Wednesday: Tigers vs. Indians

As Jim Leyland put it, “We’re trying to win games. We’re going to try to win the game tonight.”

Leyland is also trying to do what he can to get Miguel Cabrera his batting crown.

“If I have anything to do with it, he will win the batting title,” Leyland said. “But we want to win this game tonight.”

Wilson Betemit is batting second tonight, but for the reason as last night. Leyland wants to get him an extra at-bat if he possibly can.”


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Wilson Betemit, 3B
  3. Delmon Young, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Don Kelly, RF
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Kosuke Fukudome, RF
  2. Jason Kipnis, 2B
  3. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  4. Travis Hafner, DH
  5. Carlos Santana, C
  6. Shelley Duncan, LF
  7. Jack Hannahan, 3B
  8. Matt LaPorta, 1B
  9. Ezequiel Carrera, CF

P: Zach McAllister


Jim Leyland => plays baseball right. Mike pScorisis => play baseball wrong.

Leyland on Angels decision: “That doesn’t bother me at all. I wouldn’t pitch Verlander if it didn’t mean anything.” (from Jason’s Twitter)
I guess. Not like the old days, though. Back then, you’d take your turn just because it was your job to do so. Of course, back then they didn’t make a whole lot more than your average assembley line worker.

Umm, when did major league baseball players make near what assembly line workers make? Babe Ruth once joked he made more than the president because he “had a better year.”

Well, I pulled in about $10G at the Ford plant in 1972, and I remember when the minimum big league salary was raised from $7G to $10G. I didn’t know there would be fact-checkers assigned to my offhand comments. 🙂

Miguel Cabrera as most here must know, he joked about it, is being followed by the venezuelan media since he is pursuing the 4th champion bat ( as we say here) tittle for a venezuelan. He credits Magglio for this, his second, attempt to the title( He lost it with Freddy Sanchez with three days remaining). He said for sure every player wants it but the team is first.Maclendon praises Miguel´s focus and JL praises Cabrera´s swing.He also said(it is not in the webversion but the print edition) that his family was waiting for the 30 hrs and 100 rbis but wasnt aware of the batting title until last week.

Magglio says he predicted Miguel one month ago that he could be champion bat.He also said that he considered retirment when he was struggling beecause he would be ashamed of having more playing time without producing. He says again that his recovery process was not the best

About the Angels . JV locked his triple crown and the Cy Young.And that is all that matter. If Detroit is the best team , they will beat any team and they will.In the end if they are not over Texas is because of one of those games in april or may they lost( That were a must win )
Disclaimer.:since my father is a die hard Dodgers fan i used to admire Sciosia. And since the older Weaver played for the Tigers , I was his fan (of the older one)

Oh, brother, Rick’s having a difficcult time with the lefties. Penny and Below warming up. We better get going, Tigers.

I don’t want us to end on a weak note. That’s probably why Acta got himself thrown out ….to get his team fired up for the last game. Bad throw there by Betemit, but that’s what your gonna get from him time to time. Cutting him a little slack cause he hasn’t played for awhile.

Rich, I am always reading your comments. I enjoy them.

Can’t wait for the postseason!

Avila comes through with a nice hit but has 2 base-running gaffes. He should have had 2nd base on his hit down the left field line, especially with the throw going to go to 3rd to get VMart. Then the pickoff. He’s a learner though, so better now than later.

Betemit is certainly a less than outstanding 3rd sacker. Doesn’t really have a good sense of what’s developing around him.
Cost us today.
Ane the Angels are playing Texas tough. Let’s go guys.

Quite a lot to be encouraged with and positive about tonight’s game.
Avila driving in a big run, Betemit blasting the ball, JL giving Dirks a the green light on a 3-0 pitch ( I really do think it was a good idea in that siutation), and Porcello pitching pretty well really. Of course Q coming in and getting us out of that inning was huge.

Oh–I forgot watching Miggy win the batting title and VMart hitting well too.

OMG, Perry makes me puke.

