Postseason roster is out

The Tigers have released their roster for the Division Series and, as it looks a lot like what the clubhouse layout suggested yesterday. But it also leaves the Game 4 starter up in the air for a little while longer.

Both Rick Porcello and Brad Penny are on the roster. One of them is expected to start Game 4 if necessary. The other will work out of the bullpen.

Phil Coke and Daniel Schlereth are the two left-handers in the bullpen, which will prompt manager Jim Leyland to pick and choose his spots for them. If there was another reliever spot to determine in the bullpen, it went to Ryan Perry over David Pauley and Duane Below.

Omir Santos is on as the backup catcher, along with Andy Dirks and Don Kelly as reserves.


Apparently JL is not concerned about the woe-is-me, lost puppydog look on Ryan Perry’s face after getting twacked and walking a couple of hitters.
I just see a big kid with no confidence and diminshing return.
So out of 25 guys there are 3 guys on this roster that either make no sense or endanger the game if they are in it.
Santos, Perry and Penny.

lol better than pauley and below!

and i say that because i have not been impressed by pauley in a tigers uniform – he has been awful except for the past couple weeks. And below – eh, he is so young and doesn’t exactly pitch with command….he’s walked 11 and got 14Ks this year. However, i think these last 2 pitching choices could be argued (well) either way.

even with pauley’s recent success as a tiger his ERA (over the ~19 innings he pitched) was still 5.95

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If it was a fantasy league or a video game, I’d leave Penny off. Being that he’s a real life, flesh and blood veteran who worked his way back into pitching shape and took the ball every five days all season long, I take him along. You gotta be loyal, not just to the stars, but to all of ’em. And not just for its own sake; other players are watching how you handle these situations. Other solid players who may be deciding whether to come to Detroit.
I bring Santos because it’s no time to rely on Inge of Kelly as a backup, and it’s only a first round decision at this point. We’re lucky Victor can even DH at this point, much less catch.
Perry is not the guy I want out there in a crucial spot, but he gets in almost by default.
Bottom line, if these three guys (or their replacements) are the difference in the outcome, we’ve almost surely been eliminated.

Santos is a completely wasted pick. Avila will play every inning of every game. In the highly unlikely event of a true emergency, I’d still take Inge over a minor leaguer — he did well defensively (i.e., slowing the running game) when he was primarily a catcher. Yes, you only need 4 starters, but you do need lots of arms because playoff teams — especially the Yanks — wear out starters faster. You can’t expect JV, DF, and MS to go as deep into games in NY as they did vs. lesser opponents. So you need guys for the 6th & 7th innings. I’d have taken a 12th pitcher.

Pauley would have been a better pick over Perry. Wasn’t used effectively in Detroit, and Leyland admits as much. And Below has the advantage of being unknown — the Yanks have never faced him. Plus his style is very different than anyone else on our staff.

I’m fine with keeping Penny on the roster. If any of our starters gets rocked unexpectedly, Penny is the perfect guy to replace them. Works exasperatingly slowly compared to any of them — good frustration for opposing hitters. I think he’ll rise to the challenge if he gets handed the ball.

without santos on the roster, If avila goes down – you lose every game until he is back behind the plate. Inge and kelly might be able to catch a ball squatting behind the plate, but that is about it.

It’s all simply debatable now but Penny going is OK. Given the choices. Not Perry though. Perry is a throwback to the ill-fated “Hope & Dream” philosophy. You can’t put him in an a tight situation. He will fail over half the time and that is not a luxury you have in the play-offs.
Below was the easy choice over Perry IMO. Actually has some value in possibly denying access to the right field porch for that situational LHB. How could anyone want to to see Perry throwing to Granderson, Cano or even Gardner in that situation?
My fear is that Perry is being taken along because they have health concerns with Q.
I’ll never go along with the Santos idea. Simply a wasted roster spot. Avila could get run over by D Train on his way to the park and still be able to play. The arguement that if he wewre to be injured and replace he wouldn’t be eligible the next series doesn’t work for me either. The only injury that is going to stop him is a season ending one, not anything that can be rehabbed in a week and a half.
BTW—interesting predictions from the CBS sports website:

Looks like the one guy who picked NY is good ol’ Danny Knobler, the one most familiar with the Tigers.
The MLB Network guys last night seemed to go with Detroit, but I take that with a grain of salt. Mitch Williams seems to be overly impressed with the Rangers’ “3 young lefties.” We did okay against them.

wow that is a lot of confidence in the toughness of the young man!

The “D” train does not mean Dontrelle!!!!!

This is all fun stuff, especially considering last season ended about August 1st, if not before. I hope we can get by NY just so we can play another week. Hate to see it end.

I think it was 2004 when me and my parents went to a mid july tigers home game….and it was the end of the season and the tigers were pitching our ace (bonderman) for the last time before shutting him down.

Truely we have already been blessed (meaningful baseball in Sept.) by these boys. But i do understand how sad the first day of the offseason is – in fact my grandfather (tigers fan since 1930s) passed away the first day of the offseason last year.

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