Saturday: Tigers vs. Orioles

Wilson Betemit is getting one more day. Jim Leyland said he’s going to go through all the drills today, including side-to-side movement, and then start Sunday if he’s ready. They don’t sound particularly worried, but as mentioned, the time is winding down.

With Betemit out, Don Kelly will get his fourth start at third base in the Tigers’ last six games.

One start that was planned is Magglio Ordonez and Ryan Raburn against right-hander Jeremy Guthrie. Ordonez is 7-for-13 with a home run off Guthrie. Raburn is 5-for-12 against him. Whether they would start against a right-hander in the Division Series, I don’t know, but the matchups here all but demanded it. Ordonez, in particular, could be an interesting call for the postseason given his experience.

Verlander, of course, is trying to become the first pitcher to 25 wins since Bob Welch in 1990. But Jeremy Guthrie is trying to avoid becoming the first 18-game loser since Daniel Cabrera in 2007, also with Baltimore. Guthrie also lost 17 in 2009. The last AL pitcher other than Guthrie to lose 17 in a season? That’s none other than Justin Verlander back in 2008. He’s 61-23 since then.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  3. Delmon Young, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Ryan Raburn, 2B
  9. Don Kelly, 3B

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Matt Angle, LF
  2. J.J. Hardy, SS
  3. Nick Markakis, RF
  4. Vladimir Guerrero, DH
  5. Matt Wieters, C
  6. Adam Jones, CF
  7. Mark Reynolds, 1B
  8. Chris Davis, 3B
  9. Robert Andino, 2B

P: Jeremy Guthrie


Ouch! Even JV makes some pretty dumb mistakes. 3 curve balls ot Hardy is not advised.You can’t throw a perfect breaking ball every time especially after a guy has seen a couple.

Baseball Gods are unequivocal in their determination today. JV making mistakes and MCab taking 3 straight called strikes testify to that.
I was hoping for a loud statement by JV today and must say I am happy if this means it doesn’t happen his next start.

Can’t talk. Still in shock.

12 consecutives won games. Not even him can win forever. Anyway, his triple crown in jeopardy is the only thing to worry now

That’s my Jhonny!

I can’t stand it.

Did anyone help out Avila in locating that wild pitch? It didn’t look like Schlereth was. You know, yell out “on deck circle”?
Delmon made the final out of the inning four times tonight. Cabrera has led off an inning 175 times this season. We’ve got to find a #3 hitter. The only good one we’ve had this year was when Boesch was hitting there.
Call me crazy, but the Orioles are actually helping us by playing us so tough. We need to be playoff ready by Friday and these kind of games keep you sharp.

True, Rich.

My main fear is that a perception of blowing the home field advantage invades the club. We weren’t even thinking of that a couple weeks ago, and it’s of marginal importance in the scheme of things. Still have to win games, home and away, against whoever we face.

That was a very commendable comeback. Impressive even with the baseball gods conspiring.
Schlereth shot himself and his club in the foot.
Beyond not getting the LHB leadoff man in the 9th he showed his immaturity with the manner in which he plays the game.
He strikes a guy out and instead of letting his catcher know where the ball was he was looking away from the play in disgust. Then he caps it off by throwing a curve ball on the squeeze. He needs to adjust his delivery and pitch out on that play- not letting the batter get the bat on the ball.
Totally poor ball-playing by him. Pitchers have to be ball-players too.
Good to see Peralta come through when he did.
Bad to see Delmon off his game. He missed a hanging breaking ball on the 2nd strike. Need to make them play when they make mistakes like that.
JV is undoubtedly kicking himself for the JJ Hardy hit. That was the one that broke his back.
Raburn, the guy is like a weird play magnet. He makes an outstanding play at 2nd then throws it 15 feet away from the bag! Didn’t hurt by costing us a run but it does illustrate the challenge of playing him in the field.
Tough one to lose after coming from so far back. But on the positive side, we are still seeing a team that doesn’t give in.

Interesting, you picked up on that too Rich.

I fully expect Penny to throw a complete game shut-out tomorrow and we win 1-0 on a home run by Omir Santos.

I think Delmon can regain his post-trade hitting prowess. He does need to realize he will get , and needs to tak advantage of, some really good pitches to hit hitting in front of Cabby. little more discipline, less 1st pitch swinging. Mandatory for success in that role.
Otherwise, JL should be willing to try something else (Not Maggs) there.. Avila? Peralta? He needs to find someone who will make the most of the situation.
Rich is completely right about Boesch. Even though that was working JL decided to re-attend the Tony LaRussa school of lineup creation and moved Boesch to the 2nd spot. Huh?

Yep, and if I thought JL would go with Boesch as #3 next season, I wouldn’t be saying we need to acquire one. I’m still trying to make up my mind about Delmon. He has some negatives in his game, but he’s only 25 years old.

Delmon is very aggressive and that’s sometimes a good thing, but he needs to work the pitcher a little bit more. He has power, but I think he could develop into a better all-around hitter. I never thought we’d lose tonight. JV would win 25. More disappointing is losing. Penny tommorrow. Let’s win it. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a mental competition between Ryan Field and Trevor Thompson over who asks the worst postgame questions, and Trevor is winning. Does he usually do hockey? I don’t have access to the Wings on FSD.
I’d like to take Penny on the postseason roster because he’s taken the ball every 5th day all season, but he’s in need of showing something tomorrow. It’s kind of cold to leave him out, but…………..

To complete the beauty of a strong 3-4-5 you need to have a guy like VMart behind a guy like Cabby ahead of a young guy who can fully benefit from the opportunity.
Nothing wrong with batting Delmon (only 25?!) 6th or 7th.
I’m pulling for DY to find himself soon. He is scary good when he heats up.

I just watched the replay of the wild pitch. Schlereth ignored and turned his back to the whole thing. Same thing with the squeeze. Just stood there.

Ooooh, I was waiting for the punch line. I guess you really mean that.
Not me, I have zero confidence in Penny. We’re better off with RP starting when he has to and Pauley or Perry in the pen than Penny.

Was out to dinner with friends last night, so I didn’t get to see all but the last inning and a half. I was looking as the score throughout the game and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing with JV??? I am so disappointed what the heck happened? Was he missing location or were they just hitting good pitches or just got lucky? I wanted 25 for him so bad.

Looked like the “old” Verlander the first few innings. Couldn’t locate any of his pitches. Got it all together later in the game.
It’s raining cats and dogs here in MI.

Not raining in Royal Oak yet. Hopefully the rain stays away!

It’s a rainout tomorrow that would really throw a monkey wrench into the playoff rotation plans. It happened on the final Monday of 2009 and led to the Figaro start.

They should be able to put up some offense against Matusz.
Statistically he is almost twice as bad as Penny.
In 11 starts he has given up SIXTEEN home runs and has a WHIP of over 2.0 and an ERA of over 10.
RHB are hitting .386 off of him LHB (pay attention Alex) are averaging a homer every 2 innings and are hitting about .350.
All this means nothing if the Tigers send 3 men up and 3 men down in the 1st.

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