Well there are negatives too. Like Delmon not being able to keep blls in his glove (granted Haffern hit the snot out of that but great plays need to be made at this time of the year).
And really, JL, I have been pretty much in agreement with you lately but bringing in Perry in the 8th to protect a 1 run lead in a must win game?
That is obtuse.
Yes, “Mr. Reliable” eh Pup!!

I see ‘ya, Mr. Reliable.

What a game. Congratulations, Tigers. What a Papa we have!

Division champs
95 , 15 games over the second. 28 over 500
The champion bat,
A triple crowned pitcher
A Cy Young award winner
The manager of the year
Two golden gloves winners?
An MVP? JV or MC ( known in venezuela as el muchacho de la película (the heroe of the movie) or also el Papa ( the Pope) Cabrera ( In spanish papa is Pope and also potato)
The reliever of the year.

not to mention a closer who did not blow one save…

So much on the line there. Gut wrencher. I was more concerned for JV II not getting the perfect 49 for 49 save season than anything else. That came first since the Rangers still control their home field advantage destiny. Congratulations Tigers for a 95 win season! That was a second half season for the ages.
I think the Yankees are rooting for the Angels along with our Tigers.

I hope Napoli realizes how fortunate he is. Should have been called out on strikes. Instead gets into a 3-1 count and hits the HR.

Friday, Detroit -Yankees. Verlander. CC
Yankees look a better fit than Tampa, they are on fire.

so are the Tigers!

I’m happy with the outcome. I couldn’t root against us but I really think it’s best to play NY. Remember if we opened at home against Tampa/Boston, the roles are reversed and they are looking for the all important split. On a personal note, traveling to Detroit on Friday would have been a nightmare my wife and I. I won’t bore you with the details, but I’m certainly relieved it won’t be necessary. I mean, it would have been worthy of one of Shannon Hogan’s fan interviews.
I never expected Miguel would win the batting championship. Usually some slap hitter with speed gets that. What a performance.
I’m not sure Perry makes the roster. Agent P can’t be counted on. I have some thoughts on him for the offseason.
Delmon could and should play better outfield. He needs to be drilled relentlessly on going back on flyballs. No reason he can’t learn that. I like him, but I’ll like him more if he addresses that.
It’s been a great season.

If you were switching back and forth between the Boston and Tampa games, you just saw about the most exciting five minutes of baseball ever.
And I’m reeeally glad we’re not playing these Rays right now.

Hey Rich, safe travels. Hopefully you can make hay and get their fast:) OK, now that the season is over, I will mention Leyland’s name. Congrats Jim. He also had a nice pre game interview on the radio. I am just not a fan of the way he manages. He said that the players should get all the credit. Why can’t Perry throw strikes?
Go Tigers, 2011.

I saw the 8th inning of the Tampa game, and then the 9th, and then I said good night. Wow, Longoria, would you like to paly for the Tigers? Paplebon blows it! Atlanta loses. Now here comes our excitement on Friday night.

Every team would like Longoria. Best 3B in baseball in my opinion. Again, I am very happy we are not playing the Rays, that pitching staff scares me (although Price threw a dud last night ).

Can’t believe what unfolded after I went to bed last night with the games, interesting end. What a terrific regular season guys – we complained, were happy, frustrated and many other emotions but in the end the entire team – coaching staff included – got us to the playoffs. Some amazing individiual performances this year plus very good contribution from the not so glamorous guys.

This weekend will be fun, looking forward to Friday night.

def. plenty of complaining happened this season! None of it as deserved as the RedSox fans do right now tho! Tampa bay -> playing great baseball. Me = don’t wanna play them in the 1st round, almost glad we’re playing in NY. This series is going to be a HUGE test of our bullpen (coke, perry, schlereth, porcello) -> but i think our bats can keep up because we’ve been playing great offensively (4 about 3 wks now).

