Wednesday: The non-Cabrera lineup

Cabrera, as scheduled, is getting the day off. He’ll get in his pregame work, and Leyland said he won’t hesitate to use him as a pinch-hitter if there’s a chance to win the game, but he’s out of the lineup. The result: Victor Martinez moves up to cleanup, Alex Avila bats fifth and Jhonny Peralta bats sixth. Don Kelly plays first base in what his becoming his usual second spot. Wilson Betemit isn’t ready yet, so Brandon Inge gets the start at third.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Don Kelly, 1B
  3. Delmon Young, LF
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. Alex Avila, C
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Andy Dirks, RF
  8. Ramon Santiago, 2B
  9. Brandon Inge, 3B

P: Max Scherzer/Doug Fister


  1. Alex Gordon, LF
  2. Melky Cabrera, CF
  3. Billy Butler, DH
  4. Eric Hosmer, 1B
  5. Jeff Francoeur, RF
  6. Mike Moustakas, 3B
  7. Johnny Giavotella, 2B
  8. Salvador Perez, C
  9. Alcides Escobar, SS

P: Felipe Paulino


Could this lineup have included Betemit at DH and VMart at 1st?

I think Betemit has an injury? And I don’t think they want vmart playing. But it isn’t pretty without Miggy is it?

Just for discussion’s sake, I’d play the away WS games with Cabrera at third and Victor at first. Then you just get what you get. No choice. It’s not like Miggy has been playing the outfield the past four seasons. I think he’d surprise some people. It has more upside than losing our 4-5 combo.

If I’m calculating this correctly, the magic number for home field in the ALDS is 8.

Yeah but it’s the same for Texas!!!

I said at the beginnng of the year that we still needed another hitter after we got VMart. And we did when DD picked up Young but then again, we lost Boesch.
We will need another proven solid hitter in the lineup next year. 3rd or 2nd–your choice.
We were blessed with career years from Avila and Peralta. Can’t expect that to happen again.

I don’t know Dan, I can see saying that for Jhonny but not for Alex, he is only in his 2nd full year, this could be his career and we just don’t know it yet.

3rd baeman have the highest risk for injury. There is no way in the world I would put Miggy at 3rd. He has no range there and other teams would be pulling the ball just to get it past him. I can’t even imagine it.

He does have range. He played third until Guillen proved that he was unable to play first. Marlins tried him at LF , but he did not liked it and went back to third.
It is that or bench Avila.
DD wanted Aramis Ramirez at the tradeline. He would cost around 15 millions a year.Great bat entering decline and a below average defender.
After him , Betemit is one of the best options along with Marco Scutaro.
2b? There are non availbale good ones as free agents but for Santiago.

We saw how he looked at 3rd in 2008 when he was 50 pounds lighter. Like I said, I wouldn’t do it. but I’m not the skipper. He’ll do what he thinks is best. I just don’t agree with it. Hope I’m wrong. Go Tigers. We gotta win tonight.

As we speak, he’s taking grounders at 3rd. Unbelievable.

Look what happened during inter league this year at the national league park our offense was impotent in those parks minus one game at coors field. We need all those bats and it doesn’t sound as though they feel Vmart can catch at this point. I agree though it does make a rather weak infield even weaker. Will Tampa loan us Longoria? Lol

Like I said, no choice. And he’s got as much range at third as he has at first, which is plenty. Probably won’t come down to it anyway.

The key to me is getting Jackson hitting and getting on base.

VMart likes piñatas

Max?????? Oh boy he just isn’t good enough anymore!

0 faith in Max Scherzer.

Another double and yet another run and again ahead in the count. He stinks. Beyond Fister and JV there is nothing!

I don’t understand how good Max looks at getting to a 2 strike count and how awful he is pitching with 2 strikes.

Nice bunt Santiago???? Not.

I know it’s early but frankly this team has looked like crap with the exception of a very few since they clinched. They didn’t wast opportunities like that a week ago. Santiago bunt failed so no sac by Brandon and the game would be tied. Too many hitters gone cold all of a sudden. Is it lack of concentration and focus now that they have clinched? I don’t know but I don’t like it.

