ALDS Game 4: Tigers vs. Yankees

Jim Leyland said he put Don Kelly in the lineup to get a little more speed going. Coincidentally. A.J. Burnett had 25 wild pitches in the regular season, 10 more than anybody else in baseball.

All in all, the Tigers don’t have terribly good numbers off A.J. Burnett, who doesn’t have terribly good numbers in general. He has been effectively wild (or wildly effective?) in his AL years against Detroit, and the Tigers have to find a way to use his wildness against him without having to rely on the long ball.



  1. Austin Jackson, CF (1-for-2, HR off Burnett)
  2. Ramon Santiago, 2B (1-for-4)
  3. Delmon Young, LF (3-for-15, 6 K’s)
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (3-for-14 off ex-teammate)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH (7-for-27, 2 2B’s, HR, 6 walks)
  6. Don Kelly, RF (0-for-2)
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS (3-for-13, HR, 6 RBIs)
  8. Alex Avila, C (1-for-2)
  9. Wilson Betemit, 3B (6-for-23, 3 2Bs, 9 K’s)

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Derek Jeter, SS (0-for-9 off Porcello)
  2. Curtis Granderson, CF (2-for-5)
  3. Robinson Cano, 2B (5-for-11)
  4. Alex Rodriguez, 3B (1-for-4)
  5. Mark Teixeira, 1B (1-for-10)
  6. Nick Swisher, RF (3-for-10, HR, 4 RBIs, 2 BBs)
  7. Jorge Posada, DH (3-for-9, 2 BBs)
  8. Russell Martin, C (1-for-4, 2 BBs)
  9. Brett Gardner, LF (1-for-9)

P: A.J. Burnett


oof idk about betemit playing at 3rd when porcello is pitching….his defense is raburn-esq. Oh well, just sub INGE in there asap.

I prefer Inge at third with Porcello pitching but so far Jim’s lineups have been working so I guess I’ll live with it. I will look for Betemit to provide some power tonight. Back to back bunts by our 2 guys at the top? I will say Don Kelly’s bunt for a hit last night was beautiful, could not be placed any better. I also see a big night by Miggy and Victor.

GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

CC sabathia doesn’t seemed to be the kinda guy who could feild a bunt well anyhow

I’ve never sweated out a win more than last night. If you had told me on Labor Day that Inge, Santiago, and Delmon Young would be the offensive heroes of Game 3, I would have asked what you were smoking.

Verlander got a bigger strike zone than Sabathia last night, though the game ended with 6 Yankee walks allowed (one intentional) and 5 for the Tigers. CC didn’t get the outside black at all – high or low – and had to improvise a new game plan on the fly. Our hitters battled very well to get their runs.

Tonight’s lineup looks fine. Betemit should be starting at 3B and Ramon at 2B. I’d rather open with Magglio in RF, but it’s not an outright mistake because Kelly is delivering at the plate and Porcello pitches to contact.

CC didnt’ get hosed as bad as Fister did in NY – that’s a fact! And y you think betemit at 3rd tonight?

A bit surprised that Kelly is giving protection to Martinez.

I thought that Fister was also getting hosed in NYC! I don’t know about last night, I was at the game so I cannot comment. Going to game tonight as well. Go Tigers!

I hope Delmon doesn’t get carried away with the 1st pitch swinging. It’s paid off in spades, but a hitter does have to make sure it is a decent pitch to hit..
I like AJ swinging at the ball early. They will simply throw strikes to him until he shows he can hit. May as well take advantage of a fastball down the middle when it is being gifted to you. He is brutal with 2 strikes on him as I pointed out a few days ago.

Jeff, Betemit has struck out a ton against Burnett. I’m surprised to see him in there actually but he does have big power. Not so sure it is a good idea to have Avila, Betemit and AJ hitting connsecutively though. Those are high strikeout possibilities and rally killers

Tigers vs Burnett:

Alex Avila 2 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 .500 .500
Wilson Betemit 23 6 3 0 0 0 1 9 .261
Miguel Cabrera 14 3 2 0 0 2 0 1 .214
Brandon Inge 15 4 1 0 1 4 1 3 .267
Austin Jackson 2 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 .500
Don Kelly 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Victor Martinez 27 7 2 0 1 3 6 4 .259
Magglio Ordonez 14 3 1 0 1 2 3 3 .214 .
Jhonny Peralta 13 3 1 0 1 6 1 4 .231
Ryan Raburn 3 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 .000
Ramon Santiago 4 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 .250
Delmon Young 14 3 1 0 0 0 1 5 .214
Totals 156 37 11 0 5 26 18 38 .237 .

