ALCS Game 1: Miggy bats third

For all those Tigers fans who kept wanting Miguel Cabrera to bat third, you get your wish. With Delmon Young out, Jim Leyland opts to move the middle of his lineup up a spot rather to slide Magglio Ordonez back to his old home in the 3-hole. That means Cabrera bats third for the first time since Interleague Play.

Leyland has always entertained the discussion over where Cabrera best fits, but his reasoning for cleanup has always been to try to get as many runners on as possible in front of him. Better to risk him not batting in the opening inning, the argument went, than to have him come up with two out and nobody on in the first.

1. Austin Jackson, cf
2. Ryan Raburn, 2b
3. Miguel Cabrera, 1b
4. Victor Martinez, dh
5. Magglio Ordonez, rf
6. Alex Avila, c
7. Jhonny Peralta, ss
8. Ramon Santiago, 2b
9. Brandon Inge, 3b
P: Justin Verlander


This lineup has two second basemen listed. Who’s playing LF?

Problem was for the first half and into July, no one was getting on base or hitting while Cabrera batted 4th.
Leyland’s pal larussa has pujols, berkman, and holliday bat 3/4/5.
Cabrera led off an inning about 180 times this season from the 1st inning on

Okay then, mark me as shocked and stunned. If JL managed more like this during the regular season he wouldn’t have as many complaints, but I’m glad he’s doing it now. He’s done a very good job over the past two months. Having the horses helps, but he’s made some good decisions. Way to go, Jim. You won me over after all these years. And I’m lovin’ it.

idk about less complaints there rich

This makes more sense to me though I would likely have had Magglio batting 2nd over Raburn.
Not complaining—glad to see Leyland willing to make major adjustments from his often very linear thinking.

Weeeellll unless the bats are going to get hot heres how i see it:
1. walk or strikeout
2. inconsistent
3. Miguel Cabrera, 1b
4. hasn’t hit yet in postseason
5. Magglio Ordonez, rf
6. has never hit in postseason – prolly burnt out
7. oof
8. Ramon Santiago, 2b
9. walks and pop outs
P: Cy Young winner

“4. hasn’t hit yet in postseason” he got a Homer against Nova and a Hit+RBI against Sabathia :$

He knocked in the winning run Thursday night.

and, Jhonny Peralta, Mr. Reliable, doesn’t get the respect he deserves, imo.

EH i’m just frustrated with our hitting -> and btw his OBP is only like .300

This team CAN hit with anyone. It often doesn’t but it CAN.

There will probably be more offense from both clubs in this series. Those 5-game sets make it tough to even breathe.

No way I can call Jim the SOC with this lineup.
Would not be surprised that the elimination of the two favoured teams causes a rethink on how the playoffs get expanded.
The best team in each League should have the Wild Card team, regardless of which Division pretty much ensuring they play are team who are pulling out all stops just to make the playoffs and can not set their pitching lineups. Also a 7 game series to start to minimise future steals like the Tigs just pulled off winning the series despite being outscored 28-17.

I don’t know if my nerves can take it, I’ve barely recovered from Thursday night!

Wasted opportunity #1. And of course

Oh my god AJ dropping a routine popup? And then Andrus was out at second and the ump missed it!

Not loving the crappy strike zone.

Let’s hope Welke starts calling his right side strike zone a bit better.
I’ve been saying that AJ is not right in the field. I’m positive of that now.
He’s lucky there are so many LHP on this Ranger team.
I’m down on AJ right now. He’s pressing and it is only gonna get worse.

2nd inning yet another wasted opportunity!

someone give AJ the heimlich maneuver

I don’t know what Verlander has to do to get a pitch called a strike, but it’s interesting that Wilson isn’t having a problem in that regard!

yea i felt that way too – an amazing amount of pitches thrown by JV at this point.

Verlander is not pitching to well, but certainly is having to fight the ump as well as himself. Not feeling good about this one

The Tigers need to get the bats hot and put some runs on the board.