Very neat to see the excitement displayed by the Orioles after winning that game against the Bosox. Here’s a team that finished a dead and distant last in their division yet played their asses off in that series. That is the way baseball should be played. Good on Buck Showalter for instilling that kind of pride and preserving baseball integrity by putting out a good lineup against a team still in the hunt.
Fabulous, intense baseball played on the last day of the season.
But NO—that does not mean we need ANOTHER Wild Card team Selig!!!

Look what a little integrity on the parts of the yankees, phillies and orioles can do! Now if we only had some integrity from the Angles we might have had an even better night last night!

I know lots of Tiger fans are upset with the Angels, which is understandable. However, the New York Yankees did the exact same thing last night (many rookies, pitchers that you won’t see in the post-season).
I like starting on the road, and think we match up well with the Yankees.
And again, Tampa’s starters are very good. They are a nightmare match up for anyone.

Definitely agree, Dan. What we saw last night can’t be created, it just happens. The fight to get into the postseason is often more intense than the event itself. Add more teams and you start getting ballclubs that really aren’t all that good. Bud and company need to understand the basic tenent of baseball; the long pennant race. We had the perfect storm last night.
Those Orioles played us tough too, they should be proud of themselves. Watching all those many Boston fans in attendance going from the penthouse to the outhouse in a few short minutes was something out of Hollywood. And Dan Johnson down there in Tampa with 2 out and 2 strikes…….if it was a movie it would be considered hokey.
The weather tomorrow in Detroit looks horrible! 50 degrees, rain and 40 mph wind gusts. Thank you Mike Napoli.

Gotta call my buddy from NYC!!! This should be great. Last time we bet on a series was in ’94
I bet on the Canucks, he the Rangers. The bet was the loser had to show up in the other guys city wearing their rival’s (the winners) jersey.
I lost.
Not this time.

A couple questions fellas:
1) How does the second determine home field advantage?
2) Can a player not be on the ALDS roster, yet be on subsequent rounds roster?

second ROUND

Same as the first round, Evan. Best record gets home field. We’d have it if we played Tampa. Otherwise it’s Texas.
As I understand it, the roster can be changed between rounds. They keep changing these rules, but they’re saying that’s a possible plan with Guillen.

yea the Guillen thing started me thinking that….THANKS!!

Another point to remember is if you remove a guy during a round then he is NOT eligible the next round.
So, for example, they were to start playing the Yanks and then take Avila out and replace him him with someone (for example) he would not be eligible to come back until the World Series.

I think some fans are underestimating the Yankees. Good grief, they are a powerhouse. They’ve won despite not exactly having the best pitching.

I agree with you – their offense is BANANAS. But hey, i think we have a fair shot at beating them. It’s going to take playing good baseball and some offense…..and i’d bet we get both.

When are post-season rosters released?

The playoff roster is set each round when the lineup card is delivered to home plate.

Yes this is incorrect – the rosters were to be finalized thismorning at 10am. I think that is a new thing tho.

I thought I heard last night that they had to set their first round rosters by 10 am today. Could be wrong though.

You heard right TG. I have been eagerly anticipating news of this but so far can’t find any.

What’s your best guess on:

Perry or Pauley?
Worth or Rhymes?

I figure Below goes.
Among the “P” (stands for POOR choices) I think Leyland will have the temerity to take Penny.
That would make 11 pitchers.

No Santos.

And probably Worth over Rhymes if he goes with 11 pitchers. Worth runs OK and can play some D.

Interesting that Worth played 3B last night. I think he may go over Rhymes. It all depends on Guillen’s leg (reminds me of Sean Casey in 2006).
Below will probably make it, can go long relief, left handed.
Pauley will make it.
Santos won’t, pretty sure of that one.
I don’t think Penny makes it.

Guillen is in Florida on rehab. Might be available for the 2nd round. IMO, what’s the point of that? Can’t afford him to essentially go to spring training again on a playoff roster in Ocotober.
I think Pauley has disappointed too many times and Perry has the advantage as JL likes the kid. I don’t think he’s ready yet.
Penny brings the veteran experieince that may be helpful. He also knows NL hitters.
I don’t like the idea, but I bet JL decides on Penny.