The only thing I would have done differently is Maggs in RF to start. I love Don Kelly, but this will be a hitters game and Maggs is swinging the bat well.

honestly, the logic of “putting the better defenders in there because porcello is pitching” is not possible because betemit is in there. But oh well, kelly is hitting and betemit always seems to run into one when i talk poorly of him :p

Brandon was just interviewed on the radio and said he has a difficult time accepting the platoon system with Betemit but did acknowledge that he never realized how good Wilson could hit so maybe it is a good thing that they platoon for a while. That was the gist of it.

Already the announcers get on my nerves. I’ve got Dan and Jim on the radio. TBS wants Burnett to beat the Tigers.

gosh these TBS guys can’t talk about the yankees enough can they?

Dan and Jim said the Tigers need to get to Burnett early and crumble his confidence since he already has confidence problems. He’ll be on a short leash.

how ya’ll feel about that first outting with porcello? I noticed there was a few low balls that I was hoping would be called strikes today……

Iassogna is not a low ball ump.

OMG—up comes Kelly in a bases loaded situation. I bet he never thought that would happen in the 1st inning!

Was Jeter yelling at AJax for playing good baseball?


OMG– A huge Yankee break in the 1st inning. Good job anyway Donny-that is getting a good rip at the ball and we came within 3 inches of scoring 3 runs there and maybe a a 4th!

For a sweet moment there I thought that was Curt Flood out there in CF and Jim Northrup at the plate.

Yankees and granderson fortunate there inches from cleaaring the bases. Crap. Rick looks good.

😛 that’s why you bat DK like 7th or 8th….geesh JL get it together man

gk—I thought you were going to the game? Are you there?

sure am glad to see burnett make it through the first lol

def. listening to dan and jim with the 2 second delay….best move i’ve made in a while

way better, isn’t it.

C’mon guys let’s get to Burnett. These announcers are making it sound like he is comparable to JV and Doc for cryin’ out loud.
Break their hearts.

Ya Dan I am here section 331. Go Tigers. Little worried we haven’t done anything Burnett. History with Burnett not on our side.

That damn Posada man–he is killin’ us.

The ball hit the glove before hitting Posada

hahah truth!

Geez—I’m tellin’ ya AJ is off his game. That’s 3 balls in this series that I’ve seen him get to other times.

You better start hoping that he starts hitting.

C ano up—he’s due—-WALK HIM!

Damn. The let Aj off the hook, probably got his cnfidence and they get 2 runs??

Porcello’s stuff is good -> our defense has been suspect😦 the boys need to put a few runs up there to give porcello some support!

Martin is outplaying Avila.. Alex is looking like he is overwhelmed so far.
Curtis is outplaying AJ..
They are strong up the middle, and they have turned way too many DPs too.

Meanwhile the one way of getting to Burnett is to destroying his confidence and we instead have boosted it.

don’t worry cabby and victor can get that confidence in shape

oh and dan, how you feel about delmon’s patience tonight?

My God, they don’t have a hit yet.

were gunna get some hits yo burnett is fragile (said like in christmas vacation)

The Yanks are going to pound RP if he doesn’t start getting that sinker working.

Appearently we are the only team on the planet that makes AJ Burnett look like Cy Young. Pathetic.

No no burnett is back to his 1st inning ways, friends! And what did i say about Vmart!

Alex Avila is my favourite Tiger. But I ams o bummed with him. He’s awful right now. Dreadfully awful.

hey man – he’s come a long way this year

This is crap I warned about, Avila, Betemit then Jackson in arow. That’s strikeout after strikeout after strikeout.
I know the thing with Betemit is that he can come back next AB and drill one but I have to say I would rather see Inge there right now.

Jackson on the bench by himself looking pathetic.

Predicatble. Porcello throwing the ball up around the letters to hitters like this? he was on borrowed time.
Horrible 2 strike pitch to Granderson

A lucky , high risk play avoided a run. Then a unforgivable mistake on a 0-2 count

Porcello.needs to come out, it appears he is leaving a lot of pitches up. Pretty disappointed so far. The air has come right out of his place.

1 for 23 but 3 rbis aginst them…

put Al^2 in THERE. NOW!

