Looking at Tigers’ postseason clubhouse, er, roster

Looks like this has always been a topic of discussion after the tweets from earlier today, but I wanted to blog on this before calling it a night and before the Tigers make their Division Series roster official Friday morning.

Originally, we were expecting a roster announcement today, but that was premature. They’ll take the extra day they’re allotted before making the announcement.

Most of the decisions became clearer today before the Tigers workout, because the clubhouse was open. Whether or not all the players were there, the lockers were set up, including nameplates for 27 players. One of them was Brennan Boesch, who will not be playing this postseason after undergoing season-ending thumb surgery earlier this month. That leaves 26 nameplates for a 25-man roster.

All five members of the starting rotation from the regular season — Justin Verlander, Doug Fister, Max Scherzer, Rick Porcello and Brad Penny — were around. So were seven relievers: Jose Valverde, Joaquin Benoit, Phil Coke, Al Alburquerque, Daniel Schlereth, Ryan Perry and David Pauley. The Tigers will carry 11 pitchers — four starters and seven relievers. So either one of the starters will work out of the bullpen, costing a spot for one reliever, or one starter is here as an insurance option and won’t be on the roster.

On the position side, there were 14 players with lockers. The obvious ones were around, notably Austin Jackson, Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez, Alex Avila, Jhonny Peralta, Magglio Ordonez, Delmon Young, Ramon Santiago, Ryan Raburn, Wilson Betemit, Brandon Inge. Don Kelly, Andy Dirks and Omir Santos were also in attendance.

Danny Worth was not. He tweeted today that he flew down to Florida to work out and stay fresh in case the Tigers need him for later rounds or for an injury replacement. Will Rhymes was not spotted and did not appear to have a locker.

Again, this is far from an official count. But every indication suggests that the Tigers will keep Santos as an extra catcher rather than rely on another position player as an emergency option or risk using Victor Martinez, which never really seemed like an option in the first place.


(Lack of) speed kills!
Not thrilled over Santos being on the roster. Figured Danny Worth made more sense than some high premium insurance policy for a guy who WON’T get injured.
Santos possibly won’t even get an AB. He won’t be doing any PHing, PRing or fill in defensively. Wasting a spot on the roster IMO.
OK—I’m over it, for now anyway.
To me, one of the keys to this series is Austin Jackson. If he allows himself to be carved up every at bat we’re in real trouble. He has the only speed this team possesses and getting him on base empowers the middle of the lineup even more.
Delmon of course needs to make a little more contact too.

Maybe their thinking is the Yankees will do just about anything to win and they are not taking any chances with Alex possibly getting “hurt”.

Here’s a question. If Saturday night’s game gets rained out, when is the makeup? And before you automatically say “Sunday”, look at the start times for the NL games then factor in NFL football and MLB’s inherent fear of it. Yes, Girardi going with a 3-man rotation led me to think of this.

Tuesday in Detroit?

Jackson is important as the first batter. He can set the tone. After that, we just go thru the line-up. Being optimistic, the only rain will be on the Yankees parade! Go Tigers, 2011. Oh, and as for the roster, I think it is overrated. You win will the same guys that got you here and we all know who they are. I just hope management knows. 🙂

No Guillen – leg must still be hurt. I guess Don Kelly and Andy Dirks become your pinch runners. Tigers got this far without speed. I hope I don’t see Santos at all, but it is probably a good move to have him there.
While Jackson being productive will be important, I see Maggs playing a big role.
Here is my stab at tonights starting lineup –
1. Jackson CF
2. Ordonez RF
3. Young LF
4. Cabrera 1B
5 Martinez DH
6. Peralta SS
7. Avilia C
8 Raburn 2B
9. Inge 3B


On my way to work, and I’m already a nervous wreck. Wtalk e are getting tons of media because we’re playing the Yankees. Will be watching tonight. Go Tigers!!
There is a wonderful interview with Mr. Ilitch in the Detroit News. His personality and feelings really come out in that interview. Must reading.

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