Clearing up the schedule from here on out

Sunny morning here in New York. Sadly, the forecast suggests that won’t last into the evening, but we’ll see.

If the weather holds up, we’ll have baseball at 8:37pm ET. But what we’ll have is the bottom of the second inning for Game 1. We will not have a new game. The runs and stats from last night count. Doug Fister and Ivan Nova will be pitching, but they’ll officially be relievers, having replaced Justin Verlander and CC Sabathia.

The lineups from last night will still be in effect. So if Jim Leyland wants Wilson Betemit in the lineup against the right-handed Nova, Betemit would have to replace somebody. If he were to replace, say, Ryan Raburn Brandon Inge, then Raburn Inge would be out for the rest of the game.

Basically, it’s like Game 1 is resuming after a 23-hour rain delay.

Sunday afternoon at 3:07pm ET, we’ll have Game 2 here. Max Scherzer, who was supposed to start Game 3 Monday, will move up a day to start Sunday.

From there, the series will pick back up in Detroit without an off-day. Game 3 is Monday night at 8:37pm ET. Verlander, who threw 25 pitches Friday night, will start that game. It’s possible that Sabathia will start that game for the Yankees as well.


Betemit for Raburn??? No way do I want to see Wilson at 2B!!! I hope that was purely hypothetical Jason!
The only move I would make is bringing in Ramon for Raburn and live with the consequences of keeping Inge in. At least you have your best infield in for Fister then.
More importantly is getting the hitters to bear down. Very sloppy at bats last night in those 2 innings. Rain or no.
I give AJ 2 games to right his ship and then I drop him to 9th. You can’t lead off every game with 3 and 4 pitch strike outs. It’s a waste of an out, a waste of an innng, and demoralizing to the the team. Leyland needs to address this eventually.

Fixed. That’s what I get for blogging before coffee.

Furthermore: AJ is obviously getting affected by these poor at bats. He is not running the bases as well, he is not as elegant in the OF either. This is a major problem to be corrected next year at least.
Leyland needs to insist that AJ start hacking early in the count or bunting in these playoffs.
AJ hit .456 this year in 0-0 counts! .456!
He hit .383 in 0-1 counts and almost .300 in 1-0 counts.
It is suicide for him to take strikes and get close to any 2 strike count where he is hitting just .151

I highly doubt JL moves Jackson at this point. Of all the things Jim has done right lately, this one continues to stand out as a solid display of stubborness. I’ve never wanted AJ to lead off going back to last spring. I thought Damon should lead off then. At present, nearly anyone would make a better leadoff hitter. Moving Jackson to 9th is moving him one spot in reality. It’s a big one, though, because I’m pretty sure Austin would be more aggressive at #9. I foresee him being on base more as the lineup turns over.

I agree completely. But, Leyland does have to fix this eventually. He won’t have the ***** to do that in the playoffs. The limit of complications JL likes to do with is like his attitude on momentum. Next day’s pitcher.

Maybe AJax will knock the heck out of the ball with this new pitcher. We can hope!

I’m Hopin’ (and Dreamin’). Been conditioned!!

this might be already obvious, but this rain delay eliminated the possiblity for a sabathia vs porcello start. Prolly be burnett vs. porcello —- and i don’t mind that match up at all🙂

A strange thing will happen tonight: when the umpire says “play ball” (or “let’s go” as they actually say), it wil be the Tigers who run onto the field. What will that do to the Yankee fans player name chant?
I don’t often make predictions but I have two:
The game will be played.
The Tigers will win.

Rich, I hope your are right, again.

Pup, You mentioned you wondered why JL wouldn’t start Santiago (being a switch hitter) against Sabbathia. JL has a mindset that a LHP gives him the opportunity to play Raburn. Pure and simple. Unfortunately, Raburn has never hit Sabbathia much and Ramon has. Given Ramon fields that position as well as anybody in the game of baseball it seems a little dense to me to not have started Santiago. We are not a good defensive team but we are noticeably better with Ramon in there.
Raburn is an accident waiting to happen. My fear is him botching up the DP. He doesn’t really even have a good understanding of how to take the throw on the turn.
The thing about Raburn though is he is explosive offensively and JL can’t, and won’t, get that out of his head.
All we can do is hope he is right.
I hope we some decent ball played tonight—the rain out (‘er, I mean suspension) last night probably helped us in that I think the team was ripe for a dud.

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