I am guessing Penny plays, Worth does too while Rhymes gets left behind. I like Will but am guessing Jim goes with Worth over him for a bit more powerful bat. I think Below makes it and Pauley does not, but to be honest at this point I can’t remember who all are bubble players? I agree that Santos won’t play either, although I don’t know what they do if Alex gets hurt in this series. I know Inge and Kelly can play but not who you want back there for full games in my mind.

Oh, and I was soooooo worried when VMart slid into third last night, I though he was crazy pushing it like that, but of course that run was needed. Playing to win, that’s what I like.

TG, they can call up someone immediately ( well-next game). But then Alex would be ineligible for the rest of the series and the following series as well.

Looks like Omir Santos might have gotten the nod after all. What a waste of a a roster spot. Can’t PR, can’t PH and won’t be catching!!?
At least Danny Worth can field several positions and PR for one our slugs if need be.
JL has lived managerial life on the edge all year with Alex. Now he is in panic mode for a catcher?

No Duane Below?


I think they could use one of Worth or Rhymes, but if Avila gets knocked out of even one game, somebody will become ineligible for the ALDS and ALCS. Probably best not to go there. Re Below, the Yankees have so many switch hitters that Duane becomes superfluous. I don’t think JL would use Below to get Cano out. I figured all along that Penny was in and tried to soften that blow.
This is only for the first round anyway.

About the pitching roster:JL likes veterans.And the Yankees fest on LHP, especially the MLB leader in HRs against lefties…Grandy himself.
My prediction: the five starters plus Valverde, Benoit, Coke, Alburquerque, Perry and Schlereth. since they cant go with only one southpaw.
Tommorrow lineup:
On bench:
i would go with Worth instead of Inge, but im not JL

I can see brandon Inge on this roster. I’m not wild about it but he is a veteran presence and one of the most loyal Tigers in recent memory. I can’t believe I am saying this but they “owe it to him”.
Can’t forget the possible “last hurrah” effect either.

Sorry, it was only for the sake of keeping the habit of criticizing Inge. The knees and the glove of Betemit made Inge a lock in the team.He is needed as defensive replacement and as an insurance

As to Penny, Pauley or Perry over Below:
Penny won’t be used in the short series–especially against the Yanks.
The Yanks have a couple of LHB that Below’s availability might be useful or at least a deterrent.
Cano? Wouldn’t expect anyone to handle him very well. Grandreson? I’d still prefer a LHP or at least have that option. Gardner bats left as does Chavez. Chavez might get spme PT with ARod being hobbled somewhat. Heck, even Dickerson might make this Yankee roster.
Penny, Pauley AND Perry on that roster makes very little sense to me. 3 RHP that you are only going to go to in an emergency or desperation?

Boy, I’d love to get an explanation of why Valverde is seemingly so difficult to hit.
From what I can see, he rarely throws his splitter (at one time it was one of the most devastating pitches I have ever seen) and seems to be getting by simply on a couple of varieties of fastballs. Has anyone ever heard a description of what his ball does on the way to the plate? It looks hittable on TV and he throws no harder than most late inning relievers so I really have difficulty in understanding why.
(Enquiring minds)

I’m so disappointed Danny Worth isn’t on the roster. I don’t ever want to see Will Rhymes with a glove in his hand at 2nd base.

Will wouldn’t do too well barehanded, Pup. 🙂
Reminds me of one of the best announcer lines I’ve ever heard. Dimitri Young was playing firstbase and having a disastrous game. The Rays announcer said, “Young, much like Michael Jackson, wears a glove on one hand for no apparent reason.”
Dan, is it Valverde’s location with his fastballs? Papelbon hits the upper 90s with his, and it’s getting hammered.

I’m still wondering. I think it must have serious movement on it. I know I get the same feeling watching Mariano. He doesn’t seem to be throwing much that can be observed on the TV but guys can’t square up or hit it. In his case I know he is getting darting actiaon form a cutter that can cut either left or right.

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