There is certainly reason for concern with this sputtring offense. I am worried about Avila who seems to have lost his way and is taking too many strikes frequently resulting in a strikeout.
Delmon swinging at first pitch too often,
Peralta looking almost lazy in his at bats.
Combine that with the lack of ovrall power the club has shown we have a problem.
All the more reason to try to get comfortable with Miggy at 3rd. Sorry pup, you will see him there. And given the kind of competitor he is, don’t sell him short.

GK–give Ramon a break. Remember the sueeze? The bunt wasn’t that bad. Perez made a dandy play on it.

I won’t give anyone of them a break, not with how they are performing! I guarantee you if it were anybody Ramon people would be all over him because he seems to get a free pass by people on here no matter what he does. I like him, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t that great of a bunt, like several of the guys are whiffing. A bad at bat is a bad at bad, and guess what Paulino isn’t that good as the guy last night wasn’t nor three of the four pitchers we saw in Oakland.

The hitting is discouraging. The K’s keep mounting. I am officially worried about Alex.

Me too, but he isn’t the one. Delmon, Alex and Peralta have all dumped a bit.

Well Austin is hitting. I smell a run or two.

Yes the game is tied but I am really ticked off at DY and JL.
Why give a guy like Delmon a green-light with VMart on deck and nobody out? Delmon will swing at anything–he doesn’t want to walk. Case in point looks at the 3-2 pitch.
We’re lucky to be tied at this point and Scherzer is throwing well enough for me. Apart from the 1st inning 2 strike pitches.

Yes. Delmon’s AB was inexcusable. Swings at a pitch well out of strike zone and watches a third strike down the middle. Killed that inning.

That single by Perez there in the fifth? I would of liked to have seen that again because shouldn’t he (Peralta) have gotten to that. Lucked out on that double play, dude was safe at first!

Caught a break there. Escobar was safe. Not even close.

He was safe.
Time for Leyland to start getting something from the troops.
Kelly seems the most reliable

Ryan!!! Fister!

No, it should be Fister??? Raburn…..groan.

They hit Fister pretty well. That run should technically be unearned as nothing that followed it would have scored it anyway.
Raburn going in defensively for anyone is a contradiction in terms. Though I do prefer hi to Delmon, hands down.
Yes I know, this was not a defensive move it was a PH move. Just saying, JL has moved Raburn in defensively recently. Not a wise move–unless for Delmon!

I missed it. With no error by Raburn, would the run have scored?

Nope, probably not!

and excuuuse me but what is Fister doing in relief anyway?

It’s a piggy back ride.

A new baseball term? Piggy back? Who’s going to start in the next game?

Nice Miggy and DK! Our new power guy!

Wow! Way to hit Donny Kelly. He’s had some great AB’s lately. Certainly making JL look good. No brainer taking him into the post season.
Silly term isn’t it Illinofan. Well here we go. Fister fans Butler, is on a role and is in line for his 10th win. Does he need the work in the 9th or does JL give Valverde a chance for another save?

OH BOY, the genius SOC is at it again, putting Cabby in there when there is no outs and INGE up next……just when dum dum ned yost will opt to pitch to him -> 1 pitch BAM game over. THEN the guy who I personally was upset was playing yesterday at 3rd….big DK (lol)……peaces the game out. ANd let me also say, Mister Fister is nasty and needs to be the #2 guy regardless of location.

I would prefer tag team. The term they use is piggy backing right?

Al Kaline used to do that…..throw runners out at first from right field. Nothing sweeter than a great arm in right.

MAX DESERVED THE VICTORY. He did a great job after the 1st.
Fister had a rough “1st” inning but. he is becoming so reliable, if not dominant, that it is a huge comfortable situation when he is pitching for us fans.
A very important victory. The team comes home after a challenging road trip and some of the key guys showed signs of life. Avila, AJ, VMart, and Max.

Nice game. They didn’t bring the A game but maybe the A- one. Was listening to Mario and Rod talk about how JL said he wasn’t going to use Valverde in save situations just to get him 50 saves, but that’s exactly what he did tonight. Or maybe he was just following the formula. Anybody think Fister couldn’t have finished it without any help? That’s OK, Valverde makes it exciting doesn’t he? This KC team is one their fans can be proud of and it has a lot of promise. But our Tigers took care of business tonight.