We need to start getting some hits and runs.

3rd wasted inning

blue sucks tonight – simple as that

Well, all I got to say is the ump is a giant piece of crap! That third strike call to Miggy as compared to some of the purges he called balls to JV? You gotta wondered??

Where are our Tigers that started off the season with 35 or 40 straight games with extra base hits?
Now it’s singles and DPs. Station to station madness.
Downside of Magglio was shown last inning. There is a price to pay for his RHB I guess.
Frustrating strike zone. JV is not getting the right side of the plate and Welke is giving the southpaw that and more. Different look for the ump but I hope he adjusts.
Cabby is off–even with the call, he’s off.
This team of ours needs more speed next year., much more.

we have speed: kelly, worth, and the ghost of ty cobb. Only one of them can hit….even if he didn’t have much of a BA this year

Dan and Jim said a ton of rain may be on the way. Weather forcast for tomorrow is horrible. Well, if Justin has to leave the game for too long with a rain delay, we know who we’re gonna see in relief. A penny for your thoughts.

How did Brandon miss that?

Justin is getting pissed!

Boesh and Young make this a different game

NEBRASKA has got to wake up!

Inge to me seems to go back and forward well, but that side to side a problem I think. Our infield, (nothing new) is suspect. Strike zone still pissing me off!

OUCH glad nobody was on base

And a new ump

well in all honesty we only need to win one of these but i think we’ve hit these guys ok tonight – we can def. put up 3 runs

I wonder if fox a) could be more delayed relative to the real action, and b) could show LESS of the actual game. garbage

i really wanted to give the announcers a chance but ooof it’s harsh….i’m going with jim and dan

Time to put Dirks in CF. AJax is lost .
Andrus was out in second
Magglio was worse in the second art bat than in the first. 2-0. Two down. Wait for a strike
Cabrera must be patient.He has been pitched around at is going after to many bad pitches. And it was outside.
Verlander overworked thanks to the lousy defense but he must forget about the ump. Great play with runner on third.
Inge as usual , doing swing like Rob Deer and ending like Rob Deer.
Avila must begin to hit the ball.
Time to worry when your best hitter in the game is Raburn

Evan you are a bit more confident than I am in this teams ability to produce runs at this stage of the post-season.
I don’t see see us as being anywhere close to getting those “instant runs”. Cabby, VMart, Avila, Peralta and Ordonez do not seem long ball capable right now.
Welke has been bad tonight. No question, but Welke is not pitching the ball nor is he hitting it. The fact is the Rangers have been a demonstrably better ball team than we have been tonight thus far.

Again they start another game they know they won’t get in! I’m feeling conspiracy!

I’d put Kelly and Worth in the game.

I am so happy we bet the Yankees but the truth is we were fortunate to do so. We got great pitching but our hitting was mediocre the whole series.
Shame to see some of the guys we have seen perform so well during the season, fail miserably in the playoffs.
Whatever the outcome of this season is it is very clear there are shortcomings on this team that seriously need to be recognized and addressed.
A problem we have always had is taking advantage of a good pitcher going bad in the 1st inning. Again tonight in the 1st where a good at bat at least brings you in a run.
Too slow, too many DPs. It’s a chronic problem.
And by speed I don’t count bench players. I want to have position players that can run. You can have your 1st sacker and your DH run like they are going backwards but the other guys have to be able to beat out a hit, break up a DP, go from 1st to 3rd.

In the playoffs is usually when you see the lowest scores because of the outstanding pitching. One more hit in the first and we’d probably be coasting.
I’m not gonna get myself in a twit over game one and I hope the players keep their cool. We’ve come from behind lots of times.

It looks like JV could be done now. 82 pitches and 3 stressful innings. I doubt they could accelerate him to game 4.
I am fearful JL will seriously consider bringing Penny in. Especially if this game were to be suspended.

Lol Dan… I think we could be up 3-1 in game 5 of the world series… And you would find a way to be negative.

