, Cano, Pujols, Hamilton, Longoria are a few (and these guys are just from the playoff teams).

Sorry for the typos above but I’m sure you’ll catch my drift. I agree that Raburn is a good choice to give those fastballs to ahead of Cabby (who will undobtedly be batting cleanup).
I hope you are spot on Rich with your prediction. It changes everything when AJ is playing good baseball. He is heading home to the state of Texas and maybe that will fire him up. We need to ignite a spark in our spark plug! He has hit well in Arlington both this year and last.

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