Game times for Division Series opener set

The Tigers still don’t know where they’ll open the playoffs, or who they’ll be playing. But they now have a good idea of when.

Major League Baseball just released game times for Friday’s games, which open the AL Division Series. The AL Wild Card winner will open at either Texas or Detroit at 5:o7pm ET. The other series, the one beginning at Yankee Stadium, will begin at 8:37pm ET.

All Division Series games are on TBS.


Seriously think it is unprofessional and low class for Mike Scosia not to play his starters the next two nights! I don’t know if he is trying to stick it to us because ofcwhat happened when they were here, but I guarantee you that I have lost any respect I had left for him

Does that mean he won’t throw Weaver?
BTW, Delmon is having a very positive night at the plate but that double charged to Scherzer is not a double—that is an error. It was right in Delmon’s palm.
Would have been a great play but still an error.
The (semi)official scoring continues.
Where is Watson Spoelstra?

I can’t believe this is game 161 already. Seems like the season went real fast this year. The Rangers are fighting tooth and nail for HFA. I have to work Friday til 5:30. Wonder what time we’ll start? Better just think about tonight’s game and hope we win it. Hope we sweep ’em. Go Tigers!!!!!

Just like life pup!
Cabby probbaly clincedh his batting title tonight and the 30 dingers looks pretty on his resume. He has proved his mettle this last month and a half. He’s carrying the team and he is doing it at the right time.
Minor disappointments over Peralta and Avila. I don’t think they will reach .300. Avila particularly is really struggling at the plate.

I’m not disappointed with any of the Tigers.

well, I’m a little disappointed that Max couldn’t pitch longer into the game.

OK Let’s see what Ryan Perry has. He is now being brought in a a stressful situation. (Thanks to Raburn’s “defense”).
He can prove his worth here.
This would be a good game to get in te W column and and for Max too. He does deserve the win as he pitched pretty well.
I was thinking how dense JL was not to PR for Martinez after his double and now I am thinking Hmmmmmm!

When this season ends, we start a new season on Friday.

That’s true.
I hope Schlereth starts to get the LHB he is brought in to get out–out.
He ain’t been doin’ much of that lately..
Below has to be on the playoff roste. No question.

he makes me nervous.

Raburn’s having a good night.

he’s hearing about it from the fans, too.

Haven’t looked it up, but it seems like Coke isn’t getting the lefties out either. His appearances have been very brief.

Benoit’s got it working.

So does Texas. These guys are playing ball. Michael Yung 2 dor 2 and up to .340.

That boils down to tomorrow. Michael Young is a class act and Miggy had better get himself a couple of knocks tomorrow

Michael Young is………..

A lot of these guys make me nervous. Schlereth, Coke, Perry moreso becuase they are expected to perform. Below does bring the unexpected with him and we will need his left arm as Schlereth and Coke (as Rich pointed out) haven’t lasted long out there.
3 LHP in the pen are not too many to have.
I do say I’d feel more comfortable with Ni but for whatever reason he was never a consideration this year.
This club has done well and the hitting has been dangerous lately.
Lot’s of weaknesses though. Speed, being one. Other concerns seem to be. Raburn in RF, Raburn at 2B, Raburn in LF, Raburn on the bases.
Just kidding. Ryan has his issues but he still has a game-changing bat.
Good to see Betemit contribute. He will be very important. We simply can’t afford Brandon Inge’s bat in the lineup.
Sure was pulling for LAA tonight. Now we need to win tomorrow and then hope Weaver can win the game tomorrow night 4-3 with all runs being earned!!!

Valverde, 48 up and 48 down. That’s impressive. Start looking at a few of these individual accomplishments now. Victor with 40 doubles.
Raburn has been taking his eye off the ball on those catches in the outfield all year. Usually the ball is so close that it still hits his glove, but he was moving tonight. Check it out sometime. Just before it hits his glove, he looks down. Doesn’t see it in.
I wonder if Mike Soscia would have scratched Santana and Weaver if more than home field was at stake? Like a division title. Don’t know why you’d do that in any case at the end of the season. Cleveland is doing it with A.Cabrera. I think those guys have more than a few days off coming after tomorrow. No matter to me. As long as we win tomorrow, I don’t care what Texas does. Yankees, Rays, Red Sox, New York, Scranton, Watertown, Ypsilanti, I don’t care who or where we play.

i’d love if they played in ypsilanti – i live there

Great town. I envy you.

“I’m not into the individual goals and numbers. It is a team game,” Weaver said. “The only way I would have gone back out there is if I would have been on 19 wins going for 20.”
Okay, I suppose he doesn’t realize how idiotic that sounded. 20 wins is not an individual goal and number? The Weaver Brothers should be a sitcom on TV.

Upstanding citizens, huh?

that is a funny comment from Weaver, obviously wasn’t listening to himself.

