Couple thoughts on the postseason roster

A few delayed thoughts on the 25-man roster the Tigers filed for the Division Series, and what it means for manager Jim Leyland’s decisions:

  • Leyland said last week one decision they had to make was whether to go with two or three lefty relievers, depending on the opponent. He also had an option in David Pauley, who held lefty hitters to a .194 average The fact that they went with two shows a ton of confidence in Daniel Schlereth as a lefty specialist. Take away some tail-end struggles, and he has earned it.
  • That said, don’t be surprised if Leyland turns to Al Alburquerque against a tough lefty at some point this series. His health makes him an equalizer in this bullpen.
  •  Victor Martinez catching was never going to happen, not even in a pinch. The Tigers had to have Omir Santos as a backup option. The fact that they had an extra spot to play with made it a no-brainer.
  • With both Andy Dirks and Don Kelly on the roster, it’ll be interesting to see what Leyland does in right field for Games 2 against right-hander Ivan Nova. He could stick with Magglio, knowing his postseason experience will give him a steady presence in the two spot, or he could play the matchups and go lefty against righty. But then, Nova has been stingier against left-handed hitters (.240 average, .681 OPS) than right-handed ones (.275, .730). Ordonez hits Freddy Garcia well, so I don’t think that will be a question.


How do the Rays do it?
They are throwing a kid with 9 IP in his career today. His 2nd MLB start—and he’s thrwoing goose eggs.

I hope we see smart baseball today. Aggressive, but smart. Kinda like Zobrist today laying one done the 3rd base line when he saw Beltre was way back. That’s smart.

Zobrist the cleanup hitter… yowza

Inge has not hit CC. Worse than that. He has 15 Ks against him. 11 hits in 58 ABs
Raburn has 8Ks in 23 at bats. In 24 ABs, Santiago has hit almost .300 against CC striking out ONE time.
We are going to see Death Valley at the bottom of our lineup. JL likes to look like he is being strategic with the platoon moves, but some things are quite clearly defined. Santiago should be playing 2nd base today. No question. there is glaring ommission here with Raburn who has not had a history of being able to hit CC AND he is a liability in the field.
That, my friends, is a no brainer.

What concerns me about Raburn out there is , well anything CAN happen with him, but more precisely, turning the DP.

JL is hoping somebody “runs into one.” Quite a strategy, hey? I’d play Santiago in every single game of the postseason. Hey Jim, don’t mess it up now.

Amazing that the Rays keep coming up with these pitchers. Of course, this was only one game.
Yes, JL is still at it with his “strategy.”

Well, the Rangers sure got a whipping. At home, no less. I sure hope we win tonight.
Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!

DY got himself a Yankee stadium homer!

This is the first time I’m watching Tigers in playoff. Go Tigers!

Not a good first inning for the tigers so far, playing tight. Alex screwing up the strike out, not throwing hard to first, not covering the bag on the second and Inge at third? Better get heads there heads out of their butts, you cant give the Yankees these extra ab’s and expect to win!

I’d have to agree with you on that, gk.

It is raining heavily in NY… surprised they haven’t brought out the tarp yet. The area in front of home plate is a mud pit.

And now a delay after an inning and a half. Rain continues to pour. We’ll be in stoppage time for a half-hour at least.

Raburn with a meek AB where he takes a fastball over the inner 1/3 for strike three. Get up there, foul off the tough ones, and battle the pitcher!

Why did they even start this game? They had to know this was coming?

$$$$$$$$$ What else?

Ah, meteorology – the inexact science.
Advantage JV, as he has looked shakier than CC thus far.

They look like they are playing a little tight. Maybe this will loosen them up, being in the clubhouse. CC sure was painting that plate. Justin is throwing too many pitches.

The ab’s look poor so far for the Tigers and if they can’t pitch and make routine plays, I will start worrying!

Hope Austin can pull himself together.

I am pretty disgusted with everything so far.
The umps for not stopping this.
The infielders for playing tentatively, the hitters for taking strikes.
AJ has just pretty much capitulated himself in his opening at bats these days. Almost like it is accepted.
Avila did not get a good read on the strikeout to Jeter, and he did not have an aggressive throw.
MCab must have felt he did not have a good line at throwing to 2nd with Granderson in the way.
Inge had a play at the plate and played it safe. Betemit could have done that.
I was hoping for smart baseball and aggressive baseball. I am seeing neither at this point.
Verlander not making his pitches didn’t help but his mates let him down.
It would not break my heart to see this game being postponed.
Sad to see our Tigers playing like this. I know it’s early but we have been around this team long enough to know what we are seeing.

Playing not to lose. They waited too long to pull the tarps out. It was pouring.

