Tigers rotation order just about set

We already knew that Justin Verlander would start the Division Series opener next Friday and a potential Game 5. Today, Jim Leyland told Tigers radio play-by-play broadcaster Dan Dickerson that Doug Fister will start Game 2, regardless of opponent. That has been confirmed. That would leave Max Scherzer to start Game 3.

The fourth starter hasn’t yet been revealed. Rick Porcello is set to pitch tomorrow and then stay on turn to pitch the regular-season finale Wednesday night. If that sticks, it would put Porcello in line for five days of rest before Game 4. Brad Penny’s final regular-season start is scheduled for Sunday.

That order will stick, Leyland said, regardless of who the Tigers play in the Division Series.


Ready for the post-season! Fister at 2 makes sense, he is on fire. Glad Avilia is getting the night off.

I don’t know. Max pitching at home sounds a lot better than in Fenway, Yankee Stadium or Arlington. Homer friendly parks. By the way his era on the road is double what it is at home? I don’t know if it is so clear cut? But I don’t hate it either!

Control pitchers use to give hrs. Copa saves Scherzer from allowing even more.
Home 3.66
Away 5.23
Hrs 29 (Verlander has allowed 22)

Miguel out at the plate? Why didn’t he slide seriously? Wasted opportunity number 1!

Love Miggy but seriously bad baseball.

Get Turner out of there he is horrible tonight! Guess were mailing this one in tonight!

Jacob Turner isn’t fooling anybody. And yes I know he is young but so far I don’t get it? ( by no means am I giving up on him).

Tigers hitters sure making it awfully easy on this pitcher! 31 pitches through 3 innings. Fierce!

Turner is only 20 years old. I am sure he will get better but he is just not ready to be in Detroit. I don’t think they should rush him in next year either. If they don’t resign Penny, they need to find that LH starter that has been so elusive.

If im not wrong , he has not pitched since early september or late august.Still , he has not looked like MLB ready.
He needs a couple of seasons to be ready and not repeat the Porcello mistake by rushing him
If Fister will be second no matter the rival. Why Scherzer pitched last night?

I don’t know. An all Righty hitting lineup and it doesn’t seem to help.
Turner does not overly impress me. So far I see not enough intensity and I fail to see what management is so excited about. I know we have come up against other teams hot shots and they shut us down and look good doing it.
Time will tell.

All we need is a few runs and we can get back in this.

And, Pauley is coming in.

So they keep on saying that Turner hasn’t pitched in a while, he wasn’t going to be sharp! So why pitch him, why put the kid in that position unprepared.
And I am sorry Miggy just had his third screw up/ lazy play of the night. First he didn’t slide into home plate, his errorvat first, and not paying attention on that wild pitch and getting to second base. Consequently it is a double play in stead of runner on third and 1 out!

The ONLY reason Turner pitched was to fill Fister’s spot so that Fister can pitch the 2nd game of the playoffs. Turner’s control was not where it needs to be (from not pitching lately) and come on folks he is 20.

And Miggy might have been able to score on Raburn’s double if he had been on 2nd base.

He was on second base!

Last night off didn’t help his concentration much.

Hero last night, tonight the goat!

Yes, Cabby not paying attention on that play lead to the DP. He should have been on 2nd and then VMart doesn’t cost us 2. Hopefully he hasn’t hurt himself with the headfirst slide. That would be a real costly mental error on Cabby’s part.
I kinda blame Peralta on the out at home. He was not in position to help Cabby out at all.

Bunting down by four? that is new

It worked but that does not make it right

DY!!! He showed up!

Good thing JL didn’t use my lineup. DY wasn’t in it:-)

Peralta needs a day off, he while so good forvsong long seems to really be struggling lately.

What a horrible misuse of a potent fastball. Coke was throwing BBs—alll 5 of them. All 5 of them in the strike zone and none of them a breaking ball. That was dumb.

Peralta is struggling. Looks tired to me.
Bunting is OK with me in that it put 2 guys in scoring position.
A base hit scores two and puts you back in the game.
If it were simply a man on 1st I woudl not have bunted.
I would have bunted with Peralta (remember, he’s NOT hitting) instead he was allowed to take us out of the inning with yet another DP.

Pretty disappointed! Going to game tomorrow I hope I get more for my money than they got tonight! Yes Miguel Cabrera I am talking to you. Your play tonight was inexcusable in my opinion. Some repenting to do tomorrow!

and, oh, Gk, Cabrera was NOT on 2nd base after the passed ball/wild pitch.
Another lack of concentration. He is not going to get 30 HR’s and he will barely get 100 RBI’s. The doubles have been great but something else hasn’t been…..his drinking problem? his weight? too much relaxation with V-Mart, Avila, Peralta, DY, and Boesch having good years at the plate?

Guys, not one mention of LAMONT sending Cabrera into a sure out at home? If he had slid, he’s still out. I don’t blame anyone for being fed up with Lamont sending them on suicide missions. He’s getting people injured.
I’m kind of suprised we lost that one after coming from behind. Pauley showed off some good stuff and didn’t deserve to give up the winning run. But this is exactly why I didn’t want the division race coming down to the final week. Thankfully, it didn’t.
Good news: Texas lost and the magic number is 6, and Fister is pitching game two next weekend. Thank you, Jim Leyland.

