Cabrera says he had no angle on throw

Two defensive plays helped lead to the Yankees’ first-inning run on Friday, but the rain had little to do with either of them. Some luck did.

First baseman Miguel Cabrera has been aggressive in trying to retire lead runners this season, and his first thought on Robinson Cano’s ground ball was to try to start a double play or at least force out ex-teammate Curtis Granderson at second base. But Cabrera said he realized he didn’t have a throw.

“I didn’t have a good angle,” Cabrera said. “Granderson was in the middle of the base path. It’s going to be a bad play if I throw and hit Granderson right there, if I make the error right there. You can’t give them any chances. You have to be play good baseball and go for one out.

“It was a tough throw. If you’re not sure you have the out, you have to play for one out. It was the right play.”

As for Brandon Inge’s choice to throw to first rather than go home on Alex Rodriguez’s run-scoring groundout, Justin Verlander said the ball seemed to take a high hop on Inge, costing him a split second.

“Brandon, in my opinion, is the best defensive third baseman in the league,” Verlander said. “It kind of hopped up on him a little bit. You’ve got to make an out. You can’t afford to throw the ball and not get an out. Then you’re really in a jam.”


If someone was not nervous last night was Cabrera.
When he was 20 yo, at the WS, he faced Clemens who threw at his head. Two pitches later , the ball ended in the bleachers.
So his explanation rings true. He knew what he was doing

I knew he made the right play the moment he turned back to first. I figured Granderson was in the line of his throw. I’m always impressed with the quickness Miguel possesses in the field and at bat, and even more so for a guy his size. He knew he had to be quick with the turn back to first and he made the adjustment.

GK, very sorry to hear about your loss. I read on MLB there will be no doubleheader. Cabrera looked like he did not have a good grip on the ball so took the sure out. Inge took the sure out. It would have been a close play. It was early in the game so why take the chance. Many friends at the loco (local) sports bar. Bummed when the big rain came. Go get ’em Tigers. Hey, did I notice a statman sighting?

What if the weather is just as bad tonight?

I think we’ll get both of the next two games in, but I can see no good reason why MLB can’t schedule a split DH. It would help if someone gave reasons why they won’t.
I’m betting we Tiger fans know that we’ll have more trouble with Nova than the national “experts” realize. We’ve never seen him before. On the other hand, Fister has actually been pitching better than Verlander.
I have to change some travel plans, but it’s looking like I’ll be seeing Verlander on Monday, most likely against Sabathia. The ol’ silver lining in the rain clouds.

TV revenue.

Oh–I’m sorry, you did say a “good” reason. (Not MLB’s reason)

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