Rain delay at Yankee Stadium, starters in limbo

The much-anticipated pitching duel between Justin Verlander and CC Sabathia could end up being a victory for the weather after heavy rain put Friday’s AL Division Series opener between the Tigers and Yankees into a second-inning delay.

While both starters gave up a first-inning run, light rain began falling into the bottom of the first inning. By the top of the second, it was a downpour, forming some ponding around the infield dirt as the Tigers went down in order.

Once Sabathia struck out Ryan Raburn for the third out, the Yankee Stadium grounds crew began to jog out of the dugout to begin some clean-up work on the infield in the middle of the inning. They stopped when crew chief Gerry Davis and the rest of the umpires gathered on the pitching mound with Yankees head groundskeeper Dan Cunningham.

Davis stopped the game at 9:07 p.m. ET, as Verlander stood at the top of the visiting dugout steps. From there, the countdown began to see how long the rain will persist, and how long the starting pitchers can keep their arms fresh and come back out if play resumes.

It was no coincidence that both managers put a starter in the bullpen on their postseason rosters. Tigers manager Jim Leyland specifically cited the risk of a rain delay as one reason why he placed Brad Penny in his bullpen, even though Penny hasn’t made a relief appearance since 2008.

The Yankees, who are going with a three-man rotation for the series, put A.J. Burnett in their bullpen. Burnett and Penny were teammates on the 2003 World Champion Marlins. If the rain delay lasts too long, they could become opposing pitchers Friday.

The Yankees had 22 games delayed by rain in the regular season, including a Major League best nine postponements.


Tomorrow, Fister- Nova

maybe. Leland hasn’t said anything yet.

Did a hear right? the game will be resumed and not begin again?

This changes everything

Now does this mean, ticketholders for tonight’s game get a free game tomorrow. Detroit is getting screwed in this scenario.

Fister Saturday, Scherzer Sunday, Verlander Monday. #Tigers 6 minutes ago
As I said, after the bullpen session, JV scheduled for monday


Has there been an official statement by the club as to who is going to throw tomorrow? I think physically he could.
This could mean JV will get only 1 start this series now. Apparently they are not going to go to a typical off day for travel. If that’s the case bye-bye JV for a 2nd game unless they throw him tomorrow again and then in Game 5. He’d still have 4 days rest with the off day on Wednesday.
I will personally travel to Detroit (or NY) to throttle JL if he has the audacity to give Penny a start becasue of this! (Joking)
Selig wants to add another Wild Card? Yep, Bud, I’m sure the weather will cooperate for at least the next few decades so that nobody ends up playing ball in the snow in November.

Oh no. JV on Monday? He will now have way too many days rest and even the one stinkin’ start will be compromised.by the disruption.
This actually turns tomorrow’s game into a Must Win.

Yep, game resumes from where it was stopped. 1-1, bottom of the second. I’m kind of surprised Verlander will go on Monday, but I can see the reasoning as tonight wasn’t much different than a bullpen session.

Yes, I forgot the new rule developed after the Phillies- Tampa fiasco

The weather? Bud Selig? He allowed Target field to be built while Uberroth ordered Expos to build a roof..

As a little something to think about… the weather in NY is forecast to be very rainy again tomorrow and even into Sunday. This could become a much bigger mess!

TBS just said if there’s a rainout tomorrow night, which is very possible, they will have a DH on Sunday. Yes, a DH on Sunday. The weather front here in MI has been awful for 2 days of almost constant rain and very cool. Monday it’s supposed to be partly sunny and warming up with Tues and throughout the week into the 70’s and sunny if that makes anyone feel better.

doubleheader, folks.

JL better have a talk with his players tonight.
Suspended game huh! That means the Yanks have an extra innng on the bats than we do!
We need Fister to right the ship and win this one because Max at Yankee Stadium on Sunday is not ideal. he was definitley better suited for game 3 at home.

Looking on the bright side, We didn’t win tonight but Leyland still gets to change his underwear.

It seems to me the rule is a bit unkind to us in this situation. It seems more fair to start at the top of the inning. Not that Raburn would have done anything, but it has to be pretty tough hitting Sabathia in a car wash. That at bat, it was really pouring!

The not so bright side has the today’s Tiger hitters (predominantly a RHB lineup) now having to face a RHP. They would likely have had Santiago, Betemit and maybe Dirks facing Nova.


I’d bet ARod wouldn’t have stood in that batters box with all that rain pouring down on him.

Ba vs Left: 240
vs. Right: 275
ERA : vs Left: 3.04
vs Right: 4.37
Since the Yankees only one LHP beside CC they can afford to replace early at least one of the RHBs if JL does not trust in the numbers ( Usually he does not)

That was going to be my comment too, Dan. We’re stacked with RH hitters and no lefty to face. It’s the same situation as if tonight’s game would have continued without CC. If JL makes the switches, we’ve lost Inge as a defensive replacement. Looks like we need your Danny Worth. 🙂 We may have lost our pitching advantage but it’s water over the dam now. We have to play a much better brand of baseball than we demonstrated in the 1st inning tonight. That was nightmarish.
I’m thinking Fister is cool headed enough to handle it tomorrow, so we need the rest of the team in the same state of mind. You can never plan out a postseason series, and there’s no guarantee that JV wins game 3. The old adage, grind it out, still applies here. And if it does go to game 5, we have Fister ready to go again on full rest.

My one big fear is that Austin Jackson is going to demonstrate why JL should have removed him from leadoff months ago. Not even thinking to run out that dropped third strike was very disconcerting.

I like Don Kelly at 3rd better than Brandon at this point. I’d only use Brandon as a defensive replacement late in games. Why can’t he start Ramon at 2nd. He’s a switchhitter for cripes sake. I might look at a few numbers but go with your best players.. I’m very upset right now, so hopefully, by tomorrow I’ll calm down. We’ve beaten the Rangers, the Rays and even the Yankees, but tonight we didn’t look like we could beat anybody. Fresh start tomorrow or Sunday I hope. Go Tigers!!!!!

Only positive I can think of is that in ’06 after the game cancellation after game 1 we rattled off 7 straight wins. Other than that I don’t like the way this is looking at all. You know CC will find a way to pitch twice if it comes down to it.

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