Few pregame items

Not doing lineups tonight since you already know those. But here a few pregame tidbits to hold you over until this game resumes:

  • Leyland reiterated that he doesn’t plan on substituting anybody when this game resumes with right-hander Ivan Nova in relief of lefty CC Sabathia. He said Thursday he’s not going to pinch-hit for Magglio Ordonez, and he’s sticking to that. He said Ryan Raburn does not need to be pinch-hit for in this situation. The one possibility to look for if they’re trailing late is Wilson Betemit batting for Brandon Inge.
  • While Leyland said he thought the Yankees and MLB handled everything correctly last night, saying they made every effort to do things right, he made one request for tonight: “I do hope if this [weather] is very iffy, that we do not waste both pitchers tonight.”
  • Leyland said he loves the game suspension rule. He wishes they had it in the regular season, though logistics make that impossible.
  • Leyland: “If we get rain tonight and rain tomorrow, we might end up having Jack Morris pitch against Whitey Ford.”


I wouldn’t make any changes either at this point in the game. The die is cast but if they get a lead I have no problem with Ramon coming in defensively as early as the 7th.

RHers hit Nova marginally better (.275 to .240) but one also has to take into account the individual hitter’s numbers vs R and L. That said, I’d send out the same guys to start the game too. See how things play out.
And note to Jim, we’d do better with Frank Lary against Whitey Ford.

He was the Yankee Killer as I recall!!!!

Lary and Bunning. Good Pitching.

Just got home and am taking the dog for a walk so she won’t but the heck out of me later. Wonder how the weather will hold up. It’s gorgeous here in MI, but a little cool. Nice night for a game.

but = bug.

Let’s get it on!
I have an almost serene confidence when Fister pitches. When JV goes I am always aware of possible over-reacting to a pitch or a hit. Not so much with Fister.
We have witnessed some rarified air so far with him, granted, but he is a pretty self assured individual. JV still fights himself at times. Can get flummoxed at times.
He is a fantastic talent and he will get even better because he demands so much of himself but he does need to cntrol that when things go slightly awry.

Oh boy not another great start! A baulk really?

By the way I know it was a baulk, I’m just saying I can’t believe it!

And in typical form, with a pitcher they have really never seen, Peralta grounds out on the first pitch and the put no pressure on him, and still ave no idea of what he features?

Yes I know I get nervous, but this just does not feel good so far. I trust Fister, but our hitters look impatient and are swinging at a lot of junk out of the strike zone. Hopefully the second time through the lineup looks better!

Deep thought! Thanks for cnotriubntig.

I can’t believe we ran into another out at home!

Well that one was close. Took a good relay to get that out.

We run into another out at home and bam we give up a run! This just doesn’t feel good!

Baseball gods don’t want you to win when they get a double play like that! £¥€%#}|<!??!'&$;,?!',

I want to cry!

Every ball that gets hit, the fans go crazy cause they think it’s going to be a HR. It’s a miniature field compared to Comerica. Mister Fister is doing pretty good. He’s used to pitching with very little run support. On the other hand, their field is so small, we may not be able to get a run scoring from second base for that very reason. You gotta run real fast in that place. They don’t have to throw very far.

I miss Rod and Mario. These guys talk too much.

These announcers are annoying, especially Darling. This game is depressing. This unfortunately is a game we needed! And nobody including Fister has been good enough!

Going to cry!

He need to get an out and then the Tigers need to start raking.

Couple of missed defensive plays. We failed to turn 2 on Martin’s grounder. Would of got us out of the inning with no runs. And Rayburn covering the bag on the Gardener steal. Extended the inning.

I’m not baseball expert but it seems to me we need to look at the plays from last night and tonight and find some courage. It looks like we are playing like we are afraid to lose. It’s not working.

The kiss of death if they pull Mister Fister. Gene Lamont giving his advice to Jim.

