October 1st, 2011

Few pregame items

Not doing lineups tonight since you already know those. But here a few pregame tidbits to hold you over until this game resumes:

  • Leyland reiterated that he doesn’t plan on substituting anybody when this game resumes with right-hander Ivan Nova in relief of lefty CC Sabathia. He said Thursday he’s not going to pinch-hit for Magglio Ordonez, and he’s sticking to that. He said Ryan Raburn does not need to be pinch-hit for in this situation. The one possibility to look for if they’re trailing late is Wilson Betemit batting for Brandon Inge.
  • While Leyland said he thought the Yankees and MLB handled everything correctly last night, saying they made every effort to do things right, he made one request for tonight: “I do hope if this [weather] is very iffy, that we do not waste both pitchers tonight.”
  • Leyland said he loves the game suspension rule. He wishes they had it in the regular season, though logistics make that impossible.
  • Leyland: “If we get rain tonight and rain tomorrow, we might end up having Jack Morris pitch against Whitey Ford.”

Clearing up the schedule from here on out

Sunny morning here in New York. Sadly, the forecast suggests that won’t last into the evening, but we’ll see.

If the weather holds up, we’ll have baseball at 8:37pm ET. But what we’ll have is the bottom of the second inning for Game 1. We will not have a new game. The runs and stats from last night count. Doug Fister and Ivan Nova will be pitching, but they’ll officially be relievers, having replaced Justin Verlander and CC Sabathia.

The lineups from last night will still be in effect. So if Jim Leyland wants Wilson Betemit in the lineup against the right-handed Nova, Betemit would have to replace somebody. If he were to replace, say, Ryan Raburn Brandon Inge, then Raburn Inge would be out for the rest of the game.

Basically, it’s like Game 1 is resuming after a 23-hour rain delay.

Sunday afternoon at 3:07pm ET, we’ll have Game 2 here. Max Scherzer, who was supposed to start Game 3 Monday, will move up a day to start Sunday.

From there, the series will pick back up in Detroit without an off-day. Game 3 is Monday night at 8:37pm ET. Verlander, who threw 25 pitches Friday night, will start that game. It’s possible that Sabathia will start that game for the Yankees as well.

Cabrera says he had no angle on throw

Two defensive plays helped lead to the Yankees’ first-inning run on Friday, but the rain had little to do with either of them. Some luck did.

First baseman Miguel Cabrera has been aggressive in trying to retire lead runners this season, and his first thought on Robinson Cano’s ground ball was to try to start a double play or at least force out ex-teammate Curtis Granderson at second base. But Cabrera said he realized he didn’t have a throw.

“I didn’t have a good angle,” Cabrera said. “Granderson was in the middle of the base path. It’s going to be a bad play if I throw and hit Granderson right there, if I make the error right there. You can’t give them any chances. You have to be play good baseball and go for one out.

“It was a tough throw. If you’re not sure you have the out, you have to play for one out. It was the right play.”

As for Brandon Inge’s choice to throw to first rather than go home on Alex Rodriguez’s run-scoring groundout, Justin Verlander said the ball seemed to take a high hop on Inge, costing him a split second.

“Brandon, in my opinion, is the best defensive third baseman in the league,” Verlander said. “It kind of hopped up on him a little bit. You’ve got to make an out. You can’t afford to throw the ball and not get an out. Then you’re really in a jam.”