I am so glad I got to witness in person a Cabby homerun, seeing 2 other homers last night was icing on the cake. The Raburn botch is all my fault, as the ball was coming down I said “don’t screw it up Raburn” and he did. That guy is something else, does something great one day and then does something like that. From my vantage point (was far from Delmon) that should have been an error. I now am calling Max “5 inning Max” as it just seems that is what he is good for, whether it be the first 5, middle 5, etc it just seems he can be terrific then all of a sudden it goes. Wild pitches did not help the situation. I was happy to see Coke come in but he struggled. Perry did terrific and such fun to see Benoit and Valverde do their thing.

2 for 2 in Tiger games this year which makes me happy!

Oh an it was even better with Maggs having a great day at the plate. Part time playing has done him well this year, glad they could find a way to keep him in there, his bat is important to this team. Might not have the power anymore but basehits with men in scoring position is big.

I would start Magglio in RF. Santiago at 2nd. Betemit at 3rd. No lefty righty stuff. Maggs can hit and will. Did you see the HR by Betemit? The clutch hit by Ordonez? Who is our best fielding 2nd baseman? Bring on the playoffs! No wants to play the Tigers! Here we come Philly!

DB brings up a great point, with the riches of the Tigers hitting lately one bat has really started hitting with authority _ Magglio. Magglio will be very important in the next series, he can hit quality pitching and is clutch. Obviously he is slow, defensively he is limited, but seeing him turn on a fastball last night and pull it down the left field line was the best thing I saw.

Schlereth scares me, too much nibbling. Good hitters will wear him out. Coke will be fine. Hopefully we will not need too much of Schlereth. I actually *gulp* trust Perry more than Schlereth, simply because Perry has better stuff. They both struggle with the strike zone, and with a team like the Yankees who somehow get very tight strike zones, both those guys will have troubles.

Tampa scares me. Shields, Price, Niemman are outstanding pitchers.

One thing I would like to see in this last game – Vmart play 1B. If he is going to have to play there in the World Series (hopefully) why not give him a start there today. And maybe even start Miggy at 3B. Home Field is not as big a deal to me, especially if Tampa wins the wild card. We will have to beat good teams regardless, and if we do not catch Texas, our starter line up well (with verlander and fister starting in NY and Scherzer and Porcello in Detroit).

I thought I heard that Miggy was going to get a game off tonight, so we should see VMart at 1B.

the ANGELS – my new team to hate (the old one was ozzies WSox)

I agree with portwine. We actually should see VMart and Cabby play 1st and 3rd.
Makes perfect sense. I’d give Alex the day off. I know we need to win this game for home field but realistically we are unlikely to get it even if we win this game the way Texas is playing.
I think Cabby will play regardless. He pretty much has to go 1 x 4 to gurantee the crown (even if Young or Gonzalez go 4 x 4). He doesn’t seem to be the type to want to sit back and wait.
I don’t buy the “too many innings” stuff drivled by Scosia either. I’m glad to see the ERA crown deferred to JV but to not pitch his best guys at the tail end of the season is bush league. Those guys are horses. Scosia is a horse’s ass. Baseball etiquette is you put your best out there if the games mean something to your competition if not to you.

I looked up how to spell Scioscia’s last name, which is more than he deserves. I haven’t liked him since he nearly got in a fight with Frank Robinson. Frank is one of my main men, and Scioscia is a (insert your own word).
He may be doing us a favor, though. I’d rather play the Yankees in round one. I’m hoping for wins by both Detroit and Texas. In that case, the two teams would be one and two games behind NY for best record, so why fear the Yankees? This is a tossup.
Since Jackson is so firmly ensconced in the leadoff spot, he can’t spend the postseason striking out every other AB. How about some bunts, Austin?

I have a feeling we’ll be going to NY. I’ll probably be wrong. All the teams are playing good. The Rangers are hot, the Rays are hot, Cardinals (ugh), Yankees, Brewers, Diamondbacks, Phillies, Red Sox. So many good teams we may have to play. And, we still have to be the Indians tonite. So hoping Porcello is lights out.
I’m dreading the end of the season. I want the Tigers to win the World Series.

Anyone going to the game tonight? Only true Tiger fans will be there in this weather. Damp and very cool. It’s a school night, so we’ll probably see lots of adults. If I had a ticket, I’d go. This may be the last time we see Magglio in a regular game. There was a nice article from Lynn Henning this morning about the situation with Carlos and Magglio. Both of them were such a big part of the Tigers’ (did I put the apostrophe in the right place?) resurgence. I think both of them will play next year. Carlos is still a great switch-hitter and some team may want him for DH. Magglio has looked very good the past month and he wants to play a few more years. Damon is 37 or 38 and he’s just been on fire this year. Some guys still have a little in the tank moreso than others.

Yea i def. think you play cabby and vmart tonight at 3rd and 1st – just to prepare for the a situation at game speed. I feel what Mike pSoriasis just did is similar to Ozzie playing peavy in 2009 to spite us. Classy😛 Anyhow, tonights start for porcello is a big one for him – it’d be great to see him solidify his comeback from the soft august he had. Carlos and Miggy are both good players that can be used on a team that needs someone like them next year – I suspect they will get a similar contract to what damon got last year -> however, I don’t think the tigers are the team which needs either of them. With that said, I do expect 1 all star positional player will be acquired during the offseason…..just not one on his last gallon of gas.

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