They would be wide to get Porcello out of there. The only reason he has the Ks tonight is the high strike zone by Iassogna–the flip side is that the Yanks are also mashing the ball up there.
Ticked off at this performance so far. We look amateurish against Burnett.

time to put maggs in there for kelly

Getting really pissed off now. Tigers hitters traditionally make AJ burnett look good and tonight is no different. Its really pitiful.

Porcello still in there…..hmmmm, nice JL. WHHHYYYYY!?

santa-ago – delivering presents!

DP’s are ruining our offense.

Are any hitters going to show up tonight? Honest to god its really don’t know how they can let Burnett make them look like this. They should be embarressed

Beginning to hate curtis granderson

Granderson is outplaying Jackson by a mile. You’d never see AJ making that play.
Granderson is a winner and the Yankees were blessed to get him.

Jackson has significantly less experience than Granderson.

truth about him being less. i don’t want curtis if it costs us verlander

What a bunch of sad sacks. Betemit and Alex look horrible jl needs to try something different. Did I say I was pissed off?

Avila, Betemit—amateurish.
Betemit has fanned on the same pitch 3 times.
Avila lost.
1st pitch swinging and 3 runs down?

Pretty smug of Girardi to PH for Posada in the 8th. Kinda cocky actually.
No way I wold have left Coke in for 2 innings.
No way I let Betemit play 3rd next game either. I’d rather see Kelly and Magglio in RF
I hate losing but this one is gone.
But I hate losing and being humiliated and I think the Yankees are going to do that.
Certainly tonight.
There’s a whole lot of improvement necessary to win on Thursday.
A whole lot.

BAWK – dangit i’m over this game and dont give us good odds in NY

betemit coming through…….like a leaky boat

the PH move by girardi came worked fyi

Oh man–that’s it for me. I can’t watch anymore. Just like game 1

This is not the performance I thought I would get tonight. Honestly because of history burnett troubled me, but I expected more from some of our pitchers and a lot more from hitters. They should be embarressed. Who knew that Scherzer would give the best performance to date?

Inexcusable. All I got to say is Fister along. With the rest of the troops better get their collective heads out of there butts for Thursday. But again we don’t hit Nova and he is a much better pitcher than Burnett. I’m just in shock

I can’t understand why Tigers play well against strong starters, but play bad against average. Today was a good chance to clinch the series, but they played like it’s a simple defence training for the Yankees (except Grandy moments). Ok, I don’t give up. Prepare to support Tigers in the final battle at Bronx.

It happens. It happens too often.
The Tigers become dysfunctional.
The hitting stops—all of the hitting stops at once, in unison.
The 6 guys who have started all 4 games are batting .188
We hit into endless double plays.
We can’t run or bunt.
The bullpen implodes.
In unison.
Perry and Scherzer have a zero ERA. Everyone elses is above 4.50
The team ERA is 6.70
Our top regular player is Peralta at .267 The guys above him are all platoon players.
Cabrera has been no better than Avila in 3 of the 4 games. He’s had hits only in Game 2.
Betemit and Avila are 0 for 20. AJ has 1 hit.
Our closer committed the cardinal sin of shooting off his mouth after winning one game (in which he was awful) He’s walked 4 guys in 2 innings
Q has pitched a third of an inning and given up 3 runs.
It looked for a while today that perhaps they should call Kelly in to pitch.
The team defines dysfunction going into game 5.
I’m afraid that doug Fister is going to think he still plays for Seattle on Thursday.
Where are the bats?
The worst thing is we don’t look like we are a playoff team. In fact we don’t look much of a team at all right now.
One can only hope a day off makes a world of difference for us.
At least Leyland can change his underwear.

I was looking forward to the bottom of the 8th but could not watch anymore after the score was 10-1. So Maggs would not have made a difference. Betemit’s swing looks awful. Granderson saved 4 runs. Why did Coke pitch 2 innings? I would have Al in for the top of the 8th. How do you think the Yankees felt when Max no hit them thru 6 innings? Yes, the Tigers do not do everything riight but are in the playoffs. Enjoy the ride. I was frustrated last night and I predicted a 8-6 win. We have another chance. All we can do is watch and listen and root for our team. I wonder what the Twins’ fans are doing. Go Tigers! –Dave

That catch by Granderson in the first probably changed the outcome of the game. It may have unnerved Burnett enough that the Yankees would have had to go to their bullpen early on. Certainly if we had scored there, it would have allowed RP to relax a little. Tough one to lose because beating them in the Bronx is gonna be hard. I believe Fister will pitch a decent game. I just think the Yankees are much better when it comes to scratching out runs than we are. (Anyone else think that pitch that hit Posada was in the strikezone?) Their bottom of the order is killing us. With the exception of Inge in game 3, ours has done nothing. But that’s baseball in a short series. Remember 2006–sometimes the best team doesn’t always win. Good Luck Tigers–surprise me!