I love Fister, but I expected better from him tonight! Very disappointed! And Scherzer will get shelled tomorrow and give up a minimum of 3 homers!

I thought he pitched well and would not have pulled him. Hear the cheers.

Don’t agree you don’t give up six runs and pitch well?

He gave up 4and it probably would have been the last. 4-1 was doable to still make a comback.

HUGE< HUGE mistake pulling Fister. No confidence. We are doomed.

Leland and LaRussa can take their vacations together, now. Completely demoralized.

Scherzer tomorrow. I’ll be at work, thank God.

I’m sure the Yankee fans will enjoy reading these comments. And they will read them. Let’s toughen up, shall we?

Fister had two strikes on everyone of those guys, and gave up singles, runs and walks! Now I suppose they are going to lay down and make it real easy on the Yankees! This was one of the games we needed!

Buck up boys! Who would you rather have pitching for your team tomorrow. Scherzer or freddy garcia?

You don’t want to hear my answer. Good night, I know I’m being negative. I don’t believe we’ll win the ALDS.

Too early to give up! Texas was eliminated by Tampa 9-0 yesterday, but today they got back.

It’s hard to win without an offence. If you don’t score, then they score on you. I think Avila shouldn’t going home and must to stop at third base, because ball wasn’t hit so far. Maybe this would be a quite another game if he stopped at third.

Cano is a lot too comfortable, someone needs to back him off a bit! All there runs have come with 2 outs?

Pretty bad all the way around! Very disappointing!

I thought the turning point was Lamont sending Avila home, once more getting a guy thrown out by ten feet. Sure, Alex could have tried to run him over, but how is it that Lamont keeps repeating the same mistake? Other than that, things just went wrong on most fronts. It happens. Peralta probably makes the call on who covers the bag with Jeter up. I was somewhat surprised that the Yankees were able to run up Fister’s pitch count the way they did. They didn’t win 97 games for nothing.
Scherzer-Garcia tomorrow. We’ll need to do some hitting, that’s job one. The Nova kid was all over the place but we’ve seen Freddie plenty of times. It’s important for Max to keep runners off the bases because he is likely to serve up a couple of homers in that ballpark. This is the same “hopeless” spot we found ourselves in back in 2006. Tomorrow is the swing game.

Well, amazing how quickly a game can change and how events are hinged upon a single play or event.
Granderson gets a two out hit and the game changes irreparably.
Avila gets sent home and, for whatever reason, doesn’t make it.
Different game.
The fact of the matter is we have a team that has many exciting elements to it but nevertheless, is a flawed team.
Our team is not one that is so well rounded that it is undefeatable. We have defensive problems, we have coaching problems, and we have pitchers that make bad pitches at bad times. But most of all we do not have a team that can overcome it’s weaknesses at the critical times.
A lot of this has to do with what I have called the “evaporating offense”. The whole thing disappears at once. You can’t find ultimate success with a=that flaw. It has been a constant problem with us all year. We can be going good then bang—-nothing and no hint of recovery in sight.
Fister threw well then all of a sudden the game changed. If we had mounted some sort of offense in the interim, perhaps we could have taken the starch out of the Yanks.
The game can change dramatically on a pitch.
It will take a valiant effort for this club to get back in the hunt. An unexpected 3 hit shutout maybe by Max?
The fact is we have weaknesses that are exploited by rookie pitchers. We have an offense that can’t manufacture runs or that “vanish” imperceptibly into the night.
We have a team with no speed and little energy. A team with below average defense. A team without a LHP in the rotation team without a 2B and 3B. Without a definitive leadoff man.
It has been a great year and one with positives to it. There is still much to be done in the off-season. We need another major offensive force in the lineup. One that can play in the infield.
I don’t think it’s over yet, we still have to lose two games to these chumps from NY, but regardless, it is not a good idea to feel this team is adequate.
Fister gave us a chance and we didn’t hit.

What liberating knoledwge. Give me liberty or give me death.

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