Austin Jackson is lost and Magglio is back to making easy outs. Delmon Young’s injury is more consequential than I thought. I’m almost up for playing Don Kelly every day – he can’t do worse at the plate and at least he fields well. As in New York, the rain delay might stem the tide against the Tigers. Inge’s at bat when the game resumes will be critical.

Oooh, Porcello is warming up! Verlander appears to be done for the night and lined up to pitch Game 4 in Detroit. I think this is a good move by Leyland; Justin never seemed comfortable tonight.

Hope the MLB is proud of themselves! They have screwed the Tigers over completely after not figuring this rain thing out! Not once, but twice, learn to read a radar you freaking idiot!

Seems like it helped the Tigers more than anything. Predicting rain is not foolproof.

AJax with a surprise double to right center! Tigers on the board at 3-1.

And now a 4 pitch walk by Raburn!

Free donut! Napoli can’t block the breaking ball in the dirt. 3-2 now with Victor still up.

Strike 3 major league baseball! Ya know these rain delays regular season are cute, but not so cute here. They are really pissing me off here!

Still not sure why all the hate on the rain delays. Stuff happens, deal with it.

The Venezuelan Vaqueros are driving me nuts tonight. No offense El Tigre.
The team needs them to come through with a man on 3rd and less than 2 out and twice they have let the team (and us) down. VMart in that situation has to be able to find the green.
Avila may as well swing at the 1st pitch when he gets back up because if he takes a 1st pitch strike he’s toast. I thought Inge was a fool for swinging at the 1st pitch after that delay but the situatioh was totally different. There were none out. I thought he should feel this rain delayed pitcher out.
The way Avila is hitting if he gets something he can get the bat on then he may as well give it a shot.
He really needs to learn how to take advantage of his power and start getting some power output to the pull field. He is flying out a whole lot to deep left centre this year, especially at Comerica.

Dont worry . I m with them because the play for the Tigers. I would not care about them playing for another team.
BTW: they would be llaneros ( More or less … rangers) the venezuelan equivalent of cowboys .

Does someone have Verlander’s voodoo doll? This can’t be happening again.

So to sum up, everything went against us early but now after the rain it’s a brand new ballgame. Welke, with his 28 years of big league experience, was terrible. I think I’ve only seen one good ball/strike umpire all year, and that was the rookie Alan Porter. It finally got to Verlander, which he can’t allow to happen, but he was pretty much forced into coming in and over the plate.
On the Jackson muff, it looked like Magglio’s ball to me. Just catch it, Maggs, don’t lean on Austin so much. I think AJ was waiting for Ordonez to call it.
Let’s keep in mind that this is the first half of the first game of a best of 7 series, and not get all bent out of shape yet.
I’m reading my own radar, which I think I know how to do, and it appears this game will get going soon and finish without further delay. What JL does with his pitchers the rest of the night, well, glad I don’t have to make the call. If he comes with Porcello, he’s pretty much saying that he may not wait till game 5 to bring back Verlander. It will be interesting. And entertaining. That is the point to following a team, right?

Well with me I hate to see my team making unnecessary mistakes and strategies. I can’t stand seeing obvious solutions or remedies overlooked in favour of the status quo.. I want my Tiger team to be the best they can be and if that means making changes even after they have accomplished something positve-then make the change.
We could win the World Series this year and i would not be happy with this squad starting off next year.
I hope they make me unhappy with that scenario!

Okay, since we have the delay, I think we need a 2ndbaseman who is a true leadoff hitter, a slick fielding 3rdbaseman who can hit .250, and we should sign CC Sabathia if he opts out of his NY contract. CC would like it here. He just wouldn’t like what we’d be willing to pay him.
One good thing in offseason dealing is that we have a big head start on a solid core and should be able to fill in those gaps without much trouble. It’s nice to have a good team going into the winter. Gives us something to look forward to.

I just heard 10 minutes.

