Rick Knapp now Royals pitching instructor

Rick Knapp made his resume as the minor league pitching coordinator for the Twins, reinforcing the philosophies of Minnesota pitching coach Rick Anderson and management, before the Tigers hired him as their pitching coach after the 2008 season. Once the Tigers dismissed Knapp as pitching coach this summer, that seemed like the natural role for him to return.

He found his spot with the Royals, who face a challenge developing the pitching to complement their gifted young hitters. Kansas City announced Knapp as its new pitching coordinator on Wednesday.

It’ll be a little more of a transition for Knapp, who lives in Florida and was able to stay at home during the offseason while going back and forth to Lakeland. The Royals train in Surprise, Arizona.


Good for Rick. That’s a nice challenge for him.
Forecast for Friday:
Detroit hi 52 lo 41 60% prcp
New York hi 73 lo 55 pt cldy
Forecast for Saturday:
Detroit hi 53 lo 42 30% prcp
New York hi 62 lo 47 30% prcp
Tell me it wouldn’t be better to play in New York.

Where is statman? What are the splits w/wo Knapp? And Greg, what are your thoughts? Dan, where is Jamie Walker? New York is where I’d rather play, I get allergic smelling hay.

Okay Dave, I get the Green Acres thing but there ain’t no hay in Detroit. At least last time I checked.


Jackson CF, Betemit 3B, Young LF, Cabrera 1B, Martinez DH, Avila C, Peralta SS, Kelly RF, Santiago 2B, (Porcello P)

I really like today’s lineup! Good job skipper – 2 thumbs up!

lol, does look like that knee is going to be sink or swim batting 2nd in the lineup

This lineup indicates a seriousness about sweeping the series.
I don’t like the fact that the situation with VMart and Cabby wasn’t addressed though.
Actually thought it might not be a bad idea to DH Betmit if he was going to play.

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