Grandy changed the game all on his own – Kelly smoked that ball and that was an amazing catch he made, saved 3 runs, then later saved another run and I think the whole outcome of the game changes, AJ is lit up in the first and it goes downhill.

Tough game to watch, Betemit’s at bats were terrible last night, smart pitching to keep giving him that crap pitch that he was determined to hit. Bats are just plain cold right now, lots of DP’s. Peralta made a great play in the game but seems he needs to cheat just a step to his left, Jeter gets so many balls I think are going to be up the middle base hits that against us I know would have been. My main concern is the boys bouncing back and not going away without a fight. I think Fister will do fine, much more worried about our at bats.

And I can’t fault AJax for not being as good as Grandy, not too many people can make those type of plays. I will enjoy a night of going to bed at a decent hour and figure out some sort of good luck charm for Thursday. Benoit and Papa will be rested and ready to go. Q just isn’t ready for the post season yet, we have to remember he is just a baby out there, his stellar pitching this year got us spoiled and forgetful that he is very young.

Was amazed at how many high strikes got called last night.

Oh, and I missed the Jeter/AJax thing – what happened?

After he went to third with A Rod throw to first. Capatain Supeflous began bullying him. Nobody deffended him. No ball thrwon at Jeter no Lamont backing him.

About Posasa ” HBP” I checked the rules, there is nothing about it in a express form . Posada was hit by the rebound from the mitt. He cheated his way onto first.

I remember the play, thought it was terrific heads up, but did not see Jeter, must have walked away for a second

Why does AJax need to be defended? It was the right play. You don’t know what he was saying (Jeter talks all the time).
The ump missed the call on Posada on the HBP. It happens. Posada didn’t sell it, in fact he was a bit surprised in my opinion.
Thursday will be fun.
Why does Fox/TBS show “God Bless America” in the bottom of the 7th in NYC, but nothing in Detroit????? I think we should play some Detroit music … I nominate MC5’s “Kick Out the Jams!”

I shut if off and went to bed. Had a bad feeling all day, this wasn’t going to be our night and I based that on the fact I got so tired yesterday afternoon, I had to take a nap and could barely wake myself up for the game. No sick, just exhausted and that’s how I felt during the game. Usually, I’m alll hyped up and excited for the game, but not last night.
Mister Fister will be gone over like a fine-tooth comb by the Yankees during the next 2 days. It’s not going to be easy.

And, why all the fuss about the ball hitting Posada’s sleeve? Don’t we all recall something similar in game 163 only it was much more obvious and cost us a run.

I know how you feel Pup. I think these games have taken their toll on us fans. I’ve been exhausted lately.
I an optimistic about our chances in NY. I’m not predicting anything butwith Fister we have a chance. Last night Granderson made ALL the difference. The saving catch in the first inning saved the game and set the tone. Simple as that. If it had to be somebody I’m glad it was Curtis.
I would consider some lineup changes in game 5 and wouldn’t be surprised if JL makes a couple. I think Nova can be gotten to for some runs but we may have to scratch 2 or 3 out and hope for the killing blast.
I’d consider inserting Dirks in center because right now AJ is just off his game for whatever reason. He just doesn’t display that killer instinct. Center field at Yankeee Stadium is obviously smaller than Comerica and it would not be much of a defensive downgrade to start Andy Dirks out thee. He may be a spark we need. Betamit must not start after those awful AB’s last night. Next, some combination of 2 out of 3 of Don Kelly, Magglio Ordonez, and Brandon Inge playing RF and 3rd. Nova is RP but as I recall his numbers are slightly better against LHB. It would be very tough to keep Magglio’s bat out of this game with the short RF fence. I’m going to think about batting order for a bit.
Forget about last night. It’s a one game series now and we have Fister pitching.
These guys have to look at all the little things the Yankees do to rattle the opposition. They are an arrogant bunch but it all works for them, even the body language and direct eye contact with umpire after they disagree with a call. They know how to intimidate. Must be patient at the plate and execute every detail.