Avila gets a big chance here for some redemption.
Really tough spot for him but also for Gio Gonzalez.
And then we have to see how Ricky P deals with this bizarreness

Alex grounded out on ball 2! Alex Alex Alex what’s happened to you?

tigers don’t hit Ogando, advantage Texas!

I know Ogando is good, but there were teams that were able to hit him this year no problem. He makes the Tigers hitters look absolutely pitiful!

All we can hope for is that Washington has a brain freeze and puts Adams in.
Ogando is eating us up.
Very disappointed in Cab and VMart. Without them making significant contributions this club has little chance to match Texas

This is painful to watch these crappy at bats.
Texas has a bullpen that matches up quite well against our lack-of-hitting.
The ump played a key part in this game.
Avila, AJ and Cabby. If these 3 young men don’t get there act together we are done.
We’ll certainly see Betemit in the 9th. All Feliz has to do is throw down and in to him.
AJ won’t get a sniff.
It’s a dark night in Motown.
Betemit has a 1 in 20 chance of putting one out of the park. 19 out of 20 chance of a strikeout.

Rangers LOB – 9
Tigers LOB – 19
What else to add…

… it’s only the beginning. Hope they’ll overcome themselves.

My take

Blown opportunities, consistent with this post season so far
Umpire made damn sure Texas had an advantage. He changed at bats and therefor the game. ie Beltre homer
JV just hasn’t been at his best un a while, I don’t know if he is tired or what! Disappointed though. But for dang sure he wasnt even given borderline strikes
MLB has got to get a better grip on this rain and people who can actually read radars, they wasted another starter for us, and interrupted the game twice during our ab’s when we lost momentum, because they couldnt figure it out not once but in total 3 times so far this post season
Pretty pissed off right now!

So we came out of the rain delay and Avila didn’t work Gonzalez at all, swinging at the 2nd pitch instead of seeing if the guy could even throw a strike. And Inge did the same earlier with Wilson. These are not smart ABs. Does anyone coach them up before they go to the plate in these spots?
Worst AB of the night award goes to Betemit, who took the same vicious swing three times, regardless of where the pitch was actually thrown. That might be the worst AB of the entire season. May as well have left him off the roster. Jackson remains Jackson. If Cabrera and Martinez don’t do damage, we don’t score much.
The winning run was Cruz’s homer on a pitch thrown by a frustrated Verlander.
Funny that Buck said “good game” several times when we knew the outcome from Avila’s 5th inning AB forward.
I have to wonder if just taking a pitch you can’t handle is better than swinging wildly, as we did against Neftali. That looked pretty ridiculous.
Backs against the wall again. We’re used to it.

I shut if off after Avila’s at bat with the bases loaded. Furious, and that’s putting it kindly. Had to get up early this a.m. so just listened to Dan and Jiim on my nightstand radio. All those men lob!!!!!!! Ugh!!!1

Betemit has seen 13 pitches in his last 4 at bats and struck out 4 times.
Not on my team next year.
To say he is one dimensional is being twice as kind as a person can be.
Inge on my team. No
So who plays 3rd?
Peralta. But you better get Jose Reyes.
Why is it we had a flame thrower like Zumaya but he ended up getting drilled by hitters in the late innings but we can’t muster up a swing against a similar pitcher?
Lots of blame to share in this one but the middle of our lineup (3-4-5-6) really let us down big time. The whole lineup, excepting Ramon, pretty much stunk and 12 Ks are pretty indicative of the potential they exhibited.
Verlander has not been magnificent by any stretch, but he deserved better tonight from his hitters and from the ump who changed his game and was a factor in the outcome. That is not supposed to happen.
The killer was when we couldn’t mount anything of consequence against a 42 year old journeyman who was offered up as a gift to us (in that he replaced Ogando who we were never going to hit).
The Texas bullpen is going to torture us if we can’t do something about getting to the starting pitcher.
Our hitter have again, as they frequently have done this year, mysteriously vanished simultaneously.
We have scored 19 runs in 6 games. That is not a prescription for success.
As all of you are….me too …..bummed!