Thank you, Rich.

Okay, people down on Cabrera again. In the music biz, we would have called this blog a tough room.

Yes I love Cabrera but today I thought he was lazy, and lacked concentration, and maybe he would of been out at home but at least show some effort and pretend like you ate trying. He showed none of that tonight. Last night hero to me he was a goat tonight!

When are you talking about when he got thrown out at home plate? Thats when I am talking about, he walked and got to second on a wild pitch, Raburn hit a single and he was thrown out at home possibly because he didn’t feel the need to exert too much energy and slide.
Later on in the game with second 1st and 2nd (he was on first) there was a wild pitch again Delmon got to 3rd, but Miggy was paying attention and didn’t get to 2nd, Martinez then grounds into a double play, which again cost his team runs
Thirdly he committed an error at first which ultimately cost his team at least extra innings.

That “piggyback” thing didn’t work out well. If Fister was ready to pitch last night, why didn’t he? Then Max tonight. That would have put them on the right schedule. Instead Turner was not ready to pitch tonight. With 6 games remaining, nothing short of a miracle will let them catch the Yankees record and they could have gotten one up on the Rangers if Max had pitched well tonight against the Orioles. This reeks of the time JL used a rookie pitcher to try to win the division, ended up in Game 163 and blew it.

Six for Texas too!!!
I thought Cabby should have scored on that. I’ve seen him run better than that.
If he slides he may kick the ball loose.
You gotta slide and Peralt should be letting him know.
Rod Allen has noticed Peralta not hitting too. Pull happy he says. Jhonny may be thinking about 20 HRs and not .300!!
Could have gained a game on Texas who are likely to manhandle Seattle in Arlington.
Too bad.
Polite baseball tonight.
I hate polite baseball.
Pauley and Perry were OK. Pauley got a bad break on the dribbler. We had a few of those but unlike the O’s our guys barely made it halfway down the line before getting thrown out as opposed to not even being in the picture in the replay on Reimholds.
Very encouraged with Q, didn’t like the fastball that permitted the sacfly but he was dynamite.

Jhonny has his mini-slumps and that is probably why he’s pulling the ball. They slumps only last for a week or two. Stop sweating it. VMart went 0-4. You want him to sit, too? I was thrilled to see Al-Al out there. Good grief, do we need him to be good. They can rest tonight and get us a win tomorrow. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! I was really cranky tonight, wasn’t I? I guess it comes with old age. Sorry if I offended anyone. Just want these Tigers to do well.

Keep in mind that we hold the tiebreaker over Texas. If we end up with identical records, the home field and wild card game goes to us. That being the case, we have a 1-game lead over the Rangers with 6 to play. The Rangers have to finish up with the Angels, who are suddenly vying for the wild card themselves. I’m pretty confident we’ll get what we’re after. And if we don’t, we don’t. We still have to beat whoever we play and wherever we play come next Friday. There are no shortcuts. So our magic number is 6. The Rangers have to catch us.

I tell ya I am hoping and praying to the baseball gods the angels and Tampa don’t make it into the playoffs. Their pitching staffs scare me more than the current three options.

Actually, I expected Peralta to cool off long before now. He’s never put up numbers like this. I expected both he and Avila to finish below .300.
After Mickey York said Cabrera may have been safe if he’d slid, I looked at that replay. Miggy was out by 10 feet. He was 10 feet from the plate when Weiters had the ball. Freeze it and you’ll see. He wasn’t even close enough to slide. This one is on Lamont. Again. I don’t care if Jim keeps him as bench coach, but we need someone else coaching third. First he he held everyone up, and now he sends ’em. Cabrera’s a smart ballplayer. Too smart to hurl his body into a catcher holding the ball ten feet from home. Not in this game, anyway. Isn’t that how Victor hurt his knee?

I just received this e-mail from Stubhub:
“All season long they’ve played like the champions you know they are. Now your Pittsburgh Pirates are heading into the home stretch, and you can be there to cheer them on as they face their toughest challenges yet. Just head to StubHub and score your seats to be a part of history as the
Pittsburgh Pirates race to the pennant. Where do you want to sit?”
Stubhub must be located in some alternate universe.

Geez pup–all I’m saying is that it is OK for Leyland to ask him to get a bunt down in the right situation. I wouldn’t sit Jhonny. He has the ability to snap out of it and he is a fine shortstop.

Everyone is excited for the playoffs and the teams we are playing have everything to gain and nothing to lose. they look great to their fans when they beat us. It’s why I hate KC because for years they have been a last place team but they always beat us when it hurts the most. They thrive on spoiling. Crummy teams want to look good at the end so their fans have hope for the next season.
No offense taken. Go Tigers…..we won 95 in ’06. Want that home field advantage so all the Detroiters and fans around the state can have a chance to attend a game. Plus, we could use the revenue. That;s the least they can do after ’09:>{

At least everyone here hates it when we lose!

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