Maroth returns to Tigers as Lakeland pitching coach

Mike Maroth had been looking to get back into baseball after injuries ended his pitching career last winter. He’ll get his start in coaching with the same organization where he broke into the Majors as a pitcher.

The Tigers announced Monday that they’ve hired Maroth as their pitching coach at Class A Lakeland. He replaces Joe Coleman, who was let go a few weeks ago.

It’ll be the first pro coaching job for Maroth, who brings a wealth of experience and a strong work ethic into the role. The obvious point that will be made is that if you’re looking for a coach who can help prospects deal with struggles for often the first time in their careers, Maroth can relate. He’s best remembered for his 21-loss season on the Tigers’ 2003 team that lost 119 games, and drew national attention for the way he handled it and bounced back.

There’s a side beyond the numbers, though, and it starts with somebody who became a pretty crafty pitcher and adapted his game without a power pitch in his arsenal. He knew how to pitch, just not throw. He also has a high character that seems natural for a coaching job.

Maroth, who lives in Orlando, had been interested in a coaching career after he finally had to end his comeback attempt last winter.


GOOD for Mike!! I’m glad we got to keep this guy in the organization – plus we kinda owe him one lol

I always liked Mike, Watching the Baltimore series, it made me think of the huge contract for Jamie Walker. What ever happened to him?

This is one time when it’s true when you say “couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.” That’s fantastic news. I hope he does well as a pitching coach. A real class guy.

This is good news. I’ve always tried to keep track of Mike as he went from team to team, minor leagues and even Independent ball. He’s back in baseball and I hope he’s very successful.

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DID YOU KNOW………that if there was a 3-way tie for the AL wild card, the ALDS (that’s us) would be pushed BACK one day? Just because THOSE guys couldn’t settle their business?
Hey Bud Selig, this isn’t football where there is a week between games, there are people traveling here, teams and fans. As if I needed anymore evidence that you’re clueless, Bud, and you want to ADD more teams to this? In my best Hawk to Joe West voice, “you need to RETIRE, Bud!!”

I bought ALCS tix today for game 4. just in case it somehow gets to that. def. don’t agree with pushing all the games back tho.

No more Wilson B. at 3rd I guess……

thus today’s lineup is:
Rhymes 2B, Kelly 3B, Young LF, Cabrera 1B, Martinez DH, Avila C, Raburn RF, Santiago SS, Dirks CF, (Fister P)

so basically no peralta – but Kelly has been hitting quite well

I would like to have Betemit’s bat around. Not playing again is not a great development
. Today’s lineup sure is no playoff calibre lineup.

dan, who is your starting 3B now? Brandon or DK?

Doesn’t matter who we want, it would be Kelly against RH and Inge against LH. Betemit was our secret weapon in the lineup, IMO. That would be a blow.

def. not any kinda weapon on the hot corner tho. But i agree he was and it is a big blow to our offensive numbers. Kelly is hot tho and Brandon has been seeing the ball well lately.

Kelly against RHP and Inge against LHP.
Haven’t heard anything about Wilson but my fingers are crossed that he can get in the lineup tomorrow or Wednesday.
Being able to play him AND Kelly against RHP would be a real treat for JL.
What will be interesting is how the RF scenario develops. Magglio seems like he is hitting fine and when he is on he should be able to hit RHP as well. He always has.
Downside is his defense of course but another WS might be just the tonic for Magglio’s las hurrah.
I’m a bit down on Dirks, who seems to me to be too tentative and not taking advantage of his physical attributes. Maaybe he can become the Cody Ross of this year’s playoffs?

I thought I did read where Betemit would be ready to play today. With him at 3rd, Kelly could be in RF. That would be an improvement defensively.

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