We are going to have to do our damage against Texas’ starters because their bullpen is even better than New Yorks’. And while I don’t generally complain about umpires, Welke had a terrible game. Definitely got under JV’s skin. The muff by Jackson in the first made Verlander throw about 15 more pitches than he needed to and made a routine inning stressful from the getgo. If the situation calls for it, I’d rather see Dirks bat than Betemit. He looks like he’s swinging with his eyes closed !

Hey statman, the only way I retract my nickname SOC is if Jackson gets pulled from the leadoff spot. It’s just one game. Now you know how the Yankee fans felt. Bases loaded twice with one out. The Tigers need to hit to win. I am going to enjoy being in the playoffs. Frustrated yes, p’d off, no. Balls and strikes being called……………… aggressive. Are you waiting for a walk or a strike out? Go Tigers!

No, there were two ABs last night that called for being patient, both coming out of a rain delay. The first one was Inge as he faced Wilson who had just waited out the delay. The second, and bigger one, was Avila, who was facing a guy who’d just entered the game, had a reputation for wildness, and was a lefty to boot. The coaching staff told Alex to be patient, but he instead swung at the second pitch up in the zone. Alex should have gone up with a 3-0 approach, only swinging at a pitch he had keyholed. He swung at ball two.
I thought adding Worth gave JL the option to start Inge against the lefties, PH Betemit against a RH reliever, then insert Worth at thirdbase. Betemit has turned out to be worthless, however.
These are the two best teams in the AL and only one can win it. We have Scherzer and Fister for the next two games. All we need to do is get some timely hits. That will take plate smarts.

We just seem intent on setting the tone with AJ leading off evry game with a K. He did provide the only offense of the night, but was otherwise striking out like it’s going out of style. And if AJ is providing the only offense of the night at any time then you have got a huge problem.
What is very troubling are the innocuous at bats being delivered by guys in the middle of the lineup. I have no idea why Avila was ELEVATED in the lineupagainst a southpaw. Seemed more sensible to drop him from 6th. Cabby, VMart, Ordonez, Avila Peralta —none of them are bringing any sense of danger or threat when they step to the plate. They are not putting minda altering fear in to the minds of the pitcher They are simply another bat in the lineup that has to be faced.
I think the worst thinkg is that the Tigers have lost the “joy” of playing ball. They had it a month ago when the game was fun and they were loose and comfortable and eager for their next at bats.
What this team really needs, more than anything else, is a laugher. A game where the lineup pounds the opposition, the defense makes good plays and Scherzer has a stress-less game. We need to get some swag back.

2 good points. Plate smarts. Joy and a laugher. Rich, I fell asleep from the rain and did not see the 2 ab’s mentioned. I did wake up in the 7th inning, too bad the Tiger bats did not. The 1st inning at bat by Maggs with the bases loaded. He took the 1st pitch. I thought he has been pull happy. That was the perfect pitch to hit up the right center gap. Hitting shoes, let’s put ’em on! Go Tigers!

Well I know one thing for sure, JV is not the same guy we were used to seeing most of the summer and if the Tigers expect to do anything he has got to shut it down and do his job. I also know that he was getting screwed over by Welke last night. What do they say if you notice the umpire he did a bad job. He made damn sure that JV didn’t get the inside strike, the outside strike, the low or the high strike. So consequently the Rangets didn’t have to swing at a damn thing. So consequently he had to throw it right down the middle were they could hit. He was frustrated, I was frustrated, everyone was frustrated..
The Tigers bats for the most part are beyond pitiful. They are impatient. But again Welke made sure of the outcome.