Yes Dan, I agree. Max deserved the win. Offense came alive too late for him. Too many squandered opportunities early. It was encouraging to see Alex get that hit in his last AB. He drilled it with a very comfortable swing.

Cabrera punches the timeclock, walks up there and rips the first pitch down the line for a double to plate the go ahead run, then immediately heads back to the dugout and punches out. That was amazing. That was a good move by JL that worked. Having Inge follow with a 2-0 bunt with Jackson on deck, giving that rookie pitcher his first out in the big leagues, was a bad move.
I don’t know why he had Valverde pitch the 9th tonight. Those guys couldn’t have hit Fister if we’d played another six innings. 39 pitches and out. I don’t get it, especially since Doug won’t pitch again until Monday or maybe even Tuesday.
Kelly is looking good lately but let’s not go crazy and make him a starter just yet. Talkin’ to you, Jim.
90 wins, magic number for homefield now at 7 with Texas still playing.

I’m thinking of that scene from “The Wall” by Pink Floyd where everybody is singing “Bring the Boys Back Home.” That was a long trip. It even seemed long to me and I haven’t gone anywhere the past 10 days. 6-3, that’s excellent.
Jim just said he brought in Valverde to get a save added to his total, so there’s the answer. I’ll give him credit for being honest, but that’s not……….well, I’ll leave it at that.

has anyone said anything about Wilson’s injury? Carlos?

Great game. Remember, the game is supposed to be 9 innings. It was a back and forth game but who came out on top? So many negative comments early in the game. Rich, I did like the bunt but then Jackson swung at the first pitch. He is no Cabrera. This is another game that proves the Tigers will not give up. They knew that had to win. Tag team is good, but to me it shold only happen in a must win PLAYOFF game. Go Tigers, 2011.

Nice win, Fister looked really good, I missed the first half of the game so can’t comment on Max. I was surprised Valverde was sent in since Fister was to pitch half the game – I get the closer role but figured that would be waived for getting Fister a full 4 innings, he breezed through a couple as it was, but in the end we got a win.

Donny Kelly is looking terrific these days at the bat – good team when the “backup” guys pull through. Nice job Leyland and Cabrera for the pinchi hitting – timely as ever.

The game was won, and that is the most important issue but I do agree with letting Fister finish it. I hope the disruption in the rotation and the 3 innings of work he did get, don’t upset the fantastic rhythm he had himself in.

valverde is the closer fellas – that’s his job and he’s perfect at it. could go either way – i really did like the way fister was pitching…..sherzer not so much but he got good by the time he left.

We won. That’s the most important thing. Hopefully, Mister Fister, will get his chance for glory in the playoffs.

I thought Scherzer was very good. He seems to let up a little with 2 strikes at time though. Doesn’t have the killer instinct that JV has for sure.
But he was effectively down in the strike zone even though the ump was not low ball friendly at all. Refused to come up to compensate and thus avoided his arch enemy, the long ball. It was a good sign. Of course the problem with him his continuity and consistency. His mechanics are so unorthodox and complicated that he often is unable to develop a rhytm that he can take from one game to the next. Heck from one inning to the next sometimes. But he can be dominating.
I see Penny is scheduled for Sunday I would not do that. I’d have Below starting that one and letting him throw 3 or4 innings. Then again, if JL starts Penny the probability of Below coming in and throwing a few innings is still pretty high. Unfortunately it will be because we are 4 runs behind. DD made some great moves this year. Penny was not one of them. We needed a LHP all along and it would have been very interesting had we signed one instead of Penny. The best thing about that signing, and I do applaud him for trying, is that he limited it to ONE year. Now that was smart.
Speaking of LHP, I am also surprised we didn’t see Fu-Te Ni this year. He pitched well in a multitude of roles for Toledo. Short, middle, long and starting.
Evan, just curious, is your real name Patrick?

no my real name is evan, y? And as far as Penny is concerned – he lasted much longer that i thought he would this year (e.g. injury) – and he ate up some major innings. I ain’t mad at him – this is the best i think he’s pitched in the AL anyhow…. and yes thank gawd we only signed him for one year. I’m going to the game tonight to see how Mr. Turner is looking, on a side note.