Well, here it is. The funny thing is if we win this game we will deserve it, as these Yankees are a truly good Yankee team playing in front of their devoted fans in a ballpark that they identify with.
If we lose, we deserve that too. Because we honestly slip into playing bad baseball too often.
The difference in this series has a lot to do with something Fister said about making mistakes and the Yankees making him pay. That’s exactly what has been happening with our pitchers (except Max). Balls left out over the plate or hanging have been clobbered by the Yanks. Our guys have not been doing that. Hangers that have been taken for strikes, fastballs down the middle. The Yankee pitchers have gotten away with their mistakes for the most part.
We will need another stunning performance from Fister to quiet the Yankees. One of those performances that we got used to a couple of weeks ago. Those kinds of performances that made some of us think the guy was even hotter than JV.
I do know one thing, he is capable of it. He is confident in himself. He will need to be prepared for every trick in the book by the Yankee hitters. They will slow him down, they will break his rhythm.
Note to Tiger Girl. I think you are dead right about something you have said. Let’s talk about that later, I hope much later. But I agree with you.
As to a comparision between Grandy and AJ. They are incomparable. Totally different players. But the one agonizing difference is that Curtis will sacrifice himself for hit team and to win. Illitch letting this guy (and Placido) go because of money still
rankles me and always seemed contradictory for a guy who has been portrayed as being willing to spend to build a team.

Amen to your last sentence Dan. And I pretty much am in agreement with what you’ve just said.

Shake it up!!!:

1) Kelly 3B
2) Santiago 2B
3) Cabby 1B
4) VMart DH
5) Young LF
6) Dirks RF (Magglio didn’t hit Nova)
7) Peralta (at short)
8) Avila C
9) Jackson CF

I wouldn’t lead off with AJ for all the reasons we have talked about. He has been getting on a little better but against the RHP I’d change it up. Kelly seems to be able to handle pretty much any role he’s been asked to. Expecting Dirks to do this would be expecting too much. You could flip Ramon and Kelly.
Cabby gets up in the 1st inning and maybe one more critical at bat.
VMart gets some protection from Young.
We get a nice mix of LHB/RHB to perhaps affect a mid-game pitching decistion for Girardi.
No way I play Betemit. And I don’t think there’s room for him o my team next year either.

maybe it is a good sign for tomorrow – 4-4 with a homerun!

I have no idea how the happy face got inserted up there in front of Avila!!!!!

Who did we get for Polanco? Who did we get for Granderson? Scherzer and Coke and Schlereth? Maybe Max will pan out. Polanco is a little older. I did not like trading Curtis and I will never say it was a good trade. Just my humble opinion. Dan, you know the difference.

Polanco was a free agent. He would not be helping us now, he is hurt.
As I stated last night, Maggs needs to start. He is one of our hottest hitters now and hits good pitching. I would consider starting Inge at 3B, Betemit has been exposed recently. (Although Betemit made a very good play at 3B catching Porcello’s throw). Dirks isn’t going to start, and 3-5 won’t change. Here is my prediction:
1. Jackson CF
2. Ordonez RF
3. Young LF
4. Cabrera 1B
5. Martinez DH
6. Avila C
7. Peralta SS
8. Santiago 2B
9. Inge 3B

I would like to see this lineup at the beginning of the game:
Jackson cf
Ordonez rf
Young lf
Cabrera 1b
Martinez dh
peralta ss
kelly 3b
santiago 2b
avila c

and then switch in Inge at third and put kelly in RF

Hey Port, trying to be funny meaning we got nothing for Polanco and I am going with your lineup. Speaking of hope and dream, that’s what you are all doing by your lineups🙂 Girardi moved Gardner to 9th a while ago when he was not hitting but he is not a SOC.

Got ya DB. I actually feel pretty good about Game 5. The key is getting an early lead on the kid and letting Fister work all his pitches.
As much as I like Don Kelly (and I really do) I think 3B is his weakest position.
The wildcard to me is Raburn. His bat might force his way into the lineup.

Raburn’s “bat might force his way into the lineup” but his defense is sure to keep him out. At least I’m hoping JL has the sense to keep him out. Maybe pinch hit with him later in the game, but we can’t afford his aweful defense in game 5.

PW—my lineup was not a prediction. JL’s lineup will be predictable though.
Mine was a wish list.

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