Bad throw by Alex. Cabrera was unable ho handle well the ball and ,of course, Inge not going to home on captain superflous bad running.
Still, Verlander must show the maturity he showed in his rookie season when he was not upset so easily as today.He overworked thanks to Detroit´s defense , the little inconsistent strike zone (the first strike for Cano was in the same spot a the called ball) but also on his own with Granderson and Texeira.
Good work by Young.
i dont have to say it now since Beck already did but the rain is making JL appears as a genius with Penny on the roster.

And AJax not running with the wild pitch was the kind of non play that used to be fined by kangaroos court. Magglio did run

Mr. Ilitch has gone public and almost begged this team to bring a WS to Detroit and they come out looking timid. This team better get going.

I wonder if Kenny Rogers is watching?

He would make a great pitching coach

AJ is in another world mentally. His head is not in it. That’s why it didn’t even occur to him that he could run. He would have been out but he was out in his own mind before he even stepped to the plate. JL will need to do something with him if this continues.
The strikeouts have been brutal. Raburn was making a big production of the rain even before he whiffed and then to emphasize it he did it again after.
Maybe JL actually should sit these guys down and talk to them collectively when the time is right. He likes to defer this and do it individually.
Right now he has a team that needs some leadership.
And calling JL a genius because he has Penny to put in the game is idiotic. Putting Penny in this game is accepting defeat.

Seriously don’t know what these guys are looking at with the radar and all, but the radar on weather bug looks like there is no end to the rain? We’ll see I guess

Well some of you may have noticed I haven’t really been around commenting this week. But my 41 year old sibling died this week, and while I have been watching the games, I haven’t been commenting. It’s been a tough week!

I’m sorry for you. Terrible.

My condolences to you

I would play Santiago in every game too Rich. Second base is not a position to compromise defense for offensive power. Besides, Ramon can do the things required to manufacture runs. He has earned the starting role.
Regarding the Tigers’ start, while the intensity and focus weren’t there, keep in mind it’s just the first 1.5 innings. Having said that, their play was very annoying and has already put me in a mood. I would imagine if the game should continue after a long break and the starters don’t come back in, it could very easily turn into an offensive display as the bull pens get worked over. Is that where Penny comes in El Tigre?

They would need an extra starter if the game is delayed. If JV can come back is they resume the game, who else would you put there? It can not be an starter and Penny is the only arm you can use once you lose JV ( i guess he could pitch on Monday after the bullpen session of today) .Even if Penny needs to be warming now to be ready for the game when they resume it.
Anyway , they” owe ” ( even if tose who think that ,now want Betemit there)more to him than to the the third base player who still is unable to go to the right base with the throw

MLB network says officials are on the phone with Selig’s office if decisions have to be made regarding length of rain delay or postponement.

GK, my heartfelt condolences to you and family.

Very sorry to hear that GK. Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family.

They could put Mister Fister in there a day early and let Justin pitch the next day.

That’s what I think they should do!

Have to agree Dan. These Yankees would feast on Penny unless he pitched his best game of the year (and he could). If Justin’s and CC’s starts are washed away and the game continues, advantage tonight would go to the Yankees. I understand what you’re saying El Tigre, but if Penny couldn’t stop the Yankee bats, what would be gained other than maybe saving the pen?

Reducing the losses to only one game.

Sounds like an idea Pup. Any other thoughts on this suggestion? I’d just worry about him not being mentally ready to pitch tonight. But if anyone could do it Fister could. I couldn’t make that move though Pup.

Leland won’t do it. He wouldn’t let Ramon start at 2nd base. Pure stupidity.

Instead of chanting “No Rain” I am chanting “No Penny”.
Boy we don’t need to see the boys playing like this. All of a sudden they have gone from Tigers to Lambs.
I bet it a whole other story if JV gets the K on Jeter. He has trouble with the 1st inning and he can psych himself out when e gets into early jams. This one was mostly not his fault though.
Welcome to the post season where everything is changed!!!

Postponed! Yuk! What a buzz kill!

Thank You Baseball Gods!!!

Fair enough, good answer. But in a best of five series that’s too much of a compromise. If you plugged Penny into this game I would not give him the 4 runs JL usually does. Game over. 2 or maybe 3 that’s it, unless our Tigers were matching those runs.

I see the advantage here to the Tigers. They looked like they were gonna do squat out there.
They need to regroup and they take momentum away from the Yanks IMO.
Would they throw JV tomorrow?

Did you hear the nasty NY fans yelling at Miguel. OMG, I can’t stand the Yankees.

Postponed hey. Yes, it is a buzz kill GK. But, I agree Dan, advantage Tigers on this night. I like JV over CC any day but it wasn’t looking good there in the first inning and JV’s pitch count was already off to a bad start.

Condolences from our family to yours, Gk.

There are idiot fans everywhere Pup. And then there a just mean spirited people like those who go through life with hearts 2 sizes too small with brains to match. The Yankees have their share. Let’s hope Miguel makes them pay.

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