First off, tonight’s game may be rained out entirely.
The joy comes from Miggy on a roll, it lights up the entire team.
You’d think that the best pitcher in the AL would get the calls, not get squeezed. I’ve never understood that with Verlander this season. That aside, he hasn’t had the good curveball for some time now. He said he found it during the rain delay, only to have another rain delay! Sometimes ya can’t win.
I think Avila is just plumb tuckered out. We’re paying the price now.
The entire world thinks Jackson should hit 9th. Interesting to listen to Tito Francona as he made a delicate attempt to explain why Jackson isn’t your typical leadoff hitter.
In the “things will only get worse” department, Tim McCarver will be back on Tuesday. Are you ready for that? Tim should just go on the talk show circuit so he can spin Bob Gibson stories while leaving the “expert analysis” to real experts. And now senility is setting in. Sad.
It sounds all rah rah but the fact is that there is a long way to go in this series. Someone will step up for us.

There was “badness” all over this game. Mostly the hitting. JV wasn’t great but he should be reasonably able to expect his offense to produce runs for him. Washington managed a good game. Leyland didn’t get the chance to manage much but when he did, he was bizarre.
I’m sorry, what’s up with PRing Worth for Ramon? Worth is no Herb Washington.
And Ramon is no sloth from Central America. In fact I would suggest that Ramon is probably one of the best true base-runners on the team. I can see if the idea was to put in a “speeding bullet” to give a stolen base and a runner in scoring position. But a guy with perhaps a marginal speed advantage over the guy he is replacing? A guy that just beat out a bunt hit and gave you 3 hits during the game? A guy that has made every single play in the field?
That was bizarre.
I know his idea was if Jackson or Raburn were to gap one then he would score—truth is so would’ve Ramon. Ramon has a winner’s heart and will find a way to rise to the occasion. Worth is a nervous rookie with distractions in his head. He is also not Herb Washington.
Obviously this was not a factor in the loss but it was a strange move all the same.
As to that bench. We are totally stuck with Betemit as the power bat on the pine. He might be able to run into one and I would suggest he might have a better chance if he indeed, closed his eyes, and swung. He’s already closed his mind up at the plate, so why not his eyes too?
Worth and Santos on the bench. Worth and Santos???
Penny in the bullpen? What’s the plan for him? To throw him game 4 if you are down 3 games to none and behind 7-0? Really, why waste the roster spot?
I would have Ordonez (and let’s face it we have to play him in right) batting 2nd. Where he might be a little more inclined to start hitting the ball to right or up the middle again. Drop Raburn to a position where a ground ball from does not automatically result in a DP. You already have to slugs ahead of you in the middle of the order that have DP tattooed to their foreheads.
Maggs was productive in the 2 hole when he got back. He is not productive in an RBI spot.
Leyland has gotten a lot out of his troops this year. And they really do like the guy. But he does have a stubborn streak that sometimes exacerbates the problems of his young players.
i.e. Last year when he insisted on batting Boesch 5th when he was going bad and batting Boesch 5th when he was going “worser” than bad and then still batting him 5th when he couldn’t even make contact with the ball.
He’s doing the same thing with AJ. He is continuing to make him his leadoff man. Meanwhile AJ is not doing the job and becoming too used to it. Resigned to the fact that he strikes out at a mind-numbing rate. How many times does he walk back to the dugout feeling like he doesn’t belong? What is that doing for his confidence?
all these little things will mean nothing if only the Tiger bats start to wake up. It starts with better approaches at the plate. Less “I gotta get a hit” and more “I gotta get a good pitch to hit”.
Always a Tiger.

I’d forgotten about Worth pinch running for Santiago. That was strange, yes.
Ramon seems to hit better down in the order, but he’d still make a better leadoff hitter than AJ. He’d look at some pitches and put the ball in play. If he did get on first, he’s just as good if not better than AJ as a hit and run guy for Ordonez hitting second. There’s not much that’s more valuable than a smart ballplayer, which Santiago is. And if Jackson, hitting 9th, managed to get on base, you have Ramon next to do whatever is necessary. JL has changed in every other respect, why not make this change too?
Peralta, Avila, and Inge go 6 through 8.

You got that right, Rich. I know one thing I’d do. Take the Skipper’s phone away fronm him and his everyday conversations with LaRussa.