Hey Dan, good one. Does the SOC have more than one son? We know Valverde is the closer but he was not needed. Also Verlander should have pitched the complete game shut out. I heard that Valverde promised a carton of Marlboros to someone if he got 50 saves🙂

u SOC skeptics-i mean great tigers fans- should be comics. Valverde not being needed is a judgement call – btw – and we all know that’s why the skipper gets paid and the tigers don’t have an popular vote each night…

I’m thinking that Fister needs to be lined up and chosen to pitch the second playoff game, be it home or away. No one seems to be considering the possibility that Verlander could LOSE the opener on Friday. We have to have a backup for that scenario. I don’t want Scherzer starting a must win game so early in the playoffs.

I agree with that

agreed as well, it is silly to not throw our 2 most dominant pitchers back to back – I for one am a firm believer in momentum and JV can’t win them every day.

Tiebreaker scenarios, and bear in mind this is only for 4 teams per league. Wait until they add MORE teams!
If two teams are tied atop the division and both are assured of making the postseason, head-to-head record would be used to determine which team is the division champ and which falls to the Wild Card.

If two teams are tied atop the division and share the Wild Card lead with another club, the ties will be broken in the following fashion:
• The teams tied atop the division will play, with the winner taking the division.
• The losing team will then play the remaining Wild Card contender, with the winner making the playoffs.

If three clubs are tied atop a division or Wild Card standings, each club would be designated in one of three slots, “A,” “B,” or “C.” Clubs get to choose their designation based on head-to-head records. Tiebreaking games would then proceed like this:
• Club A hosts Club B on Thursday, Sept. 29
• The winner of the first game hosts Club C on Friday, Sept. 30, with the winner declared champion.

If two division winners are tied for the highest winning percentage, the following tie-breakers will be used to determine home-field advantage in the Division Series:
• head-to-head record

• highest winner percentage in intraleague games

• Highest winning percentage in the last half of intraleague games

• If the Clubs remain tied, then the tied Club with the higher winning percentage in the last half plus one of intraleague games during the championship season. This process will be followed game-by-game until the tie is broken.

dang that’s impressive!

Today’s lineup:
Jackson CF, Ordonez RF, Young LF, Cabrera 1B, Martinez DH, Raburn 2B, Peralta SS, Inge 3B, Santos C, (Turner P)

If I’m a LHP I’d be a little worried about that lineup.

yea well nearly all the splits behove us tonight:
vs Left .255
vs Right .276

Home Games 2.71
Away Games 6.39

On Grass 4.47
On Turf 2.25

Day Games 3.98
Night Games 4.40

those are brittons splits if that was not clear

On another note, does anyone realize that the difference between a .250 hitter and a .300 hitter is just one hit a week? I didn’t believe it until i did the math.

Evan, I am not a SOC skeptic, just do not agree with some of his moves. I’m just sayin’, Fister was cruisin’. To me, the BA is overrated. 2 out hits, rbi, hits after the 7th, runs scored, home runs, that is what I want to see. My buddy Grandy has over 160 stikeouts. Funny how he has power now that he does not have to lead off. Makes me think of a current Tiger. Also, nice info Rich and Evan.

fair enough DB. And personally…..OPS and BA WRISP are my favorite stats…..oh and GIDP is another good stat.

And I am a great Tiger fan. I have seen many managers come and go. One of my favorite was when Mayo Smith visited the mound when Denny McClain was in trouble. What are you doing here, Denny asked, and Mayo said well……McClain said “Do you have anybody better in the bullpen”?

Coco just drove in Weeks in the bottom of the 8th to overtake Texas 4-3.
Fingers crossed.

Coco just steals 3rd and only 1 out. Let’s go A’s—get another one—Matsui up.

Nope—4-3 for the A’s
Top of 9 now with Texas coming to bat.


I was hoping Magglio would be in the lineup tonight. Last night I was thinking it was time to sit Young. Right now he seems to be swinging at everything. My lineup would have Magglio in RF, Raburn in LF, and Ramon at second.

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