Reasoning behind Weaver, Santana scratched

As you no doubt already heard, the Angels scrapped their scheduled final starts for Ervin Santana last night and Jered Weaver on Wednesday. The Weaver move essentially clinches the AL pitching triple crown for Justin Verlander, to Tigers fans’ delight. But it also gives the Rangers a much better chance of pulling out the win Wednesday and clinching home-field for the Division Series against the AL Wild Card, which would leave the Tigers heading to New York tonight for a first-round matchup with the Yankees.

Angels manager Mike Scioscia cited the innings both Santana and Weaver had racked up as the reason for the move.

“It comes to a point where we would be stretching them for diminishing returns right now,” Scioscia told reporters. “If we had 10 games left, you would see these guys out there, but they are really on fumes and need to just take a back seat.”

Weaver is fifth in the Majors in innings at 235 2/3. Santana is 10th at 228 2/3. In terms of pitches thrown, Weaver is third behind Justin Verlander and Dan Haren.

Weaver was asked about the ERA title, which he’ll miss by 1 1/3 scoreless innings.

“Oops,” Weaver joked. “Should have thrown a couple more zeros up there.”


Weaver: “I’m schmuck regardless how many zero’s i throw up there anyhow.”
Mike S.: “Hah, I’m as classy as Ozzie Guillen!”

like they don’t have enough rest in the off season? I would prefer the reasoning of getting their minor league guys in there for auditioning for next year much better.

It goes back to my original ponderance; what would Scioscia do if it was another team’s division title on the line? Actually, I wouldn’t care about another team and home field myself if I was managing the Angels. That’s all I’ll give to the LAA skipper, I still don’t like him. 🙂
Do you get the feeling that there is a cross-divisional rivalry forming here? It would have been fun if the Angels had been able to sneak into the playoffs.

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