Avila update: Tweaked knee, feels fine

When Alex Avila was seen hobbling around the Tigers dugout in the seventh inning following a play at first base, the fear was that he had turned his ankle stepped on the bag thanks in part to a wild throw from Alex Rodriguez. Turns out it was actually his knee, which gave way a little on the shift below.

He stayed in the game, obviously, and he said after the game he was fine. But coming off a foul ball in which he slipped on the wet on-deck circle and had manager Jim Leyland terrified he’d pulled a groin, he seems to be creating concern.

“Just a little tweak in my knee,” Avila said. “The contact, that’s going to happen when you step on somebody’s foot running at full speed.’


Oh boy!

his bat isn’t quite up to par right now, but we can’t lose him, that play at the on deck circle had me so worried.

ugh alex and austin haven’t gotten hits yet – maybe tonight can be their night?

BUT… Austin was on base 3 times last night, which is great. Also put down a nice bunt.

I am glad Beniot did not pitch last night => We’re going to need righties coming out of the pen tonight (Al^2, Cyclops (aka Agent P) and Beniot) because they are def. going to stack lefties against young Ricky P. OUR BATS GOTTA give us some runs tonight – but if they do I’m confident we’ll win.

scratch that – we’re going to need ppl who can deal with lefties coming out of the pen. Wake and bake got me that time. SO we need Al^2, Coke and Shlereth to take care of business tonight. We might need Benoit and VV also….but gosh they gotta be tired ya think. I’m sure JL will use the later if we are in a save situation however.

Can’t say a whole lot about the game itself. We were buried in the top row of the upper deck in leftfield in foul territory. Got to be the worst seats in the house; the players were tiny specks and even the small scoreboard was hard to read. It was no place to actually watch a game but it was cool to be at a playoff game. After Verlander fanned the side, we moved down and began to circle the field from the lower bowl. Finally found a viewable spot in the SRO among the statues. Much better, and we watched the remainder of the game from there, peeking around people in front. Dead centerfield, and the strike zone was ridiculous.
We had to stand in a long line just to get inside the ballpark which I didn’t expect. We reached our seats in the heavens just before Kenny Rogers threw out the first pitch. It was a long day, with the 9 hour drive and all.
Tonight we’re upstairs again but this time behind homeplate, so it should be much better. Also going to arrive earlier; an hour wasn’t enough.

Complaints about the strike zone should not have unexpected. Girardi (whom I normally feel is a class guy), showed typical Yankee arrogance in publicly decrying the umping of Gerry Davis last night.
The fact is Gerry Davis is well known as having the smallest strike zone in the business. http://www.hardballtimes.com/main/article/a-zone-of-their-own/
Everyone knew this going in. We could argue Posada was struck out by JV but didn’t get the call.
The all important assignment tonight I think goes to last night’s 1st base ump. If that is correct then Dan Iassogna gets the plate and he is known as having a “pitcher unfriendly” low strike zone. This does not bode well for Porcello of course, who needs that low strike.
All we can do is hope the ump has a good game and a consistent one.

Yankees whine a LOT. Girardi really sounds awful complaining about the strike zone after that game. It was a tight strike zone for Verlander as well. And in the 9th, Valverde struck out Jeter twice. (That 1-2 pitch was not even close).
Bottom line: Verlander got it done, CC did not. (gotta give credit to CC, he did not complain at all about the strike zone).

More importantly we need our regulars (Avila, AJ, VMart) to contribute offensively tonight. And we need “The Big Fell'” to come up big too.
We have been blessed with good fortune with donny Kelly, Santiago and Inge. But, you can’t rely on those guys to provide those kinds of results on a daily basis. You have to take it as a bonus while the key components of your lineup are floundering.
AJ certainly had better at bats last night. One can only hope but I expect Burnett will not be easy for him.
Not so sure Betemit will be playing this game. Inge’s numbers against Burnett are actually better. He is + defensively and he likely won the favour of JL again.
The truth is, no one on the Tigers has really hit Burnett very well at all and the Tigers are hitting only .237 against him. He’s actually thrown pretty well against us over the years.
Quite likely guys like Q, Schlereth and Coke will be instrumental to the outcome.
This one isn’t gonna be easy and the Yanks are still the Yanks. We need to be on top of our game.

If you go on the Yankees blog they are all complaining about the strike zone. Also, they thought the announcers were for the Tigers. They do not like Burnett. He has been inconsistent (sound familar?) I predict a high scoring game. Tigers win, 8-6.

The announcers were pro Yankees…..or at least that one guy is (not smoltz or anderson).

lol they should hear a mario and rod telecast then some time ! biggest home boys ever…..

No one is a bigger home boy that Hawk Harrelson. “Dad gum it!!!”

There seems to be so much dislike out there for Hawk. Some people say they hate him. Not me. I love the guy. Makes the game fun (for me, anyway) if I was a White Sox fan. In real life, he’s a very intelligent man, with many interests and can be quite eloquent. I suppose the younger generation finds him corny and not bright, but he is anything but. Love the guy!

Ron Darling

a lot of my friends can’t stand that guy….i just ignore him lol

Hawk’s obseesion with his Sox borders on mental imbalance. I wouldn’t let him anywhere near my water cooler!!!

I know no one would dare bring this up to Leyland but IF the Tigers were to win tonight, the next game would be Oct 8th. Theoretically that would give JV enough rest to start the opener.

I’m not thinking past tonight.

Well, as far as tonight goes: Ricky P has not done too badly against the current Yankee hitters. The are hitting .257 against him with only 1 HR (Swisher)

Do you remember 7-inning shutout by Ricky in 2009? It was the second game of doubleheader against the Twins. He also played well in tie-breaker. I hope he’ll be so confident today. I’m sure he can.

Ouch. It seems that I should write “Are you remember”. I’m sorry.

Speaking of home boy, about Tim McCrapper? He is my biggest.

I will go on record as being worried about Papa Grande. Last night I said I would have been inclined to bring in Benoit.
To me Valverde is at a stage where is arm is suspect. If they have to go to a closer tonight it has to be remembered that he has thrown 2 days in a rw and thrown a fair number of pitches.
The walks are dangerous, particularly considering the fact that he has a complete lack of ability (even awareness) to hold a runner on-thus putting him in scoring position.
That is simply giving up too much to the opposition.
If it gets down to it again tonight and Benoit is available for the 9th, I’d have him at least ready.
Benoit is less likely to walk a guy and can hold the runner on. Also his repertoire of pitches is less predictable than Papa’s.
It would seem a dumb thing to change this after the kind of success JVII has had but I just think you have to have Benoit ready.

I agree with having someone ready with most of our pitchers…most of the time lol

Dan – really? Need more production out of “the Big Fell” (I will assume that is Cabrera). I guess Game 2 is forgotten already.
And Valverde always puts guys on and never holds runners…. why panic now. He is our closer, not Benoit.

I’m not saying he isn’t or wasn’t producing. I am saying we need him to produce TODAY. Along with VMart. If we can get production out of those guys (whom you can reasonably expect to) plus AJ and Avila (who have done nothing) then we stand a much better chance of winning this game,
I’m also saying we can’t count on production from Santiago, Inge and Kelly while the normal producers are quiet again.
As to Valverde and Benoit. I’m just saying that I have a feeling. I’ll leave it at that.
Obviously they will go with VV till the end. Just have Benoit ready, because VV can blow up. It’s not a given he will be continue to be “perfect”.

Fair enough. But watching Leyland for as long as I have (I lived in Pittsburgh in the early 90s), Leyland likes 1 closer and it will be his game (see: Stan Belinda).

Leland has already said Papa is available tonight.

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