Sunday: Tigers vs. Orioles

Word now from Jim Leyland is that Wilson Betemit will start on Monday against Cleveland — weather permitting. Leyland had said he would probably start Sunday, but that was determined before it became clear that lefty Brian Matusz would be filling the TBA slot as Baltimore’s starter. That development earned a start for Brandon Inge, 2-for-3 with a homer off Matusz.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  3. Delmon Young, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Ryan Raburn, 2B
  9. Brandon Inge, 3B

P: Brad Penny


  1. Matt Angle, CF
  2. Robert Andino, 2B
  3. Chris Davis, 3B
  4. Vladimir Guerrero, DH
  5. Jake Fox, 1B
  6. Nolan Reimold, RF
  7. Kyle Hudson, LF
  8. Pedro Florimon Jr., SS
  9. Craig Tatum, C

P: Brian Matusz


Brian Matusz:
They should be able to put up some offense against Matusz.
Statistically he is almost twice as bad as Penny.
In 11 starts he has given up SIXTEEN home runs and has a WHIP of over 2.0 and an ERA of over 10.
RHB are hitting .386 off of him LHB (pay attention Alex) are averaging a homer every 2 innings and are hitting about .350.
All this means nothing if the Tigers send 3 men up and 3 men down in the 1st.

If they can’t win this game, then well let’s say I will start worrying!!!! The guys as a whole are not competing like they were a week or so ago!

I think there was bound to be some air taken out of the tires they had rolling. The positives were being able to come back and shutting down the O’s till they lucked out in the 9th.
Schlereth reminds me of a talent with no sense of strategy or artistry. I’ve played with guys that could run like the wind, throw ball through a brick wall and hit the ball off the light tower but they had no appreciation of how to actually play the game. Zumaya reminds me of one of those types too.
I don’t get the sense that Daniel is overly coachable either. I hope I am wrong about this because he has dynamite stuff. I do like him and feel relatively comfortable when he called upon. He will be a keystone in the bullpen in the playoffs.

On the line up discussion, Boesch 2nd, Cabrera 3rd, Martinez 4th, Avila 5th, Peralta 6th, Young 7th, Betemit 8th, Jackson 9th. I guess that leaves the 2nd base position as the leadoff batter. Hmmmm…..who could that be. C’mon Tigers, let’s score some runs!

I cannot believe he sent Jackson home!

Too much 2nd hand smoke I think.
He’s been pretty contentious as a 3rd base coach this year.

If Gene Lamont is not the worst 3rdbase coach in baseball, I’d hate to see the guy who is. That was downright stupid with Cabrera coming up. Stupid.

Phillies has been is a losing streak after clinching. For the Tigers it was due, their winning percentage was unsustainable.
The real cause to worry are the Yankees.Today ´s lineup would be the first game´s lineup at Yankee stadium

VMart is scuffling a bit lately. Surprised he wen after that 1st pitch after Cabby walked. That inning might have finished Matusz off. He’s getting away with murder. I don’t see he has much at all.

Victor how could you ground into a double play on the 1st pitch with the bases loaded??? Bad,

Cabrera has the same BA than González

After a coaching visit to the mound, the pitcher will go for strike. He was waiting it in the zone and went for it.
He is it he fith spot for cleaning what Cabrera left there not for adding runners then he is supposed to swing and he did

While in general I completely agree with you I believe Miggy was intentionally walked. So in this case I think he would of been advised for no other reason to take a couple. In my opinion.
All I keep hearing from Rod and Mario talk about how bad this pitcher has been all year! Well Tigers hitters are making him look pretty darn okay! I don’t like at all what they are doing at the plate, which is nothing almost!

5th inning and I am not happy at all! Penny was looking pretty good till this inning but fell apart as usual! But more annoyed with hitters they should be embarrassed by their hittin today! Freaking horrible they just lost their edge the last week or so and they have made some pretty bad pitchers look pretty good lately. What are they going to do when they get in the playoffs and are actually seeing good pitchers? They won’t stand a chance!

Yes they will stand a chance, have faith for goodness sake. By the way it’s 9-3.

Well, I just walked in the door for lunch, turn on TV and see score tied 3-3, Victor was at the plate. Wow! Hope Penny and our BP can hang in there. We want #92 today, fellas. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like a packed house. Wish I was there.

Have this game being recorded so I can watch the whole thing later. Will be looking at that play, Rich. Gene Lamont again?

Yep. Although I don’t have as big of a problem with Lamont like others do, but that wasn’t good today!

Adrian González can be take out of the list of contenders for MVP.Cabrera is leading the league in avg and is second in OBP, SLG, and OPS of Bautista.
As now : Verlander,Young,Granderson are the deserving candidates with a winning team

I think Granderson has scuffled a bit lately and with a low batting average he might be out of the conversation. I really think they might give it to Bautista, not that I think he s most deserving, to me it is Verlander, however last night might not leave the right last impression for voters?

Courtesy of Pauly it is a game again!

Feel bad for Pauley. He’s got a deadly curve ball but unfortunately everything else is mediocre.
Peralta just hit his 2oth!!!
Good on him. Like to see Avila do the same.
BTW, Raburn is a pretty unorthodox 2nd baseman. I have seen him throw off his front foot on the inside of the bag to complete DPs. That’s a little weird.

Usually, players from team out of playoff are not taking in account. Fielder with 5O hrs was ignored because the Tigers where last. He was the first with 50 plus since Maris and Mantle in the AL . And first in MLB since Foster.But ARod with 50 hrs, when everybody was doing the same, won with Texas finishing last.
About the last impression, Passan wrote about that one month ago. the Cy Young and the MVP for Verlander depended on his last outings. But one bad outing in a game after the team relaxed a little bit cant counter a 16-3 after a lost game.

He is certainly still Cy Young, but there are many who don’t believe a pitcher should be MVP, but I believe if he had gotten to 25 there were some that couldn’t ignore that, but since he had a bad last outing that will give those borderline voters an excuse not to vote for him? Just my opinion!

Maybe now that Peralta got #20 he won’t try to pull the ball so much and he will get back to what he was doing earlier when he was going good!

No save for JV II. I’d leave Benoit in.
AJ—oooohhhh! I don’ think a guy could have looked any worse than he did on that 3-2 pitch. Had it in his mind he was going to get a fastball and swing at it.
We have got a couple of guys on this team that have to be in the top ten for looking bad at the plate. Inge and AJ can look dreadful.

I’m so disgusted with myself. Got home and watched Tigers Live before the game started and then went back to delete it. Go back to watch the game and it was deleted. What a bummer. The next telecast is at 2:00 am and I’m re-recording it to watch tomorrow morning.

If you have comcast and a digital cable box it is already there! I think it is available to watch n in demand 2 hour after the game ends.

Thanks, gk. I do have in demand. I could have been doing this alol along.

Oh, my. I just watched that play in the first inning with Lamont and his windmill arm. Jackson could have broken his leg on that bat because, no one in a million years, anticipated Jackson getting waved in. Jim’s best friend. What else can you say.

yeah, bad call by Lamont, been too many of those this year.

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