Postponed the game already????? Those idiots got it wrong again. Can’t anybody read a radar map?

Well it just got worse, not only is the game already cancelled for tonight, Magglio out for the rst of the season. Beginning to think the baseball gods are conspiring against us! Son of a b…………

The beat goes on.
They will look pretty stupid if it doesn’t rain.

First I heard about Magglio. Th bright side is we’ll hit into less DPs and catch more fly balls to right.

Magglio has been pretty good, he gives you a better shot than who?… Who can they bring up from the right side? Mud hens haven’t played in a month! Were screwed!

Looks like we’re getting all of our injuries, and misfortune, in the postseason. So how healthy is Delmon by tomorrow, really?

If this is in fact the case, we have been dealt a problem for sure. Texas loaded with LHP and we had Raburn, Young and Ordonez ready to take advantage.
Not sure what the rules are. If a guy had to have been on the 40 man roster at the end of the year, or actively with the team or if they can be substituted from off the 40 man in the event of injury in the playoffs.
I suspect they would be more inclined to rush Guillen back now (before he hurts himself in instructional league). Ryan Strieby is a RHB on the 40 man but he’s no outfielder. That experiment failed.
This could be what’s known as a real cluster…………..
of events,

GK? Where did you hear this aboout Magglio. I haven’t seen anything on it.

And this:
“If an eligible player cannot play in a post-season series because of injury, his club may petition the Commissioner’s office to replace him with any player who was in the organization on August 31, provided the replacement was included on the roster of a minor-league affiliate at the end of the major-league season.”

(1986 Major League Rules)

Rule 40


(a) PLAYERS ELIGIBLE. To be eligible for the World Series, a player must be a bona fide member (active, disabled, suspended, or on the Military List) of a qualifying team on August 31 and must remain a bona fide member until the end of the season of the year in which the series is played, under a playing contract or terms acceptance approved and promulgated by the President of the League of which such Club is a member. However, if any eligible player or players is unable to render service in the World Series because of a specific injury or ailment, a Club may, upon submission of written proof of disability, request permission from the Commissioner for replacement of said player or players from an affiliated National Association club. Any such replacement must have been on the roster of an affiliated National Association club on and prior to August 31 and must have remained within the Major League Club’s affiliated system until the end of the Major League championship season. A pitcher may only be replaced by a pitcher. A player other than a pitcher may be replaced only by a player other than a pitcher. Any roster substitution pursuant to this rule can be accomplished only with the express consent of the Commissioner. No more than 25 players shall be eligible in the case of any qualifying team. No substitutions may be made after the commencement of the World Series.

Tigers have 6 OFers on the Hens’ roster. 5 of them bat LH!!!!!
Guez who is left?

Interesting in that I can’t even find a decent RHB OF in the AA or AAA Tiger systems.
Can they call up SIX?

It is his ankle. Done for the season.
Anybody on the 40 roster is elegible . It was explained here, before the postseason .The Tigers were able to made three changes before the playoff. And can make three more for the WS.The roster are no longer set like in the past.
Now Magglio go on DL and they can call anyone on the 40 roster for the second game tomorrow

4 pm east time

If Delmon is healthy since he was replaced in the roster and he is not on DL, he could be called.

There’s nobody of any value on the 40 man. My understanding is they can actually move someone (an outfielder) on to the 40 man (from their system) and then he can be placed on the playoff roster. Commissioner’s office needs to approve.

Wonder what Casper Wells is thinking right now?

JL’s head must be spinning. I’m sure he’s proably secretly hoping DY can find a way to play through it. The word I used there was “hoping” We all know that everyone is aware of the severity of Delmon’s condition and that he is without question finished this season.
I would suppose a likely callup could be Clete Thomas. He’s not gonna help much against the Texas lefties but he has MLB experieince and can field and run. He had a poor season but picked up his average in the last month. He will run through a brick wall for you and is willing to get his uni dirty anyway.
Other than that they could do something really ” baseball-romantic” and call up a guy with 5 tools but no experience. Big strong RHB Avisail Garcia from single A.
Things are pretty desperate after all.

