Postseason roster, rotation getting a few hints

Jim Leyland isn’t close to determining his postseason roster or rotation, he said Tuesday. But he laid a few hints towards the formation of it.

  • Jacob Turner will start Thursday’s series opener against Baltimore. Doug Fister will be pushed up tomorrow night to piggyback Max Scherzer’s start here in Kansas City. Leyland didn’t explain it, but he didn’t have to: Five days from Wednesday is next Monday, and five days from that is Saturday, the date for Game 2 of the AL Division Series. By moving up Fister, Leyland gives himself the option of starting Fister in Game 2 on regular rest.
  • Leyland said he’s “95 percent sure we will have an extra player, because we will have 11 pitchers.” The Tigers need just four starters for the postseason, not five. That spot that would normally go to a starter can go to either a reliever or a position player. Leyland all but confirmed it’s a position player.
  • Leyland said he doesn’t think Victor Martinez will catch a game again this regular season. Combine this bullet point with the one above, and Omir Santos’ chances of making the postseason roster as a backup catcher look better than they did last week.
  • No idea yet whether Carlos Guillen will be ready for the postseason. Guillen said today he’s feeling a little better, but it’s still very sore, and he still can’t so much as hit. He’s believed to be another candidate for that final spot, but Leyland confirmed that if Guillen can’t play in a regular season game the rest of the way, he won’t be on the Division Series roster.
  • Al Alburquerque is slated to pitch in relief tonight. If that goes all right, he should be good to go for the playoffs.
  • Leyland confirmed what he had already strongly suggested: Justin Verlander will be set up to pitch Game 1 and Game 5 in the Division Series.


All the posters yesterday based our guesses on 11 pitchers and 14 position players like 2006.
If Avila gets hurt , and Martinez must catch. the pitcher must bat. That is way I think he will go with Santos.At least for the divisionl series and the play off. In the Ws they wont have Dh in four games, so it is less pressing the need for an extra catcher

I don’t see it that way, Jason. In the playoffs, you have built-in days off for Avila after every 2 or 3 games. We have not 1, but 2 emergency catchers, one with plenty of experience (Inge). There’s no point in carrying Santos when you know he’ll never play. Better to have another proven bat instead. I’d keep all of the obvious position players, plus Dirks, and if Guillen can’t go, I’d take Rhymes over Santos. He bats lefty and he can pinch run for Maggs or VMart and steal a base.

If avila does get hurt….you want to start one of those “emergency catchers”? lol, they’ll steal like 10 bases!

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