So Delmon Young is eligible then? This is a strangely slow breaking story.

I would call a pitcher and go with the current OFs.They will lose the rest day. So pitchers will be ,again, overworked.
Santiago and Worth can handle 2b. So it is Raburn , Dirks, AJax, Kelly in the OF.Anyway , Kelly was playing half of every game when Magglio was there.
Magglio broke his ankle after the first at bat. He resented after the second at bat. He is thinking retirment. Venezuelan media is saying that. No link , heard at the SL, Brewer broadcast

Let me reword it . He tried to play but after the second at bat , it was too much pain

Delmon would be eligible as he was not taken off the roster due to injury but simply taken off the roster at the end of the round.

Well you can certainly be proud of him and his bseball accomplishments. He was a truly good ballplayer.

Dave, I am just glad he is limiting his stubborness now to only AJax and leading off. He sure has been creative in many ways the past few months.

I know it’s a late comment Dan but I heard it on the MLB channel JL was having a press conference about it!

As I previously mentioned the Tigers do have a RHB named Ben Guez at Toledo.
My guess is they would opt for Clete though. For reasons stated above.
Clete is already on the 40 man roster. JL likes him and if Dirks can’t do the job maybe Clete can.

Broken ankle???????????????????????

Tough way to go out for Maggs. He’s said he would play next year, but I highly doubt it would be here. Well, when they have that reunion in 2016, guess who’s going to get the biggest cheer? Good luck, Maggs.
The challenge just got a little bigger, but it’s not over yet. BTW, check your weather in Arlington and you’ll see no rain tonight. Doesn’t matter, though. Even without it being a travel day, Fox would have forced an afternoon game because of all their idiotic shows premiering tomorrow night.

Really? No rain?
I have a bad feeling about this.
Probably pour tomorrow.

Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers and perhaps an isolated thunderstorm. Patchy fog after midnight. Lows in the lower 60s. North winds around 5 mph. Chance of rain 40 percent.

Columbus Day
Patchy fog in the morning. Partly sunny with a slight chance of showers and perhaps an isolated thunderstorm in the morning…then mostly sunny in the afternoon. Highs in the lower 80s. North winds around 5 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent.

From bad to worse. Boesch…Young…Ordonez. Rain…Welke…rain. Where are those bats they used during the 12-game winning streak? Maybe a Clete Thomas or Ryan Strieby or someone else could light a fire and get everyone else moving?

What “comments” did Wil Rhymes make about the Saturday game?

Well he is correct in his assessment of the move. However he didn’t make any points with JL did he? That WAS a weird move. Ramon represented the tying run only and was effectively removed from the lineup had the game been tied. When will Ramon ever get the respect he deserves? And what bothers me is when he strands a runner or has a poor AB the condescending negative remarks creep in even on our blog here.

But as you know, second guessing JL is a punishable offense

I haven’t notice that too much except from one individual Marty. Ramon is a solid ball player with a sense of how to play the game properly.
As to Ramon’s treatment I think JL genuinely appreciates and loves the guy but I also think Ramon has been such a good and loyal trooper that he has placed himself into a “comfortable” niche by JL
I think JL likes to have the solid non-complainers around to offset the super stars. I also think JL underestimates Santiago, preferring to pigeon hole him into the compliant, reliable ball player he likes to have on his bench.
JL probably figured that Worth is a bit faster and perhaps a hair closer to scoring the tying run. He probably also figured that he would not be losing a ton of defense with Worth. I don’t think he would have PRd Rhymes.
I’m not stickiing up for JL here. Just offering an explanation. Ramon has had a better series than most of the rest of the lineup actually.
All this about Ramon but I must admit, as much as I like him I do not think he is what we need at 2B next year. We need someone with clout. Someone who can hit 15-20 homers from that position as well as field it withcomplete reliability.

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